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Verizon BlackBerry Storm 2 Competitive Comparison Chart

  Here is a cool document that is sure to make every potential Storm2 owner proud. This internal sheet shows the Storm2 in comparison to the Bold and iPhone on AT&T, and the Palm Pre on Sprint. Its a quick runthrough of the features that the Storm2 has that make it (and Verizon) better than the others. It does look like Verizon may have stretched a bit to get some of the categories for...

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Leaked: BlackBerry Storm 2 OS & Bold 9700 OS

Unlike the Storm where is seemed like we had to wait forever for new OS leaks to show up after the device was released, Berry Review landed links to some leaked OS' before the device release. Both the Storm2 9520 and Bold 9700 are represented here, so those of you who have managed to track down a pre-release device can jump in on this, or if you just want to prepare for the arrival of your new...

Continue Reading Revamped - Love What You Do

I first noticed the new "Love what you do" (or "Do what you love") BlackBerry campaign while watching the MLB playoffs. The broadcast was sponsored by BlackBerry so there were a few commercials touting the new tagline. I have to admit I love the new ads, aside from the fact that none of them really even show a BlackBerry. In addition it looks like has had a bit of an overhaul...

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BlackBerry Tour OS Now Available for All Users

Over the weekend Sprint released OS for its customers, and unfortunately the rest of the Tour owners were left in the dust. Well it looks like the OS is now available for all users to download. Some slight improvements on this one, so if you haven't made the jump to 5.0 you may want to check it out. You can grab it from the BlackBerry Software Download page. Download BlackBerry Tour...

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Elecite Releases Scenic As A Free BlackBerry Theme Download

Elecite has released a new free BlackBerry theme for a wide array of devices. Scenic was designed and released for free as a show of appreciation to all Elecite customers, and as such the staff of Elecite have asked we pass along a message to you all. "As a team here at Elecite, we have decided to give away one of our latest themes absolutely free as a huge thank you to all of you...

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SmrtGuard Protection Theme Deters Would-Be Thieves

  If you're a SmrtGuard user you have the peace of mind that your data is safe should your device be lost or stolen. Why not let any potential BlackBerry thieves know that you are protected by SmrtGuard as well? Well now you can with the SmrtGuard Protection Theme. This simple theme has rotating "Protected By SmartGuard" wallpapers and a weblink to the SmrtGuard mobile site. Nothing fancy...

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We've covered the 7 Digital music store a few times here on CrackBerry ever since it was unveiled at WES. This time though its to bring some information not too many people in the "mobile music" industry have been able to accomplish (yeah, Pandora and Slacker I'm looking at you). 7 Digital has managed to make their application available to the Canadian market in just a little over a week...

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White BlackBerry Bold Arriving On AT&T October 18th

It's been rumored, fondled and confirmed a good many times by now that the white Bold which is set to come to AT&T on October 18th, and later on Rogers, is probably no longer white. If you've got a love for the snow white BlackBerry Bold, it'll set you back $200 provided you're not holding out for the Bold 9700 Series which should be following alongside this release any time now. Rogers...

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Ronen at Berryreview spotted this little tidbit for all BlackBerry fans. I decided to dig a little deeper  and actually call T-Mobile to find out the "real deal". Seems the the title is a little misleading-- in a good way for once. The code given on the T-Mobile site is actually a 9 month old, non advertised code which allows pretty much anyone who activates a new 2 yr contract with T-Mobile...

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Storm 2 Arriving October 21st To A Verizon Store Near You?!?

Throughout the day Storm 2 information has been spreading like wildfire, launch at this point as we all know is just around the corner. All reports and rumors have the device arriving October 21st for Verizon customers and posted in the forums is more information (confirmation?) that just makes that date even more relevant. Shown above is the launch date and other information from within the...

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BlackBerry Storm2 Dummy Units and Accessories Arriving at Verizon Stores

* Update - October 15th, 2009: The Storm2 is Officially Announced! Buy BlackBerry Storm2 Cases,  Storm2 Chargers, Storm2 Batteries and other Storm2 Accessories Now! * When it rains it pours. We just snagged these images of the BlackBerry Storm2 mock unit and some OEM Verizon Storm2 cases as they start flowing into Verizon stores. Still no official statement on the release date, but it looks...

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The Weather Channel Releases Free Ad-Supported App

The Weather Channel finally joined the cool kids and released a free weather app. The downside? Its ad-supported. Things could be worse as the ads aren't overly intrusive, and it beats the $3.99 tag for the premium version. The free version is essentially the same as the premium that we've seen before, only with ads. The app lets you view current conditions, hour and 36-hour forecasts, view...

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ScanLife: the 2D Barcode Reader

On October 7th, 1952, the first patent for a “Classifying Apparatus and Method” was issued. This eventually developed into the barcodes we know today. I mostly associated barcodes with the UPC barcodes found typically on price tags. I never thought too much about what was beyond those boops and beeps. I was surprised to learn the large number of Linear and 2D barcodes that are used for...

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More Storm2 Promo Material Floats Into Verizon Stores

Yesterday we saw some great flyers showing a BOGO for the Storm2. Today we discovered some more promo material that looks to be arriving in Verizon stores as well. The poster features the Storm2 and Tour side by side, but no other text or details. Again, a sure sign that the release is imminent. The cool thing on this one (for all the speculators) is the code on the bottom of the poster. Check...

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Contest Winners: e-GPS & Smart Lock and Wipe

I didn't even realize it but apparently we were all about BlackBerry security with our contests this week. We had offerings from e-GPS and Smart Lock and Wipe - both great apps that let you track and wipe your device remotely if its lost or stolen. If you didn't get in on the action, we already kicked off this week with a great contest from MusicSkins and of course there is our I Love My...

Continue Reading has just released their new, free BlackBerry application through their website and BlackBerry App World. Containing more than 500,000 words, definitions and synonyms, the app features audio pronunciations, spelling suggestions and’s popular Word of the Day for both English and Spanish. Another great feature is that it integrates with the BlackBerry email system...

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In an effort to get everyone updated to fix the browser vulnerability, RIM and carriers have been releasing 4.5 OS upgrades practically on a daily basis. Here is a look at what's new this week for updates. Be sure to get updated if you are running anything less then the OS' shown. US Cellular - for 8130, 8330, 8330m and 8830 Cellular South - for the Pearl Flip 8230 AVEA...

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With all the news today regarding the 9520 information that was posted by The Guardian and its claim that the Storm 2 would be arriving this week on Vodafone, this info comes as no surprise. Recently posted on the Vodafone Germany website under the coming soon section is the BlackBerry Storm 9520. No information on pricing is listed at this time, but it does bring us in line with what the...

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Buy One Get One for the BlackBerry Storm2 At Release?!

Mauricio over at BlackBerry Rocks posted a great photo of a Verizon flyer today for a buy one get one free offer. The flyer pictures a Tour, Curve, Pearl Flip and everyone's new best friend the Storm2. No real details are included on this, but we can only assume that it may very well be a Storm2 launch promo. Its not unlike Verizon to offer a deal like this with the launch of a new device....

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Installing a BlackBerry Beta OS with Mac Desktop Manager

Since the early previews of the Mac desktop manager it was known that RIM was inputting methods to stop people from installing Beta or Hybrid OS'. What was unknown though was as to how RIM was planning on doing it. Now, things like that don't seem to last very long before someone figures out a way around it. Berryreview was advised of a YouTube video that was posted of a walk through on just...

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