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Twinkler Software Veterans Day Sale

Rory let me know that Twinkler Software in running a Veterans Day sale through tomorrow night. All of their great apps are discounted, so if you haven't checked them out in the past now is your chance. You can choose from SendX, AddOnis, AddContactX or the SendX/AddContactX bundle (add both to your cart to get the bundle price). All of these apps work on OS 5.0 on all devices. Good discounts on some great apps but only through tomorrow. Jump on the links below to purchase.

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Addictive Tower Defense Game for BlackBerry Smartphones

Legally Addictive Games has released their first offering, Addictive Tower Defense. Tower defense games are some of the most fun to play and keep you busy for hours on end. With crisp graphics, addictive gameplay, and intuitive controls, this game is sure to be a hit for anyone who enjoys a good timewaster.  The online leaderboard, statistics tracking, multiple save points and the ability to download new maps as they become available keeps the game fresh for a long while. It is available for all devices running OS 4.3+ (including touchscreen) in the CrackBerry App Store for $4.99.

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Official Craigslist App Coming To BlackBerry App World

[ youtube video link for mobile viewing ]

If you are a Craigslist user in search of a better method of accessing the site, the good folks from Movela and Pyxis mobile have just the application for you. Craigslist mobile is a new application set to launch in BlackBerry App World any day now as it's just waiting approval.

Craigslist mobile is a full featured client application which allows users to browse and search all of Craigslist as well as bookmark, and reply to posts and much more. Users need not worry about being limited to where they may be able to search as all countries and even categories are supported by the app. We'll keep ya updated on availability, but pricing is going to be a one time payment of $4.99.

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Press Release: Grabba Launched for BlackBerry Smartphones

Grabba announced today that they have released their line of data collection attachments for BlackBerry Smartphones. With Grabba, users can collect various forms of data including scanning barcodes, verifying access cards, magnetic strip cards and more. The attachments are available for the BlackBerry Curve 83xx, 85xx and Bold series.

Press Release

Grabba launched for BlackBerry Smartphones in San Francisco

November 10, 2009 - San Francisco - 2009 BlackBerry Developer Conference - Now you can Grabba® BlackBerry® smartphone and start scanning 1D and 2D barcodes, verifying Common Access Cards, recording loyalty card member transactions, collecting information over an IR transceiver, downloading vending machine usage data over a DX connection and much, much more.

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Video Demo: BumpTop App Shows Off 3D Graphics via New Open GL APIs on BlackBerry Storm2

[ youtube video link for mobile viewing ]

Following up on yesterday's Open GL support announcement by Research in Motion, we've now seen a few examples at DevCon of BlackBerry apps and games showing off 3D graphics in live working apps.

Xtreme Labs gave us a demo of the picture viewing / album app they have been working on with that features oodles of 3D graphics love. Check out the video above to see it in action. It's still an early beta, but it's an encouraging sign for BlackBerry developers as the Xtreme Labs guys only had access to the new APIs for a short period of time leading up to the conference (less than two weeks). 

Cool stuff. We'll let you know when the BumpTop app becomes available for download.

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Super Monkey Ball Coming To BlackBerry Smartphones!

[ youtube video link for mobile viewing ]

With the announcement of Open GL ES comes the announcement of new games that will be showing up on the BlackBerry platform. One of the announcements that was brought to light during the Game On: Building high quality games for BlackBerry Smartphones session came to us from SEGA and while the game is not ready as of yet, Super Monkey Ball is headed to BlackBerry. Target time frame for the games release is first half of 2010 with it launching in BlackBerry App World.

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New PBA Bowling 3D from Concrete Software In Development

[ youtube video link for mobile viewing ]

OpenGL seems to be all the rage now that its out in the open (pun intended), and we got a quick look at Concrete Software's doings with one of their most popular games. PBA Bowling has been around for a while, but with this new technology it will be better than ever. Excelerated graphics and lighting make this game look amazing. It is currently in development with no word of when it will be available. Check out the video for a short (and we do mean short) preview of the game, as well as some technical details that went into the design. You can also pick up the original 2D PBA Bowling for $4.99 in the CrackBerry App Store.

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Urbanspoon App for BlackBerry Smartphones Now Available!!

[ youtube video link for mobile viewing ]

The guys at Xtreme Labs, developers extraordinaire, let us get the first look at the upcoming urbanspoon app for BlackBerry last night at the Dev Con opening reception. With this app, you can easily locate restaurants in your area by spinning the "tumbler". Let urbanspoon choose a restaurant at random, or specifiy the type of cuisine you're looking for. The tumbler rolls, and you are presented with information including phone number, map and restaurant reviews. The Storm version even allows you to spin the tumbler by shaking the device.

Get urbanspoon for BlackBerry: The app should be landing in BlackBerry App World over the next few days, but you don't have to wait to download it. Visit from your BlackBerry's web browser to download it. 

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Clarification: BlackBerry Storm2 and Curve 8530 Are the Only In-Market Devices to Take Advantage of New Open GL APIs

Following up on yesterday's announcement of Open GL ES support for BlackBerry Smartphones, we followed up with RIM today at the BlackBerry Developer Conference to clarify exactly which devices would be able to take advantage of the 3D graphics standard via the newly-released Open GL APIs. The original press release made note that it would be available to BlackBerry Smartphones running the OS 5.0 platform and higher, which is not totally the case. Not all in-market OS 5.0 devices will be able to run these new apps which incorporate 3D graphics.

Currently, the only devices that will be able to take advantage of the Open GL APIs are those devices running OS 5.0, the latest Qualcomm chipsets that also meet the minimum memory requirements needed to run the standard smoothly, specifically the BlackBerry Storm2 and yet-to-be released BlackBerry Curve 8530. Other existing devices, including the original Storm, and the new Bold 9700 will not be able to run apps and games that make use of the 3D standard even though they have OS 5.0 (am guessing Storm1 doesn't have the memory to do it, while the Bold's processor doesn't play friendly with it just yet). The Tour hasn't had 5.0 officially rolled out to it yet, but hopefully when it does it'll make the Open GL cut. Looking ahead, hopefully more devices (including GSM BlackBerry Smartphones that are not running on Qualcomm chips) will be able to run BlackBerry games and apps that feature Open GL 3D graphics.

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BlackBerry Curve 8530 Accessories Arriving at Verizon

It looks like some BlackBerry Curve 8530 accessories have already started to land in Verizon stores in the form of skins, privacy protectors and cases . The BlackBerry Curve 8530 will be available for purchase on November 20th, so it's no surprise that these are starting to float in. Surely there will be more in the upcoming week or so before the device is released, but you most likely won't be able to grab them until after the launch. If you're planning to pick up a Curve 8530 from Verizon or Sprint on launch day, you can check out the newest accessories for the BlackBerry Curve 8530 in stock at and get ahead of the game.

And if you're interested in picking up the new Curve but haven't checked it out, be sure to read Kevin's BlackBerry Curve 8530 review.

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BlackBerry Technical Seminar 2009 Registration Now Open

Right in the middle of the BlackBerry Developers Conference, Research In Motion is already planning events ahead. December 3rd, Research In Motion will be holding the BlackBerry Technical Seminar 2009 and registration is now open. BlackBerry Technical Seminar 2009 features four seminar tracks, all new content, new product demos and new resources to expand access to BlackBerry solution information.

Who will be there? Administrators, Developers and CIOs.

  • Seminar content geared to all areas of interest, from high availability and new capabilities of BlackBerry® Enterprise Server v.5.0 for administrators, and working with BlackBerry® Widgets for developers to understanding the impacts of virtualization for the busy CIO.
  • Mix and match sessions to gain big picture learning.
  • View these agendas Now – Administrator, Developer and CIO.

The virtual seminar will be held Thursday, December 3rd, 2009, 9am ET – 5pm ET, no cost to participate and the information gained from the experts at hand is well worth the time.

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BB DevCon 2009- Day 1 Wrap Up Of Events

Yesterday was the opening day of the BlackBerry Developer Conference and a lot of big press releases and announcements came out of it. Some were expected while others certainly came out of no where and left many people pleasantly surprised. Here's a quick look back at the days events if you wanna catch up and check to see if you missed out on all the good stuff. Lots of information from the General session is in the live blog we did for which you can now replay and read through.

These are just the highlights of yesterday's events and as we continue on with the BlackBerry Developer Conference coverage their will be even more to catch up on, just stay tuned folks.

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Task Manager for BlackBerry Shows Your Running Applications, System Info and More

* Note from Kevin - Hey All, Adam/Bla1ze and I are swamped right now at DevCon, so obi blogged this baby up. I haven't personally run it on the device. Judging by the comments it seems like it may not be quite ready for primetime to everyone's satisfication just yet. And in case you don't know, as with all empower apps you need to have their empower central installed so keep that in mind. Give it a go if you want to try it or leave it for now... it's all good. Keep Crack'n *

Task Manager by Empower is a great free app that brings that familiar task manager feel from your PC to your BlackBerry smartphone. Its free version gives you 3 tabs; Applications, System Info, and Performance. The Applications tab allows you to view your applications file size and install date. The Systems Info tab gives you a very useful detailed description of your devices total and free flash memory as well as RAM. It also lists your devices OS, PIN, IMEI, signal strength and your battery's level, temperature, and voltage. The Performance tab gives you a graphical breakdown of your batteries performance over time. If your graph should suddenly have a steep downwards trend, then you know you haven't closed down a program and have just left it running in the background draining your battery. With the premium version, for $1.99 you will have access to the Processes tabs which shows you all of your running background processes including their ProcessID. This is a very useful app and a must have for any BlackBerry user.

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Press Release: 7digital Music Store Wins BlackBerry Partners Fund Developer Challenge

Last night we got to sit in and watch the 16 finalists in the BlackBerry Developers Challenge present their apps to a panel of judges (including CrackBerry Kevin) to see who would be crowned the winner and receive the grand prize of $100,000. It was a great night with some awesome apps, but when it came down to it, the 7digital Music Store walked away with the spoils. Runner up Nickel Buddy took away a $25,000 prize pack, and a new $5,000 prize was created on the spot for newcomer Kik. Press Release below.

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DevCon Podcast: Interview With Chris Smith, Senior Director of BlackBerry Development Platform

The first day of the BlackBerry Developer Conference had us going from early morning till late at night, but just before the evening reception kicked off we had a chance to sit down for an interiew with Chris Smith from Research in Motion. Chris' title is Sr. Director, BlackBerry Development Platform, which means a WHOLE BUNCH of major software responsibilities fall on his plate.

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So How About That Battery Life on the BlackBerry Bold 9700?

my battery life after exactly 24 hours of pretty active use - frak'n awesome!

So How About That Battery Life on the BlackBerry Bold 9700? I've been a broken record the past couple of days - everytime I run into a person with the new BlackBerry Bold 9700 (which happens frequently at BlackBerry Developer Conference) that's the question that comes from my mouth. I don't know exactly what RIM did to the BlackBery Bold 9700, but the battery life is freak'n amazing. Maybe they did some hocus pocus and waved their magic wands over it in the dev labs. Or maybe they stuck some moon isotopes under the battery cover. Or maybe they re-wrote and optimized the radio stack for the device (ding ding ding), but whatever they did, it worked. One of RIM's priorities has always been long battery life, but over the past couple of years as RIM has crammed more features into the device, it has taken its toll slightly on the lonnnnnng battery life old school BlackBerry users were used to (keep in mind poor battery life for a BlackBerry typically is still way better than the competition). The Bold 9700 changes that though - it reminds me of my old 7290. An easy 2 days baby!

Seriously. The screen capture above shows my Rogers BlackBerry Bold 9700 after exactly 24 hours of pretty steady use (roaming on AT&T). As you can see, this morning when I rolled out of bed I still had over half the juice left in the tank. With my original BlackBerry Bold 9000, I would have been down to yellow bars by 3pm yesterday and swapping in a spare battery by 4:30pm. Bla1ze has also been experiencing the same sort of awe-insipiring battery life on his Rogers Bold 9700. Speaking to other 9700 owners I've bumped into, I'm not sure that the T-Mobile 9700's life (running on T-Mo network) is quite as good as the AT&T/Rogers versions (still reallly solid though), but even our pal Ronen at BerryReview is getting the same sort of life out of his T-Mo 9700 that he used to get from his Bold 9000 that was tied to a Case-Mate Fuel Case. It's impressive.

I think my non-stop talking about my 9700's battery life is driving everybody in the press room here at the BlackBerry Developer Conference a bit nuts, so hopefully now that this post is up and out there for all to read I'll finally STFU. But good job RIM. WICKED device. :)

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Contest Winners: RedFly Mobile Companion, StormSlider, Unlock Codes and More

Wow! What a crazy great start to DevCon we've had already with loads of news coming out of San Francisco. While we're going into overdrive to keep up with all the news, we didn't want to forget to drop the winners from all of last weeks contests. We have the winner of our RedFly Mobile Companion, some awesome apps, a few unlock codes and even a unlocked Bold 9700. The goodies just keep coming, and as always we thank all the developers and retailers that give us such great stuff. Hit the jump for the full winners list.

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Video Demo: Flash Tools and Support Coming to BlackBerry

[ youtube video link for mobile viewing ]

One of the big announcements at the BlackBerry Developer Conference yesterday was the new partnership between Adobe and BlackBerry. When it comes to flash on a mobile device, RIM is going way beyond just being able to play an animation or flash movie on a BlackBerry but is working with Adobe to really BlackBerry-ize Adobe's creative tools to make it that much easier to make rich BlackBerry app experiences. Heck, I'm pretty sure that even with just my circa 1999 web skillz that I could build a BlackBerry widget with the new BB plugin coming in Adobe CS5.

You can check out the video above to get a first glimpse of some of the flash dev tools and experience. Great things coming to BlackBerry Smartphones soon!!

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Review: Woomby for BlackBerry

Babies and BlackBerrys: two of the most precious things in the world. We joke about our addiction to our BlackBerrys; I can admit that changing batteries is far less hazardous than changing diapers. Hopefully we all know what is truly important (for those still contemplating, the answer is children). If you think about it, there are a few similarities between babies and BlackBerrys. Both are carried with caution, both are adorned with accessories, both draw attention and both consistently amaze you in new ways. If something doesn’t agree with them, you do everything in your power to console them. But what if you could use one to help the other?

I’m not talking about having your baby fix your BlackBerry. You’ll probably just end up with physical and drool/liquid damage. I’m talking about an application called Woomby. Your BlackBerry is turned into the ultimate baby buddy. From entertaining music and videos to soothing lights, your bundle of joy will get some much needed TLC from your BlackBerry. So instead of vying for your attention, you’ll be vying to capture the attention of both your baby and your BlackBerry. We cannot be held responsible for the impending “Mine! Mine!” argument you will have. Read on for more.

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100 Free Unlock Codes from Express Unlock Code

The good folks at Express Unlock Code have another 100 codes give away. The codes are available for all North America GSM networks (AT&T, Rogers, Verizon, T-Mobile, Cellular One, Cincinnati Bell, Centennial Wireless and Dobson-Cellular). There is also a promotional price for Crackberry readers. All codes for AT&T, T-mobile, Verizon and Rogers are only $4.99. Just over to Express Unlock Code to receive the promo price. To enter to win 1 of 100 free codes, just leave a comment on this post. Contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PST. Please only leave one comment, multiple entries won't count.

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