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Sure The Kindle and eBooks Did Well, But So Did BlackBerry

A few days ago Amazon posted some details of their big sellers over the holidays. The biggest news to come from that press release was the fact Amazon's Kindle and Kindle books were the biggest sellers, wherein Kindle books sold more on Christmas day than their physical counterparts - which honestly makes a whole lot more sense then people are giving credit for. Of course they sold more, what else would you do with a Kindle that you just got? Go out an buy a physical book? Not very likely.

However, if you looked further down the list of the highest selling items for the holidays you would have noticed that the AT&T BlackBerry Bold 9700 was the hottest selling device in the "Wireless" category with cellular service. The only item ahead of the BlackBerry Bold 9700 when speaking of devices was the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic which was sold sans contract and unlocked. Not too shabby if you ask me, I bet AT&T and RIM were glad to see that happen - I just wish Amazon would have released some numbers to go along with it to give us a better sense of volume.

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Contest Winners: SearchIt, TeleNav, Colorware & SmrtCase

The holidays blew by, and I didn't even realized until Friday we only had one app contest for the week! We'll make it up for sure so don't worry. The winners of the SearchIt contest are listed after the jump. Just a quick recap as well - if you didn't see the winners announcements from our TeleNav, Colorware and SmrtCase contests you'll want to check them out from the links below. Congrats again to all the winners!

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Liquid - A Premium Quick Access Theme From Elecite

The days are winding down to take advantage of the Elecite 50% off sale, which ends December 31st. All themes including the newer Liquid shown above are included in the sale. Liquid is one of the ones I personally grabbed due to the fact that it offers a quick access dock built right into the theme itself. Beautiful wallpapers, great icons and hidden today options make this one perfect for just about anyone. Supported devices include BlackBerry 8900, 9000, 9500, 9600 and 9700.

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Beta Testers Wanted: Introducing Fixmo Tools for BlackBerry

Ok CrackBerry readers, it's time for some beta testing! Fixmo is a new entrant in the smartphone mobile app space and they want your feedback on the beta of their new Fixmo Tools offering. Started up by Rick Segal, formerly with the BlackBerry Partners Fund, Fixmo is looking to shake things up in the world of mobile utilities. If you think of what Norton Utilities was to computers back in the day, that's the sort of position Fixmo is taking within mobile - rounding up useful individual tools that increase device functionality and packaging them into one application that remains current as time goes on and the need for new / different utilities emerge.

I got an early look at Fixmo Tools the other day and now Fixmo has set up a download site so CrackBerry readers who want to give an early (and free!) look at the beta can do so. Be sure to keep reading below for a message to beta testers from Fixmo. And once you've given it a try, be sure to send them in your feedback.

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Engadget Reflects Upon Ten Years of BlackBerry

I love the end of December. It always brings about some good articles and posts looking back at the year and years gone by. Over at, Chris Ziegler posted up a great piece today looking back at Ten Years of BlackBerry. 2009 really was a milestone year for Research in Motion, so if you're not familiar with any of the history behind that device you're holding in your hand it's definitely worth jumping over and taking a read through. It's going to be exciting to see what RIM does in the next ten years!

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Access Unlimited Premium BlackBerry Themes For Only $10 Offer Ends Today

Enterprise Mobile Solutions has a big sale going on that we were just alerted of by BBCool. For today only, you can get unlimited premium themes from them for only $10. The unlimited service they offer usually goes for a whopping $99, so this is a pretty substantial savings. You're saving $89 by jumping on it today. Themes are updated every 7-14 days and you get point and click access to all the offerings for any device out there for a complete year through their downloadable application. In addition to the one year deal you can get a 2 yr deal for only $15 or a monthly package for only $5. Be sure to check out the reviews and comments before you give it a go though - it may not be for you. We just wanted to pass on the note of the deal to our readers when we heard about it due to the magnitude of the discount offered.

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Video: Palm Pre / Pixi / WebOS Hands-On Walk Through, Smartphone Round Robin

Week #3 of the 2009 Smartphone Round Robin has me on the Palm Pre and Palm Pixi, sampling Palm's new for 2009 WebOS platform. Think back to last year's Round Robin and Palm was on the brink of disaster. This year, they've pushed themselves back into the game with a very intuitive operating system that's really been designed for mobile use along with some decent hardware to get some momentum building again. You can check out the video below as I walk through the devices with Dieter Bohn of

To get some guidance on my Palm WebOS experience, I've created a forum thread over at As for BlackBerry in the Round Robin this week, me and Dieter did a swap and he's using the Bold 9700 and Storm2. Be sure to check out his video and get him some help on his forum thread in the CB forums to make sure he gets the most of his device. I was **amazed** at how well he was able to type on the Storm2 the first time he picked it up. Be sure to post on these forum threads daily for your chance to win a new smartphone. Contest details here.

Enjoy the video and stay tuned for the full CrackBerry on Palm WebOS review later this week!

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Official: OS For BlackBerry Curve 8530 Now Available From Sprint

Any BlackBerry Curve 8530 owners out there not happy with their current OS can now head on to the Sprint BlackBerry download page and grab the latest official OS. is what is up for grabs over there which is a few notchs above the release OS and still ahead of Verizons official which is still at

[ BBOS ]

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New BlackBerry Smartphone Owner? Here Are Some Free Apps to Check Out

Were you one of the lucky ones to open that unexpected present and see a BlackBerry Smartphone staring back at you? If you were, you were probably filled with joy and excitement, and then as the day went on you began to think what else you could possibly need for it to function, or how you can make it a great counterpart of your everyday life. While there are endless amounts of ways to make the device your own, the hunt can be a difficult one because of just how much is available. As always, we are here to try and help make your hunt an easy and painless one.

Let's start with some free applications, because well, we all know the holiday's just passed and not everyone has money to spend on additional applications and such for their device. There are a lot more than this out there, but as a new BlackBerry owner we're just looking to help you get your feet wet in the world of BlackBerry and CrackBerry. Enjoy!

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Role Call Tasks Contest- 200 Copies to Give Away!

Recently I had posted on a application called Role Call Tasks, an app that places all your to-do's into one organized spot.  This app is great for organizing monthly bills, items to purchase, or for the person who just has a lot to keep track of and is a little forgetful like myself.  Due to positive response, Blue Sky Analytics has decided to give 200 copies to the CrackBerry Community. They have made some great updated from your feedback, and are fixing up the app even more in the future.  As a reminder Role Call Tasks is compatible for all devices running OS 4.6 and up.  It is available for $3.99 from the CrackBerry App Store.

Contest:  We have 200 copies of Role Call Tasks to give away.  Just leave a comment on this post to enter.  Contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PST.  Please only leave one comment, multiple entries wont count.

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Maritime Master from Cleric Software - 30 Copies to Give Away

If you're a fan of Air Traffic Control, you should definitely check out Maritime Master. The game has a simple premise, but it is highly addictive and has endless replay value. You have to guide your ships to the dock by drawing their course through the water. After the cargo is unloaded, you draw another path off-screen for the boat to get away. The more you play the harder it gets, and you can unlock all 5 levels as you progress. Maritime Master is currently available for the Storm and Storm2 only (due to the unique "drawing" gameplay) and is available in the CrackBerry App Store for $3.99.

Contest: We have 30 copies of Maritime Master to give away. Just leave a comment on this post to enter. Contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PST. Please only leave one comment, multiple entries won't count.

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CrackBerry / TeleNav Giveaway Winners Announced!

It was a long wait, but the winners are finally in. We had a blast on this one and changed up our standard "leave a comment" contest format a bit. To enter you were required to follow both @crackberry and @telenav on Twitter, fan both on Facebook and then send a tweet saying Hey @Crackberry - I want to win the @TeleNav bundle. We had loads of entries and the results are in. The winners are:

Grand Prize: a one-year subsctiption to TeleNav GPS Navigator, a $100 gift certificate, a car charger and device car mount Paul Cimino (@Paul_Cimino)   Runners Up: one-year subscription to TeleNav GPS Navigator Karla Jensen (@kar_frankie_jen)
Charles Canady (@charlescanady) 

Thanks to everyone that entered and espeically TeleNav for hooking us up with such great prizes. The winners should receive an email in the next few days. To check out more on TeleNav, head over to

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Hedone Design Rings In The New Year With 50% Off Theme Sale

The holidays are not quite finished as of yet. Personally, I don't consider them over until we get to ring in the new year. The folks at Hedone Design appear to feel the same way. From now up until January 2nd you can grab any Hedone Design theme at the sale price of 50% percent off. Taking advantage of the deal is as easy as entering the coupon code NewYear50 at checkout - click update and make sure the adjustment has gone through, then complete the order. With great selection Hedone Deisgn has built up, everyone should be able to find something they'll enjoy.

Please note: The coupon will only work in our mobile app store from your device, so you'll have to visit from your BlackBerry browser and put in the coupon from there.

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Windows Phones from the Perspective of a BlackBerry User - Smartphone Round Robin

Week 2 of the 2009 Smartphone Round Robin had me using two HTC-manufactured phones running on the Windows Mobile platform, specifically the AT&T Tilt 2 and the HTC HD2 (the HD2 is the unit in the photo above sporting the massive display). With the holidays happening, my time for the Round Robin this week was a bit on short supply, but since we're following up on my novel of a Droid Review I figure you all won't mind if I keep this one a little shorter. For in-depth technical reviews, be sure to follow the device links above and you'll jump over to where you can learn about both the Tilt 2 and HD2 in detail. That said, it's time to reflect upon my time spent on both of these phones and assess how Microsoft is doing in the smartphone ecosystem with their mobile operating system.

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Best of Smartphone Experts, 27 Dec 2009

Leaked: OS for the BlackBerry Storm2 9520

Any BlackBerry Storm 2 9520 users out there wanting a leak? Here it is for you all. Download, install and enjoy. Be sure to leave some comments here and in the forums if you come across any changes and be sure to back your stuff up before you load any unreleased OS.

*OS Disclaimer - Please Read: Keep in mind this is NOT an official release and as such is not supported by RIM or your Carrier. If you choose to install, do so at your own risk and only if you're comfortable in the process of upgrading and downgrading your device software. It is quite normal during operating system development for certain features to be crippled or disabled while others are tested, and these beta builds often reflect that. They are not always better. Depending on your BlackBerry comfort level, it may be best for you to wait for community feedback on a build before deciding to download and install for yourself or simply wait for the next official release. If you require support, you will find it in our CrackBerry forums via our extremely knowledgeable community base - do not contact your carrier or RIM for Beta OS technical support (their first course of action will be to advise you to downgrade to a supported OS). Follow the links below for more information and instructions. *

[ BBLeaks ]

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Introducing SmrtMonitor - Get A Complete Breakdown Of Your BlackBerry Usage!

I've always been a big fan of the "I love BlackBerry" app from EarlySail. The only problem with that application is that it really could be more advanced in its breakdown of how you use your BlackBerry. Today, we have a new entrant that looks to fill that void. SmrtMonitor is an application which tracks and monitors your BlackBerry usage in the background and actually breaks down your usage to percentages to give you a better idea of how you spend your time. Do you spend more time messaging people? Maybe you spend more time using a specific application? Now you can get a full break down of each, that is if you're not too scared to find out. SmrtMonitor is available for all devices 4.2+ and is currently on sale for only $3.99 until December 31st.

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PBA Bowling 2 -- OpenGL Game for BlackBerry Storm2 -- Now Available! Plus All Concrete Software Games Now 40% Off!

While at the BlackBerry Developer Conference this year, Adam and I got to sit in on developer session on how to best make use of OpenGL in BlackBerry devices. During that session one of the games demoed was PBA Bowling 2. Just a little over a month later, we now have a finalized version for the BlackBerry Storm2. Since PBA Bowling 2 makes us of the OpenGL graphics engine it looks great on the Storm2's screen and also makes great use of the accelerometer. Right now you can grab PBA Bowling 2 for only $2.99. That's 40% off until January 4th folks. If you download it, let us know in the comments what you think of it in comparison to other BlackBerry games that are not using OpenGL.

All of Concrete Softwares other games are on sale for 40% through January 4th as well. You can choose from greats like Sid Meier's Pirates, Aces Mahjong, Aces Blackjack and more. Check out the full Concrete Software lineup in the CrackBerry App Store

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CrackBerry Reminder: What You May Have Missed This Week

buzzd Updated - Integrates Facebook, Twitter and More

buzzd is an application bringing you info on people, places, and events that are "buzzin" near you.  The application was recently updated across all platforms to include many new features.  Along with its core features buzzd has now added Facebook and Twitter integration, allowing you to post a buzz from your location/event that will seamlessly update your statuses.  You can also now add a thumbs up/down to a venue, letting your friends know whether they should attend or not waste their time.  The feed section will show you who has posted buzz's near, you, allow you to view their rating of the venue, and access their profile to add them as a friend if you so choose.  With this update adding/inviting your friends is now a breeze.  Simply click "invite friend" and send them an email or text message to their phone.  The app is optimized for most major cities but I have found that it works very well in a tiny town like my own.  buzzd is available for all devices and can be found on the buzzd website as well as BlackBerry App World free of charge.

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