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Update Twitter and Facebook with Free Vodafone Update App

This is one of the first of what is sure to be a long line of carrier released apps. The new Vodafone Update app allows you to easily update your Twitter and Facebook status all in one place. While not bursting with features, the app is great for casual users who don't want to install the Facebook app or a full blown Twitter client. Features include: See status updates from your Twitter and...

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As we mentioned the other day, Rogers is ramping up their BlackBerry 9700 launch in the next few days as stock has became available today for retailers to order through hardware management. At this time though the Bold 9700, White BlackBerry Bold 9000 and Cameraless Bold 9000 are starting to show up for corporate orders system wise (salescentral), but are yet to be orderable. While they haven'...

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Bing and My Verizon Being Pushed To Verizon Storm Users

We've been down this road before, and it looks like Verizon is yet again pushing out some apps to Storm users. We've seen Slacker and VCAST apps magically pop up, and now it appears as if both the Bing app and My Verizon are being pushed out by Big Red. Previously My Verzion was available for download and actually wasn't a terrible app. The new Bing app looks to be a love it or hate it as well...

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bbOSalert Instant Alert for OS Releases - 50 Free Copies

Last week we took a look at the new app bbOSalert. The app installs on your device and gives you a popup alert instantly when a new OS is released anywhere on the web. You can tweak the settings so you are only alerted for devices you choose, and you can also pick to be notified for hybrids, official releases and leaked OS versions. You will receive a popup on your device when an OS is...

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Super QWERTY - One Key Access To All Applications

We all love making things easier for ourselves. Super QWERTY is an app that can make a whole lot easy on your BlackBerry. Super QWERTY allows you to create one key shortcuts for all applications on your device. Much like how RIM includes a few directly into the OS (although, recently has been removing some) you can now create your own one-key services. Features: The fastest way to access...

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FileScout for BlackBerry v1.4.0.0 Released

*UPDATE: Now at version* For those of you who read the CrackBerry blogs daily, you've likely read previous postings about FileScout. Personally for me this application is one of the best tools to install on your BlackBerry Smart phone, ever. So many uses for FileScout that to not have it installed on my device would just feel wrong. With that said, the newest version is now available...

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Best of Smartphone Experts, 1 Nov 2009

Free Turn By Turn Directions on Android 2.0 Motorla Droid Roundup: Everything in one place Android 2.0 on T-Mobile G1 First Look Video: BlackBerry Tour2! BlackBerry Storm2 Commercial and Key Links Browse and Buy BlackBerry Storm2 Cases...

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A great variety of stuff to be won this week. Some great apps, unlock codes, cases,  a Bold 9700, Garmin Nuvi and TweetGenius goodness. If you didn't get in on the action yet, you still have a few hours left. You have no excuse to miss out this time around, so check out the posts below to have a chance to win. Be sure to leave a comment on the original blog posts (you can leave one to this...

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With the BlackBerry Storm2 reaching the hands of many CrackBery readers now, it's only fitting we have a contest for those who picked one up. LeetCom aka dmglakewood, has stepped up to the plate this time around, hitting me up saying lets do something for all the new BlackBerry Storm2 owners out there and give a little back to the community. Up for grabs with this contest is 100 free copies of...

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Verizon BlackBerry BOGO To End November 7th?!

If you've been thinking about picking up a new BlackBerry Smartphone from Verizon, you may want to move quick. Assuming the info we just received above holds true, it shows that Big Red is looking to end their current Buy One, Get One BlackBerry promotion next Saturday, November 7th. I'm sure the BlackBerry BOGO will make its return at somepoint in the not so distant future, but we're not...

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[ youtube video link for mobile viewing ] Elertify is a new app to the CrackBerry app store and is simply awesome. Elertify is for those users who often sit at their PC and have their BlackBerry by their side at all times. Elertify can display a popup message on your PC when you receive incoming Email, SMS and Phone calls on your BlackBerry. You can even hear who's calling, texting, or...

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New Premium Theme Released From Elecite - Shell

Elecite has a sexy new theme available. Shell integrates color changing options from right within the theme itself. You can choose between black, red, white and finally blue background images to suit your mood.  Four dedicated application buttons on the bottom help you stay organized and up to nine hidden icons are accessible through the hidden hot spots within the theme. Shell is available...

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BlackBerry App World: Got Questions About It? RIM Wants To Hear Em!

A new blog post went up yesterday over at the Inside BlackBerry blogs. It may be of a lot of interest to those among us here in the BlackBerry community. RIM wants to hear all the questions you have about BlackBerry App World. Inside BlackBerry writer and Product Manager, BlackBerry App World Alex. K has stepped up to the plate to address what is the first part of what I assume, is many...

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Slacker Radio got a little bump in versions recently. Version 2.0.91 is now available for download from the Slacker Radio website. Now would be a good time to get in on their Halloween music channel as well if you have never checked Slacker out before. Sadly, no changelog is available at this time for what exactly the update corrects. From my checking of it, it appears to be some if not...

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BlackBerry App World Version Released

This is more so for those of you who have never installed BlackBerry App World before, because those of you who have it already should have gotten the notification update by now. In any event, BlackBerry App World has been updated once again and now sits at version While no changelog came with this release I'm sure once it gets in the hands of more users we'll see some information...

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Rogers BlackBerry Bold 9700 Launch Approaching Fast!

We've been hearing some rumors for a few days regarding Rogers BlackBerry Bold 9700 release. Finally, it seems they are rumors now more. Rogers has sent off the emails to CSR's telling them to take the BlackBerry Bold 9700 training courses in the Rogers Fastrack system, while Rogers BlackBerry Tech agents have already been trained up. We were also hearing that the devices were sitting in the...

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TweetGenius Officially Released (Again) - 50 Free Copies!

Simply login and leave a comment to win 1 of 50 copies of TweetGenius! It seemed like it came and went. TweetGenius, the first premium Twitter client for BlackBerry, swooped in and then in a poof it was gone again. If you didn't get to purchase it upon the initial release, you were sadly out of luck for the last few months. Well the good news is that its finally here. The minds behind...

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Get Tetherberry for 50% Off - Today Only!

Today the CrackBerry Deal of the Day is a great application at a great discount. Tetherberry made its name offering an easy and affordable way to tether without the need for extra services or carrier fees. The application usually sells for $49.95 which is a turn off to some users, but today only you can get Tetherberry for only $24.97 - thats 50% off! This is a great discount if you've been...

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CallerInfo for BlackBerry Storm Shows City, Birthday and More

Toysoft has dropped another great app for the Storm and Storm2 called CallerInfo. The app displays custom information on the screen for incoming calls. When a person in your contacts calls, CallerInfo shows their city and last call date as well as any custom info you have entered (birthday, anniversary, note). When a call is ended, the app will prompt you to enter a note that will display the...

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Business Trip or Backpacking, Bring your BlackBerry

After writing the review for GPSed, I had the urge to go on another trip. During the summer, we took an amazing family trip to Gibsons, British Columbia. I did promise not to touch my BlackBerry during that week, and I did surprisingly well (I only twitched a little). A promise is a promise, but I didn’t even think to argue its usefulness; even on vacation! It only makes sense to do anything...

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