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BlackBerry partners with Slack for BlackBerry UEM integration

As BlackBerry continues to expand their enterprise of things platform, they've been growing their partnerships as well to help with that. One of their latest partnerships, announced via the Inside BlackBerry blog, sees them team up with Slack for BlackBerry UEM integration through AppConfig.

To help better-enable developers, we joined the AppConfig Community earlier this year as an EMM member. Established in 2016, AppConfig simplifies deployment and adoption by establishing a common, native approach to development. By using AppConfig, development teams can create configuration policies for applications that work consistently no matter what platform they're on.

Through our membership in AppConfig, BlackBerry has formed partnerships with promising developers and organizations. Our most recent is with Slack, the powerful workplace collaboration platform. Through AppConfig, we've integrated BlackBerry UEM with Slack, supporting the launch of the app's mobility management offering.

Integrating BlackBerry UEM with Slack through AppConfig will allow our clients to deploy and manage it alongside our Dynamics-secured apps, including BlackBerry Work, 80+ ISV apps, and 4,000+ custom apps developed through our SDKs. As a recognized leader in mobile application management, BlackBerry's security expertise ensures you can equip your employees with everything they need to stay connected and productive – without worrying about compromising your data.

If you're looking to learn more about how Slack can integrate with Enterprise Mobility Management, they have a rather broad technical layout that provides more information right here. You can also check out the full post over at the Inside BlackBerry blog.

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BlackBerry Mobile has something special to announce at IFA according to new teaser

As we know from the lead up to the BlackBerry KEYone, BlackBerry Mobile likes to drop a few teases here and there before they fully unveil something and according to a new teaser put out across their social channels, they'll have something special to announce during IFA in Berlin on September 1-6.

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This $14 Bluetooth speaker is a great addition to any shower

Our friends at Thrifter are back again, this time with a great deal on a highly-rated Bluetooth speaker.

Right now you can grab VicTsing's Bluetooth shower speaker for just $13.99 with coupon code FYYLBKB5, a savings of $5. This speaker is a great option for anyone looking for something durable and waterproof thanks to its silicon casing that allows it to be shock, dust, and waterproof.

Featuring a built-in mic, you could use it for phone calls as well as music playback, making it even more versatile. Inside it has a 5W speaker for nice loud sound quality, and with more than 5,600 reviews at Amazon, it maintains a 4.2-star rating!

Odds are this price won't last very long, so if you are looking for an affordable Bluetooth speaker that both looks great and is waterproof, act quick!

See at Amazon

More from Thrifter

For more great deals be sure to check out our friends at Thrifter now!

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1000 free copies of SMS To Email Pro available for BlackBerry 10 from Runisoft

If you're looking to back up your SMS and MMS messages on BlackBerry 10, there's no better way than offloading to a secondary location. One app that can accomplish that for you is Runisofts SMS To Email Pro. Using SMS To Email Pro, which allows you to send your SMS and MMS messages automatically to any number of email addresses, and easily back them up or read them from your desktop email client. Right now, until August 31, you can snag a free copy for yourself.

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BlackBerry KEYone limited edition black now available in India!

Right on time. As announced by Optiemus last week at their launch event in New Delhi, the BlackBerry KEYone limited edition black is now available exclusively from Amazon India. BlackBerry customers looking to get their hands on the limited edition black variant of the KEYone can place their order directly through Amazon for Rs. 39,990.00. Additionally, special offers are in place for American Express Card Members and those who sign up with Vodafone will get up to get up to 75GB additional data for 3 months.

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Magnetically mount your phone with this $4 Aukey car mount

Our friends at Thrifter are back again, this time with a killer deal on Aukey's magnetic car mount!

The Aukey Car Mount is currently on sale at Amazon for only $3.87 in gray or $4.05 in black when you enter promo code AUKEYHD8 during checkout. This saves you $5 off this item's average price.

Many car mounts tend to be bulky in one way or another, some can even obstruct your view while driving. Aukey's car mount fits neither of those descriptions and is actually hardly noticeable. About double the size of a quarter, this mount clips into your air vent and doesn't obstruct anything except a bit of air flow.

Instead of holding your phone conventionally, two metal plates are included so you can attach the appropriate one to the back of your phone and then have it magnetically hold to the mount whenever you wish. The mount has a soft rubber padding to ensure that it doesn't scratch your phone.

See at Amazon

More from Thrifter

For more great deals be sure to check out our friends at Thrifter now!

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BlackBerry KEYone arrives in South Africa August 8

As the roll out of the BlackBerry KEYone continues, BlackBerry Mobile has now announced that South Africa is next on the list of availability. Those looking to get their hands on KEYone in South Africa can do so beginning on August 8.

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CrackBerry Podcast: Limited Edition Black

On this episode, we dig into the BlackBerry KEYone limited edition black news, discuss the BlackBerry Aurora, dual-SIM slot uses and more!

With the BlackBerry KEYone limited edition black now announced, we figured we should fire up a podcast to discuss the latest variation of the BlackBerry KEYone and how it falls into BlackBerry's licensing deals. Also on this podcast, we dig into some BlackBerry Aurora and share some thoughts on that device as well. We kept things simple and straight to the point, so settle in for the next 45 minutes and get yourself caught up! We'll get the audio posted as soon as possible for those who prefer to tune in that way instead of video.

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You can now pre-order a special edition gold plated BlackBerry KEYone from Axiom

Sure, the Limited Edition Black KEYone announced for India is cool, but if you're looking for a KEYone that's a little more bespoke, Axiom might have what you're looking for. Right now, the retailer is taking pre-orders for their own special edition gold plated BlackBerry KEYone.

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BlackBerry Productivity Tab update brings back the dedicated Tasks tab!

Sometimes when you make a change in an app it's really good and everyone loves it. Other times, it doesn't work out that way and you have to consider possibly reverting some of the changes. The latter is what happened with the BlackBerry Productivity Tab and the latest update aims to make things right after the Tasks tab was uncermonioulsy moved to the bottom of the calendar view.

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Check out the first videos of the special edition BlackBerry KEYone!

It's limited and special and black and totally HOT!

In case you missed it, a new version of the BlackBerry KEYone has been revealed — but you won't be able to get your hands on it just yet. It's a limited edition all-black version of the KEYone, or as it's officially known, the Limited Edition KEYone Mercury Black Device by BlackBerry made by Optiemus Infracom. As the name would lead you to believe, it's the BlackBerry KEYone only it's totally blacked out — and it looks amazing. But the fun doesn't stop there.

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Learn to code with Python for only $44

Just about everything relies on some type of code nowadays. Cars are computerized; we use computers all day long, and we're glued to our smartphones from sunup to sundown. Python is a major coding language for apps and it's an excellent tool if you're wanting to enter the field of software development, especially if you want to build apps for a living.

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But you can't just learn to code with Python overnight. You need training, and Python may not be offered at your college of choice. Or, you already have a full-time job and don't have the time to attend classes, day or night. You need online courses and you need to be able to take them at your leisure — even if that means it takes a couple years.

The Python Power Coder Bonus Bundle is a great way for you to get started and to learn to build apps from scratch and learn web programming, as well as other applicable skills that you can use to forge your career as an app developer or programmer. You'll get lifetime access to eight courses, totaling roughly 70 hours of content, and you'll build 17 apps during your studies.

Were you to go anywhere else for these courses, you'd end up paying over $700. But right now through CrackBerry Digital Offers, you'll only pay $44 for the whole bundle. That's eight courses, over 600 lessons, and about 70 hours of content for over 93% off.

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It's a great time to get into the world of app development and programming for the web, but you first need the tools to get a foot in the door. Python is one of the biggest coding languages when it comes to apps and learning to use it and use it well is an invaluable asset right now. But don't pay over $700 for courses. Get the Python Power Coder Bonus Bundle for only $44 through CrackBerry Digital Offers.

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MrMobile goes hands-on with the BlackBerry KEYone Special Edition

Normally, a new color option and a minor spec bump aren't newsworthy enough for a hands-on video. But the BlackBerry KEYone Special Edition (or, if you want to be all official about things, the "Limited Edition KEYone Mercury Black Device by BlackBerry made by Optiemus Infracom") is noteworthy for more than a new paint job. For one thing, the special-edition KEYone improves on the base model in RAM and internal storage, two areas it was especially lacking. And for another, it's assembled by an entirely different company.

Of course, there's more to the story, so click on through for MrMobile's BlackBerry KEYone Special Edition hands-on ... and be sure to check out all the BlackBerry KEYone Black Edition coverage on CrackBerry for all the fine details I missed!

Stay social, my friends

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Understanding the difference between the KEYone from Optiemus in India and the KEYone from BlackBerry Mobile, a business unit of TCL

With the cooperation of TCL, Optiemus is launching the BlackBerry KEYone in India under the BlackBerry Mobile India banner

Today, Optiemus Infracom Limited announced they are launching the BlackBerry KEYone in India and will be available as of August 8th as an Amazon India Exclusive. This is awesome news for BlackBerry fans in India, because one of the most frequently asked questions I have received this year is Will the KEYone launch in India?

For many months I wasn't sure if it actually would, for good reason. As we clarified earlier this year, there are currently three companies that BlackBerry has licensed the BlackBerry brand to for the manufacture and sale of BlackBerry Smartphones: TCL Communication, Optiemus Infracom and BB Merah Putih. Optiemus has the rights to BlackBerry in India and BB Merah Putih to Indonesia, while China-based TCL Communication is the main partner globally supporting markets including North America, Europe, the Middle East, China and Latin America.

With TCL owning the hardware design of the BlackBerry KEYone, there was no guarantee that India would get a KEYone as TCL didn't have the rights to launch it in that market. That said, the launch of the KEYone in India by Optiemus shows that BlackBerry's hardware licensee partners can work together if they choose to.

The launch of the KEYone in India by Optiemus shows that BlackBerry's hardware licensee partners can work together if they choose to

In this case, it appears that Optiemus and TCL Communication struck a deal for TCL to supply KEYone components to Optiemus so they could launch the KEYone in India. I don't know the full logistics of how this hardware deal works, but what I can tell you is that the Optiemus BlackBerry KEYone I'm holding feels 100% a KEYone - the design, materials and build quality are of that same premium standard I've come to expect from a KEYone. It looks and feels identical.

[Update: After noticing that the box my Optiemus KEYone arrived in said the device was Made in China and manufactured by TCL and Imported by Optiemus, I reached out to Optiemus for further clarification. They noted that the first lot of Limited Edition Black devices ("just a few devices") was provided to them by TCL but come September the units shipping to customers will be Made in India.]

That said, there are a couple of differences under the hood from the KEYone units I have experienced to date - the Optiemus KEYone is shipping with 4GB of ram and 64GB of storage, the ability to run dual SIM cards and it is also available in a version labeled "Limited Edition Black." I love the look - I'd love to see TCL bring this blacked-out color scheme to their markets as well.

When it comes to the marketing, sales, distribution and support of the KEYone in India, this all being driven by Optiemus (not TCL Communication). Optiemus' marketing is aimed at the local Indian market, and if you buy an Optiemus KEYone, any/all customer support for this phone will be handled by Optiemus ( You can also find them on twitter at @bbmobileindia and on Facebook.

When it comes to the marketing, sales, distribution and support of the KEYone in India, this all being driven by Optiemus (not TCL Communication)

I think it's also important to note that while Optiemus is launching the KEYone, I don't think this means we can nor should expect all of the BlackBerry hardware licensees to always work together in this fashion. Just as BB Merah Putih launched the BlackBerry Aurora all-touch phone in Indonesia, I'd expect to see Optiemus to launch some BlackBerry phones of their own design. And I wouldn't expect all future TCL-built BlackBerry models to be available from Optiemus.

I think reception to the KEYone globally has been so fantastic that for this particular phone both parties wanted to make the roll out of KEYone in India happen.

Bottomline, the KEYone is coming to India and if you live there and buy a BlackBerry KEYone from Optiemus, you should expect the same awesome device experience that so many other KEYone owners have been enjoying.

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Optiemus launches the BlackBerry KEYone limited edition black in India

After plenty of rumors and speculation, Optiemus has now launched the BlackBerry KEYone limited edition black in India. Unveiled at an event in New Delhi, the BlackBerry KEYone limited edition black will be available exclusively from Amazon India and be made available starting on August 8 with pricing set at Rs. 39,990. Additionally, special offers are in place for American Express Card Members and those who sign up with Vodafone will get up to get up to 75GB additional data for 3 months.

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Your Ready Business: BlackBerry is back and the KEYone is ready for business

With the BlackBerry KEYone now available from Vodafone, the folks at Your Ready Business recently sat down with Logan Bell, Senior Product Manager BlackBerry Mobile, TCL Communication, to discuss the Android-powered Smartphone and why it's designed for businesses.

"The business person's friend is back." BlackBerry has always held a special place in the hearts of people who do business. The functionality, the security features, and slick design made it the obvious choice for anyone who wanted to work harder, stay safer and make the right impression.

Well, the phones you knew and loved are gone, replaced by something bigger, brighter and bolder, but still retaining the iconic BlackBerry features you know and love. That's right; the keyboard is back.

There have been a lot of changes though, including the biggest battery on a BlackBerry phone… ever. So, you get 26 hours of mixed use – watching videos, calls, emails – it's an all day battery. It's ideal for remote workers who are always on the go. If you've ever been in a situation where your battery is dying, and you can't find a plug for a quick charge, then you'll definitely appreciate it. And assuming you do manage to drain the battery, the Qualcomm Quick charge 3.0 feature charges the KEYOne up to 50% in just 36 minutes.

The full blog post (and video) cover a lot of the features most CrackBerry readers already know about the KEYone but in case you're not familiar or are looking for more info about the KEYone, you'll want to hit play and read the post.

Read the full post at Your Ready Business

See the BlackBerry KEYone at Vodafone UK

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BlackBerry KEYone looks all set to launch in India soon

Over the past few weeks, rumors and speculation surrounding the BlackBerry KEYone coming to India have been plentiful but it's looking now as though an official announcement is coming soon. The BlackBerry Mobile India Twitter and Instagram accounts have lit up with new teases, a new YouTube channel has been created and BlackBerry's own Alex Thurber has been busy packing for a trip to India.

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Every BlackBerry fan should have one of these patent posters

While scrolling through our CrackBerry Slack channel this morning, I happened to notice Adam had dropped a link to what appeared to be a patent site seemingly showing off a BlackBerry patent. To my surprise, it wasn't really a patent site at all but rather a shop, called Retro Patents, where you could buy prints of patents to be used as posters. The one he had linked to was the very first BlackBerry patent.

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BlackBerry KEYone now available at Sprint retail locations

As the first U.S. carrier to release the BlackBerry KEYone, Sprint started off their sales by making the device available online and through direct ship but now Sprint retail locations have begun sales as well. If you're a Sprint customer looking to pick up the KEYone you can swing by a Sprint retail location and walk out with a brand new KEYone of your very own.

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Unlocked BlackBerry KEYone now available in Canada from Walmart

Users are reporting that DTEK60 devices were being shipped rather than KEYone units due to what looks like a UPC listing error on Walmarts end. BlackBerry Mobile's last update made clear that KEYone would be available unlocked in Canada later this summer. There is a new listing on Walmart CA that has KEYone at $729 and is currently out of stock... Developing.

When the BlackBerry KEYone was initially announced as coming in an unlocked version in Canada, BlackBerry Mobile planned to have the device available starting in June but that release eventually got pushed to 'later this summer' due carrier partner demand. It's now later this summer, and Walmart has begun selling the KEYone unlocked in Canada.

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