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All AHaz And JMal Designs Themes 50% Off For One Week

AHaz and JMal Designs have been hard at work pushing out new themes for everyone and decided it's time to give a little thanks back to the community. For the next week all AHaz and JMal Designs themes are on sale for an awesome 50% off. If you have been considering grabbing a new theme for your device be sure to check their offerings out and a big thanks to AHaz and JMal for setting this up...

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Yes, that's a BlackBerry Tour made out of Lego Building Blocks! The second-annual BlackBerry Developer Conference is now a part of RIM history. Following last year's DevCon, we had Sharad Mohan, Co-Founder and CEO of Gym Technik, review the first-ever BBDC from his point of view as a new BlackBerry developer. This year, we asked Trevor Chong, Product Director of Gym Technik, to follow up with...

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T-Mobile BlackBerry Bold 9700 Now Available For Purchase!!!

Attention all T-Mobile users! The time has finally come... The first T-Mobile 3G BlackBerry is now available for purchase at But wait... is it the 8900, or the 9700. Seems as if T-Mobile dropped the ball and used the wrong photo on the website. Big oops T-Mobile! Pricing for the new BlackBerry Bold is very reasonable at $199.99 on the new Even More plan, or at $449.99 on the...

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Best of Smartphone Experts, 15 Nov 2009

Qik Video Streaming on Android Got Droid? Make something awesome Verizon's Next Android Phone? BlackBerry Developer Conference News Highlights Calling All BlackBerry Developers: Get Your Own Dedicated Forum for Free at! First impressions of the Nokia N97 min...

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Contest Reminder: ShortcutMe, ShakeItUp, Unlock Codes, Themes and More

Busy week for the Crack Team in San Francisco at the BlackBerry Developer Conference, but we didn't want to miss out on giving you some contests while we were hard at work. We had some unlock codes, a few themes and some apps to spread around. If you didn't get in on the action, head over to the contest posts below to leave a comment. You still have a few hours to get in on the fun and try...

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Phosphoresce Premium BlackTheme Now Available!

KD is back down to theme making after a short little break. Wasting no time, KD has jumped right back in with his new theme Phosphoresce. Intense graphics and screen transitions make this one an impressive and eye catching theme. Integrated hot spots and hidden areas help with the navigation, making it easier to access all device functions. You really need to see it in action before you can...

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Making Use Of The BlackBerry Developer Issue Tracker

Back during WES 2009, Research In Motion launched a new tool for developers to make use of in order to help them track bugs in BlackBerry development tools. In the time since then, the BlackBerry developer issue tracker has seen some significant growth and has helped RIM learn more about where they need to be focusing attention when it comes to correcting issues. With the BlackBerry...

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TwitterBerry To Grow Beyond Twitter - Becomes OpenBeak

Long lasting Twitter client TwitterBerry has been rebranded OpenBeak. The new title allows the app to grow beyond the Twitter platform in the future and expand to other areas. Twitterberry is one of the most well known Twitter clients for BlackBerry, but has been overshadowed as of late with the influx of new clients. Perhaps OpenBeak will step up with some new features that will get it back...

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BlackBerry IM Clients Updated to 2.5.30

The native BlackBerry IM clients (Gtalk, AIM, Yahoo!, MSN and ICQ) have been updated from version 2.5.27 to 2.5.30. As usual, no change log is available, but and update is an update right? The clients are all available from their individual download pages, or you can head to from your device to check them out. If you figure out what is new, drop a comment and let us know...

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AT&T Releases OS for the BlackBerry Bold 9000

Tips have been flying in and it looks like AT&T has released OS for the BlackBerry Bold 9000. This isn't the grand 5.0 update we may have been waiting for, but an official OS update regardless. No word on the changes/updates in this version, but if you are still rocking an older OS version you may want to give it a go. Head over to the BlackBerry Software Download page to get...

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How To: Dismantle A BlackBerry Bold 9700

[ youtube video link for mobile viewing ] As with any device launch, a tear down video has been posted for the BlackBerry Bold 9700. These videos are great for those who wish to modify or customize their devices with other OEM parts. Be it changing the bezel, swapping out to an unbranded bottom piece or whatever else your heart desires. While we're still waiting for many online retailers...

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[ youtube video link for mobile viewing ] With the upcoming launch of the BlackBerry Bold 9700 on T-Mobile and AT&T software developers have been hard at work with getting their applications updated for the new device(s). Telenav is no exception to that, today we get a good look at Telenav GPS Navigator running on a T-Mobile 9700 courtesy of Telenav. In addition to giving us a look...

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New BIS 3.0 And 3.1 On The Horizon; Coming As Soon As 2010?!?

We've been hearing about this for a while now and while it can still go under the rumors section considering no announcement has been made about it. Despite it not being official just yet, it's been something that has been in the pipe forever anyways as the details of BIS 2.5 and 2.6 already gave way to what exactly RIM's plans are for upcoming BIS iterations. The rumors at this point are that...

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Wordpress Mobile Updated And Quickly Moving Out Of Beta

In the short time it has been out Wordpress for BlackBerry has seen some significant changes happen to the beta. Updates have remained and consistent and bug fixes have been put into effect almost instantly. Having updated the application to version Wordpress claims they are almost out of beta now and the application sure is testament to that claim. New in Based on all...

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At the 2009 BlackBerry Developer Conference it was made clear on more than one occasion that to build better BlackBerry apps and maximize your app's awareness (and downloads/sales) you need to embrace all delivery channels (App World, Mobihand, etc.) and especially engage BlackBerry enthusiast sites such as During one DevCon session in particular, mention was made of a free...

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Entertaining with your BlackBerry Smartphone

Is there such thing as a bad excuse for a party? Birthday, Anniversary, a new BlackBerry Smartphone launched; these are all good reasons to throw a shindig. Though get togethers happen all year ‘round, it seems as though they are bigger and more elaborate around this particular time. Though they are an absolutely fantastic source of fun, family and friends, they can add stress to the slowly...

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BlackBerry App Roundup for November 13th, 2009!

Howdy folks! Hope everyone out there in CrackBerry Nation had a solid week. No fussin' about this week as I'm getting right down to business. Covered this week in the roundup are the following titles: In Case You Missed It: eBay Mobile for BlackBerry Coming Soon, ZBook OTA Phonebook Backup, Urbanspoon for BlackBerry, Craigslist App for BlackBerry Coming Soon New This Week: clap'nSeek,...

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Vlingo Updated For BlackBerry Storm2 And 5.0 OS Users!

This one is for all you vlingo lovin' BlackBerry Storm2 users out there. You'll be glad to know that vlingo has updated their great application to be compatible with your device. All Storm 5.0 OS users can grab the update from the vlingo site direct as we wait for it to be loaded into BlackBerry App World and if you are a premium vlingo user, you'll be glad to know it keeps all your settings...

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Elecite Releases Hot New Premium Theme - Stasis

[ youtube video link for mobile viewing ] Elecite has got another piece of mind blowing theme available for everyone, even for Storm OS 5.0 users which is bug-free now that theme builder 5.0 has been launched. From the description on Stasis: It's safe to say that few themes leave an impression the way Stasis does. The attention to detail is astonishing – every piece masterfully crafted...

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A Quick Look At BlackBerry Theme Builder 5.0 From The Experts!

With the launch of the new BlackBerry Theme Builder 5.0 and all its new options implemented, it should come as no surprise that Research In Motion is putting a lot of attention on its release. We have been hearing for months now that Theme Builder (formerly known as Plazmic Content Developers Kit) was being brought "in house" in an effort to get it up to par where users thought it should be...

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