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Corey just sent me an email to let me know that 3 of his best selling themes are now available for the Bold 9700. BB OSX, Droid 2.0 and Docked have all been updated to be compatible with the latest device. If you're looking to spruce up your new 9700 with some great themes, these are definitely worth checking out. They all are totally custom from top to bottom, including banners, meters, icons...

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Backcountry Ski for BlackBerry Storm2 with Open GL

At the BlackBerry Developers Conference we got a first look at the new Open GL ES support for BlackBerry. We saw some very cool demos, and have some amazing apps and games to look forward to.  Backcountry Ski looks to be one of the first games to take advantage of Open GL on the BlackBerry Storm2. The game lets you ski in open environments on 1 of 24 different trails. There are long and short...

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Gym Technik for BlackBerry Storm Coming Soon

A few weeks back we saw the preveiw release of Gym Technik NextGen. The app gives you complete control for tracking your gym workouts, training and all your stats. This is a huge step up from the original web and mobile apps, and is a must have for anyone that needs a great way to track gym use. The app is currently available for most trackball devices, and Gym Technik has announced that a...

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You may or may not have seen the Pay It Forward thread in the CrackBerry forums. The idea behind it is that members offer up BlackBerry items (devices, accessories etc.) to those in need. All they ask in return is that you offer up something for someone else as well. The premise is simple, and the thread has taken off since its creation. Well our very own naviwilliams wanted to get in on...

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Rain Theme by Bingtastic Themes - 50 Free Copies

Rain is a very nice, totally custom theme by Bingtastic Themes. It features 60 custom rain drop style icons which are complimented by matching battery and signal meters. The menus and message list are skinned to match as well. Overall the customization and screens really mesh well together. The theme runs very smooth and is available in Zen, Today, and Weather. If your running OS 5.0 you...

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BlackBerry Apps that make you go Hmmmm

Yes, the title almost sounds like a song by C & C Music Factory. I had to put a twist on the title though, as this is about applications that you wouldn’t think were out there. If I could have borrowed another quote, I would have said “There’s an app for that? Are you freaking kidding me?!” Check out BlackBerry App World, CrackBerry App Store and others and you will find the most obscure...

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MiniPaint Beta- Have Some Fun With Your Pictures!

Looking to have a little fun with the photos on your BlackBerry smartphone? Josep over at MiBlackBerry pointed out a cool new beta application that may interest some of you out there. MiniPaint allows for on device editing of your photos to assist in creating some funny results, as seen above. You can add clipart, text and even resize the photos all from your device. The application being beta...

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BlackBerry Bold 9700 Now Available From AT&T!

Go get it folks! The BlackBerry Bold 9700 is now up on the AT&T website, right on schedule. Pricing details were previously known but for as a reminder the break down is as follows: No contract – $449.99 2 Year Contract -$299.99 reduced w/MIR to $199.99 AT&T now requires you to have a data plan with the device purchase so keep that in mind folks, as that is at least another $30....

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Just a few contests this week, but still some great apps. We have offerings of Stop Turning!, MeterBerry and Leave It On, as well as some unlock codes from CellUnlock. If you haven't entered yet, you still have a few hours to get in on the fun. Just head over to the original contest posts and leave a comment. Thanks as always to the generous developers and retailers who make our contests...

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With the BlackBerry Developers Conference now in the history books, the next big event for Research In Motion is the EMEA Alliance Summit 2009, which is to be held in Rome, Italy on November 25th - 27th. The Alliance Summit is set up in order for Alliance members to meet up and learn about the new tools and innovations coming from Research In Motion and give insight into where technology is...

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Sentient- New Premium Theme From Elecite!

Elecite has got an interesting new theme available. Sentient, looking like BumbleBee from Transformers is another from their cyborg series of themes. 6 user customizable icons take front stage to help get this one started and customized icons behind the "shield" keep the flow of the theme going nicely. If you wanna see Sentient in action, be sure to check out the video here. Sentient is...

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SmartSig Gives Your More Control Over Email Signatures

I just checked out SmartSig and I have to say it is very cool. One of my long running gripes with BIS email signatures is that they show up at the very bottom of an email, after all the text in the email - even reply or quoted text. With SmartSig you can change that and have your signatures show up right where they belong. The app lets you choose custom signatures for email and SMS, and you...

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AT&T Curve 8520 Dummy Units Arriving In Stores

  It looks like the AT&T branded Curve 8520 dummy units have started to arrive in some stores. The new device is ready for AT&T and was stated to be arriving "in the coming weeks", but no exact date just yet. We've seen this in the past over and over with dummy units and accessories popping up just a few days before the actual device is released. So if you've been waiting on this one,...

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As more and more BlackBerry lovers are getting their hands onto the BlackBerry Bold 9700 it's time for us to go ahead and have a contest for you all. We've teamed up with CellUnlock once again to bring you all 100 free unlock codes for ANY BlackBerry Bold 9700 carrier. In addition to the 100 free codes, CellUnlock will give away 100 more additional unlock codes if we can help them break 1,...

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Stop Turning! Locks Your Storm Screen Orientation - 50 Free Copies

Sick of your Storm's screen rotating when you don't want it to? Would you just like to keep it in landscape or portrait mode? Well Epic Applications has the solution for you. Stop Turning! does just what its name implies - it stops your screen from rotating when you don't want it to. Simply hit the menu key and select Stop Turning! to lock your device's screen into its current orientation...

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Beejive IM Beta 1.9.7 for OS 5.0 Devices

Beejive has released a new beta of their all-in-one IM client. Beta 1.9.7 is geared toward OS 5.0 users, and has a bunch of updated features. Beejive was kind of shaky on some 5.0 builds, so the new beta hopes to get closer to a fully working version. Features include: file transfers via link, you can now transfer files to buddies on all IM accounts. email push when app running in...

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In my hunting for a new theme for my 9700 last night I came across Liquid Chrome. Liquid Chrome is one of the new theme builder 5.0 themes that are now starting to show up, practically on a hourly basis in the theme shop. While I'm not typically a fan of yellow, the transitions in Liquid chrome caught my eye enough to give it a shot and I have to say I don't mind yellow so much any more. The...

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I Love My BlackBerry Contest - Thank You Sponsors!

Our I Love My BlackBerry Contest was a HUGE success. Thanks to all those who entered. You should have received an email about your prizes (if not contact sitesupport(at) We just have to give a shout to all of our sponsors for providing awesome prizes for the contest - we couldn't have done it without them. Big thanks to Schlage, Slacker, ShaoSoft, Dreamtheme, Coveroo, SmrtGuard...

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Get Your Hockey Updates Quickly with Hockey Scores

*UPDATE* - Appears only devices 4.6 OS and up are supported, sorry folks! - Read more This one is for the Hockey fans out there that just want quick update access to all the NHL hockey scores. Hockey Scores is a small app that does just that and nothing more. In your hand and up to the minute scores from the NHL every time you open that app. Lightweight and fast, Hockey Scores is currently...

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