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Traffic - Images of the new RIM built application appear online

For some folks who are making use of the BlackBerry Beta Zone, you can now download a new Research In Motion designed application called Traffic if you are eligible. Pics of the application leaked out shortly after the announcement, as you can see above. Traffic is an app which helps you determine a few things while you are driving. One of them being when exactly you will reach your destination, sharing your location with others and your ETA and it also helps you find things that may be near by. Need to find a restaurant or gas station? Traffic can help. Or if you just simply need a map routed out for you, Traffic can do that as well.

The funny thing about this new application is that well, it's not really all that new. If you are a person who often sorts through OS files on your PC you may have noticed the files for adding traffic have been there for quite some time. Which, could very well explain the looks of the app. It looks kind of dated and we hope that it will see a slight revamp before its release. For the sake of comparison, Traffic is similar to that of Telenavs OnMyWay application in some ways. What does everyone think? Is Traffic something you would use? More pics available after the jump. You can also read more in the forums, where this was posted.

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Get to know the CrackBerry Idol competitors - watch their audition videos! (part 5)

We're back with our final preview (see parts 1, 2, 3 and 4) of the contestants competing in Round 1 of CrackBerry Idol. The CrackBerry Idol winner will become a regular contributor to the CrackBerry blogs, so among the audition vids you'll be witnessing a future CB blogger. Who that person is will be up to the community to decide, so be sure to watch all of the audition videos so when it comes to the competition rounds (app review, case review, accessory review, device review) you'll know who each competitor is.

Next up we have Josh, Dan, Alex, Alicia and Matthew. Each of them is ready and more than willing to be the next CrackBerry Idol, and they each have some compelling arguments as to why they are the ideal candidate for the position (or in the case of Alex it was the singing talent in his American Idol-styled audition that caught the judges attention). Watch their awesome audition videos below and be sure to leave some shoutouts of encouragement in the comments - the road to becoming the CB Idol is paved with hard work! Keep in mind the community judging starts with the app reviews (not the audition vids), so please keep your comments relevant and constructive.

Let the CrackBerry Idol competition begin! With all the audition videos now behind us, next week begins the start of the CrackBerry competition rounds.We'll bring 2-3 BlackBerry App reviews to the blogs each week. Stay tuned!

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CrackBerry Guide to BlackBerry Golf Apps

Turn your BlackBerry into a virtual caddy with these great apps for Golf!

Summer is here and you’ve been itching to get out and golf. Grab your clubs and kiss the family goodbye, it’s time to hit the links. CrackBerry Kevin started golfing again this year after taking a decade off and is now a born again golf junkie (I have it in writing); CrackBerry James is so fanatical about golf he runs a dedicated site to the sport (; and our own CrackBerry Obi who you all know well is a golf professional by trade when he's not dropping posts on CB. And me? Well, I used to be king of the mini-putt back in the day (or at least that’s what I told myself). Regardless of the game, I’m a firm believer that BlackBerrys and Golfing go hand in hand. We’ve all seen the company golf tournaments being played; employees making sure the boss wins. Rather than using your BlackBerry to keep in contact with those not on the green, why not use it to help you on the green as well?

What we have here is the CrackBerry guide to golfing with your BlackBerry; where you can find some of the best BlackBerry golfing applications available. Some are designed to keep score; others are designed to help drop your score. So before you tee off, make sure your BlackBerry is ready to challenge your Caddy. Fore!

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Crack a cold one as ScoreMobile and Budweiser unleash the Bar Finder addon

Canadian sports nuts are going to love this. The King of Beers and Score Media have announced a fantastic add-on to the already amazing free mobile sports app- The Score Mobile with Bar Finder. Score Mobile is a leading mobile provider of sports scores, previews, stories and player stats. Its many personalization options make it the ultimate source for sports fans. With the newest addition of Bar Finder, users are provided information on where to go to watch the game and have a pint or two. The features include:

  • Robust television listings for live sporting events on all major TV networks
  • Maps and distances to local bars across Canada where the games are available for viewing
  • Highlighted bars participating in seasonal promotions

There’s nothing like getting together with your friends to watch the game; a few laughs, few wings, a few fights and even a few goals. Now you guys can decide where to go to catch all of the action, regardless if it’s the CFL, NHL or whatever your game may be. If you don’t have a favourite pub that you frequent, then this is definitely going to come in handy.

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NeatCall for BlackBerry Smartphones manages conferencing and scheduling conflicts

If you’re out in the field closing important business deals or meeting with clients, it’s sometimes difficult to check in regularly with your team. Conflicting schedules and last minute meetings all contribute to lack of communication.

NeatCall mobile scheduler helps users fit in these tough to plan times. Whether it is an in-person meeting, a conference call, one-on-one call or even an IM conversation, NeatCall will help you quickly schedule. Synchronizing to your native Calendar and Address Book, you can choose who you want to meet with and produce up to three different times. Invites/requests are then sent to your specific contacts, where they can pick the time that works for them. NeatCall will compile the results and suggest the best time. Features of NeatCall include:

  • Scheduling all online and offline communications through one application.
  • Offering several time slots and automatically selecting the optimal one.
  • Unlimited events and unlimited number of invitees!
  • Multi messaging – you decide how to send invitations to your colleagues, by EMAIL, simple SMS, or WAP link.
  • Analyzing the responses content of all messaging formats.
  • Speed Mode Reply mechanism – picking optimal time slots in seconds.
  • Four different scheduling situations: “Full Match” if all users pick the same time slot, “Best Match” if one time slot is picked by most invitees, “Equal Match” if there are more than two equal time slots and “No Match” when there is no selected time slot so you can offer new time slots.

Now you can spend less time trying to plan the meeting and more time actually planning IN the meeting. The NeatCall BlackBerry app is free and is available from the CrackBerry App Store for both touch and non-touch screen BlackBerrys.

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BMW ConnectedDrive integration for BlackBerry available in vehicles later this year

BMW has announced that they will be making their ConnectedDrive with BlackBerry integration available starting this fall. The service from BMW is the first of its kind and will allow users to receive email messages in vehicles via Bluetooth from their BlackBerry with the Pearl 3G will be the first supported device. The emails can be displayed on the iDrive control panel and even read aloud through the vehicles speakers. Users can also transfer tasks, calendar entries, text messages and more from the device for display on the control panel in the vehicle. As if that weren't enough, you will also be able to control the media player on your device via the iDrive system. This will be available to all BMW's fitted with a navigation system and will be offered in Europe and North America. Full press release after the break. Thanks to Eric for sending this in.

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Get to know the CrackBerry Idol competitors - watch their audition videos! (part 4)

We're back with our fourth preview (see parts 1, 2 and 3) of five more of the contestants competing in Round 1 of CrackBerry Idol. The CrackBerry Idol winner will become a regular contributor to the CrackBerry blogs, so among the audition vids you'll be witnessing a future CB blogger. Who that person is will be up to the community to decide, so be sure to watch all of the audition videos so when it comes to the competition rounds (app review, case review, accessory review, device review) you'll know who each competitor is.

Next up we have Aloha Joe, Tim, Earl, Kerri and Manav. Each of them is ready and more than willing to be the next CrackBerry Idol, and they each have some compelling arguments as to why they are the ideal candidate for the position. Watch their awesome audition videos below and be sure to leave some shoutouts of encouragement in the comments - the road to becoming the CB Idol is paved with hard work! Keep in mind the community judging starts with the app reviews (not the audition vids), so please keep your comments relevant and constructive.

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BlackBerry 9670 headed to US Cellular 'later this year'?

It's not often that we have news from US Cellular on back-to-back days, but this one we just couldn't pass up. In what appeared to just be a press release announcing some Android devices, a paragraph about the Bold 9650 release caught my eye.

The carrier will release the BlackBerry Bold in early August and later this year it will offer a BlackBerry flip smartphone with a full QWERTY keyboard. U.S. Cellular is also releasing new touch screen devices like the LG Banter Touch featuring a 3-inch touch display and side-sliding QWERTY keyboard. 

If you check out the second part of the sentence, the reference to the "BlackBerry flip smartphone with a full QWERTY keyboard" can only be referring to our good friend the BlackBerry 9670 (unless there is yet another full-QWERTY flip in the works that we have yet to hear of). What does this mean? Well most likely that Verizon will land the little guy first and US Cellular will (as always) follow in their footsteps a few months behind. So if you do the math, the 9670 should be released somewhere in the next few months... hopefully sooner than later. Check out the full release below.

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RIM announces 1st quarter earning; Investors call takeaway: BlackBerry 6 before the end of September

Research in Motion announced their Q1 2011 results today, which you can read in the press release below. While the numbers are still pretty darn impressive, the stock did take a small hit in after-hours trading for missing the street's expectations slightly. Listening in to the investors call, it definitely seemed that at least part of the blame here was the timing of the BlackBerry Bold 9650 and Pearl 3G rollouts, which happened a little later than RIM was initially planning (nothing out of the norm by the sounds of it - just testing and approvals that took a little longer than planned).

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AT&T BlackBerry 9800 Slider bares it all for the camera

The BlackBerry Slider/Torch 9800 has been pictured plenty of times now, but today it finally let it all out and showed off once again. The latest round of photos snag pretty much every imaginable angle of the device leaving nothing to the imagination. From here on out there really isn't anything on it we haven't seen, although we still don't know for sure just what it will be called or even when it will be released. It's kickin' it on AT&T and running BlackBerry 6, and even though we got our fill on video already, it's never a bad thing to see some more. Plenty of photos over at Engadget to feed your appetite. 

Source: Engadget

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New BlackBerry Theme Studio available with support for Pearl 3G and Bold 9650

We asked complained, they listened. Fresh out of the frying pan comes the latest BlackBerry Theme Studio. What should have popped up long before the new devices were even released has finally made its way to developers. The latest version adds support for both the Pearl 3G and Bold 9650 and is ready to roll. The newness comes in the form of a service pack (add-on) that adds onto the original theme builder - so download, install and get to theming. You an grab it free from the link below.

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Are you a Documents To Go user? We need your help! 5 $50 Shop CrackBerry gift certificates to be won

The good folks at DataViz are seeking some feedback regarding their popular Documents To Go for BlackBerry. The software comes pre-installed on most newer devices and is really beneficial when viewing Office documents from your device on the go. Both casual and business users have found a multitude of uses for Documents To Go, and DataViz wants to know all about it. 

What we need from you: If you're a full-time Documents To Go user, DataViz needs your feedback regarding how you use it in both personal and business environments. Leave a comment on this post with your experiences - how you use Documents To Go, how the software helps you, how it has helped you in the clutch, what you find best about it. We'll be picking 5 winners who best describe how they use the applications in either their business or personal life (or both!). Keep in mind we're going for quality on the comments for this one. Also, your comments may be used in future marketing materials, so keep in mind anything you say may be public forever. The 5 chosen winners will each reveive a $50 gift certificate that is good for accessories at Please only leave a single comment, contest ends Sunday at midnight PST. 

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VQ Mileage Tracker for BlackBerry updated to v3.2 with great new features

After some great customer feedback, VQ Mileage Tracker has been updated with some cool new features that make it even better. The handy app automatically tracks your mileage every time you drive so you don't need to keep track of things manually when on the road. VQ Mileage Tracker gives you the total miles, address you drove to and date/time for each trip. New features in v 3.2 include:

  • Auto-Report Generation: Users can set VQ Mileage Tracker to automatically email them weekly, monthly or quarterly Mileage Report spreadsheets
  • Track to nearest tenth of mile/km: Users can track to the nearest tenth of a mile/km or to the nearest mile/km (feature added based on numerous user requests
  • Time Tracker: In addition to reporting start and end address and distance travelled, VQ Mileage Tracker now also reports trip duration in hours and minutes so users can more accurately track time spent driving for business
  • Advanced Address Capture: VQ Mileage Tracker can now even capture the address user parked at when they park underground.

The latest version is available in the CrackBerry App Store and sells regularly for $19.99. To coincide with the release of the new version, you can grab it for just $9.99 through June 30th.

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BlackBerry Shield images and features leaked

We have heard bits and pieces about the upcoming BlackBerry Shield, but nothing very solid as of yet. Today dropped a few images as well as some features to be included. The service will be free for BIS users and is said to be entering the testing phase "soon". Features look to include:

  • Remote Device Wipe - Users will be able to remove all data from the device and memory card remotely
  • Display 'Lost & Found' -  Information to display on screen should the device be lost or stolen
  • Remote Password - Ability to remotely set a password for the device
  • Device Tracking - Remotely track your device via GPS 
  • Remote Backup - Backup/restore of the device data

Both the web interface (above) and mobile interface (after the jump) look very user friendly. Certainly there will be a few more features thrown into the mix, but this is definitely a good start. Still no official word on when this will pop up in either beta or public form, but from the looks of things it shouldn't be too much longer (in RIM time anyway). More pics after the break.


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CrackBerry guide to mobile banking on your BlackBerry Smartphone: Part 2

Welcome to part two of the CrackBerry Guide to Banking on your BlackBerry. I hope you enjoyed the first installment, in which we took a look at Bank apps and launchers. In part two, we will be rounding up applications and presenting you with the best of the third party banking and finance tracking applications. Some applications can provide access to your account, just as the mobile site for your financial institution. Others, which have little or no access, can still assist you in tracking how your money travels into and out of your bank account.

If you prefer standing in line, waiting for a bank teller, then read no further. If you yearn to keep your bank account accessibility as mobile as your wallet, then take a look at these applications. Whether you feel confident about mobile access to your account or not, your BlackBerry has you covered.

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Bitbop for BlackBerry - No longer in beta and ready to rock

We covered the beta of Bitbop not too long and now, glad to say that it has passed it's beta testing phase and moved into a full on roll out of services. Bitbop brings a lot to the table for US customers who are looking for great media content on the go. Headed up by the folks at Fox Mobile, the wide array of streaming content is something a lot of users having been asking of big media for a while now. Shows such as 30 Rock, American Dad and Family Guy are all available to view as well as many others from Global partners which Fox has teamed up with.

With the service now out of beta Bitbop has had to put a price tag on their offerings which, has turned out to not be that bad at all. A free trial is available to BlackBerry users wherein after the trial a subscription model has been established for $9.99/mnth which allows for unlimited streaming and temporary downloads. Full press release is available after the jump.

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Learn to type better on your BlackBerry with TyperLearn

So you think you can type? Well, so did I, until I got an email from Fabian with his latest application, TyperLearn. While downloading I was thinking to myself, "I got this, I've been typing on these things for years." Well, wow was I wrong. TyperLearn is a rather simplistic style application with a nice straight forward user interface, but overall it is extremely helpful. After completing lessons you will be presented with your words per minute per lesson as well as your overall average speed for all completed lessons.

Within the application you will find lessons you have to complete, each of them geared towards learning a different part of the keyboard. You will start with the basics, learning your keyboard size, then move on to mastering the left hand, right hand and more which proves to be very helpful. If you are thinking that this application isn't useful to you and that you have already mastered your keyboard, give it a shot and see if you notice the same results after. This is a great way for BlackBerry beginners to easily learn and master the BlackBerry keyboard. TyperLearn is on sale for $4.95 until June 26th.

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Deal of the Day: Storm2 users - get Tank Recon 3D for 50% off!

A few weeks back we first checked out Tank Recon 3D for the BlackBerry Storm2. This awesome game takes advantage of the OpenGL support and shows off some great 3D graphics. Through various game modes you take on different missions in your tank shooting down AT guns, planes and more. Tank Recon 3D sells regularly for $7.99, but it is today's Deal of the Day so you can grab it for just $3.99 (that's 50% off!). Keep in mind this is only for the Storm2 so don't bother trying to get it if you have any other device. Here's to hoping we see more games like this with 3D support come to BlackBerry soon :-)

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Got an iPad you want to tether with your BlackBerry? Maybe this can help

Love it or hate it, the iPad has made waves across the world and judging by the amount of people in the CrackBerry forums that have one, it's safe to say we better start acknowledging some of the stuff out there that is BlackBerry / iPad compatible. Which when you really think about it is quite a bit to cover, really. Everything from making use of accessories that work with iPad and BlackBerry right down to sending documents from your BlackBerry to your iPad.

We'll be sure not to go too iPad overboard here on CrackBerry but one interesting thing that popped up in the forums was a method where you can actually tether your BlackBerry to your WiFi-enabled iPad if it's been jail broke. Now, to say this is a perfectly working solution would be a lie. I personally never got it to work for any great amount of time but many others in the forums have done so with great success.

The process requires you to download a cydia app called iBluever and a BlackBerry application called PDANet. After a few setting adjustments you technically should be up and running using your BlackBerry data plan with your WiFi enabled iPad. That said, you should keep in mind that anytime something is interacting with your carrier data, you could incur extra charges. if you decide to set this up, you do so at your own risk. Thanks to aohus for posting this up for us.

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PayPal for BlackBerry updated - Minor bug fixes included

PayPal for BlackBerry has just been updated. BlackBerry App World recently gave out the notification for users to go ahead and download the update. As noted in the release, it is just simply bug fixes for the application. Personally having used the app since its intial release, I've never really had any issues with it. If you frequent using the PayPal app from your BlackBerry, you'll want to grab the update in case it covers some bugs you may have noticed that I have not. Keep in mind it may not as of yet have filtered all the way through BlackBerry App World, so if it's not showing yet, just check back later. Oddly though BlackBerry App World online shows .309. Might just be an error in the listing but I'm not certain. When the download is done, it does show as .301

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