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Contest: Win an Unlocked BlackBerry Torch 9800 from! Winner to be announced this Thursday!!

For your chance to win a BlackBerry Torch 9800, simply login to and leave a comment to this blog post!

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The BlackBerry Torch 9800 goes on sale from AT&T this Thursday, August 12th, but one lucky CrackBerry reader won't have to fork out any $$$ to call the latest BlackBerry their own. We're giving one away! For your chance to win an unlocked AT&T BlackBerry Torch 9800, simply login to (you'll have to register if you're not yet a member) and leave a comment to this blog post. And if you're not up to speed yet on what the Torch is all about, be sure to check out our BlackBerry Torch Review and BlackBerry 6 Review. Good luck!

Contest Details: Open worldwide. Please just leave one comment to this post (multiple comments will be ignored). Contest ends this Wednesday, August 11th at midnight PST. We'll announce the winner the morning of August 12th.

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RIM Introduces the BlackBerry Curve 3G Smartphone!

No surprise here considering Rogers in Canada already announced the new BlackBerry Curve last week, but this morning it became official on a Research In Motion level. Like the Pearl 3G, the new BlackBerry Curve will be known as the BlackBerry Curve 3G. It's the next generation of the 8500 series, which basically remains the same entry level device as the 85xxx, but now has 3G. Also, while the device is shipping with BlackBerry OS 5.0 to start, it is labeled at 6 ready. That's a nice suprise that I wasn't totally expecting. So it looks like you'll be able to stick with 5 or upgrade to BlackBerry 6 on the Curve 3G as you see fit. We've seen the Curve 85xx series be extremely successful in the marketplace, and this one looks like a nice little followup that should do big sales for RIM. Stay tuned for more details - we'll have a full BlackBerry Curve 3G review up soon.

Press Release

RIM Introduces the New BlackBerry Curve 3G Smartphone

New addition to the globally popular BlackBerry Curve series is fast, easy-to-use, richly-featured and BlackBerry 6 ready

WATERLOO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Aug. 9, 2010) -

Research In Motion (RIM) (NASDAQ:RIMM)(TSX:RIM) today announced the new BlackBerry(R) Curve(TM) 3G, an exciting addition to the globally popular BlackBerry Curve series of smartphones. Designed to provide the growing mass of smartphone purchasers with a distinctly powerful, approachable and affordable choice, the BlackBerry Curve 3G supports high-speed 3G (HSDPA) networks around the world and gives users the exceptional communications features they need to accomplish more than ever, when they're at home, at work and everywhere in-between.

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Best of Smartphone Experts, 8 August 2010

Waterproof BlackBerry case head to head - Aquapac vs. Overboard Waterproof Case

Waterproof BlackBerry case head to head - Aquapac vs. Overboard

[ youtube video link for mobile viewing ]

Today I am reviewing the Aquapac and the OverBoard aquatic cases. Although these two cases are meant to serve the same purpose, these two cases have differences that would make you think otherwise. Let's get to the review!

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CrackBerry reminder: What you may have missed this week - Torch, BlackBerry 6 and more Torch!!

Research In Motion reaches deal in Saudi Arabia?

Sure seems that way according to a report from MSNBC. The agreement, which was advised to MSNBC by a Saudi regulatory official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to discuss the details of the deal with the media, would have Research In Motion installing a BlackBerry server within Saudi Arabia. If this report is in anyway accurate and Research In Motion is installing looking at this as a viable option, it opens the doors for other governments to request the same treatment.

With the United Arab Emirates announcing it will ban BlackBerry services starting in October and Indonesia and India threatening the same action based on their claims the system doesn't allow for control of the data within the network, we could see a lot back and forth happening here between Governments and Research In Motion. While it's still too early to tell how all things will play out, it's quite an interesting topic when you really look into all the parties involved here and their reasonings for such actions.

Source: MSNBC

Via: @zacharye

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BlackBerry charging solution shootout

BlackBerry Charging Solution Shootout

[ youtube video link for mobile viewing ]

Through many years and many BlackBerry devices I have never ventured beyond the factory charger. It has always been a point of frustration that the cable included with the BlackBerry has a straight tip, yet the Micro USB connection is on the side of most devices. This makes it awkward when charging and a few times led to bent pins if the device falls from it's charging perch. There are a number of options available for charging your BlackBerry. Which charger charges the fastest? Does the type of charger make a difference regarding battery life throughout the day? Is the most expensive option the best?

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Middle East issues with BIS causes huge increase in Nimbuzz user base

With the latest news of Saudi Arabia shutting down BIS service to their population, and the other countries threatening to cut off BIS access to devices in their respective countries, I found this little tidbit to be interesting. Tobias from Nimbuzz fired me an email this morning, letting me know that he has seen a massive increase in registrations for the free multi-platform instant messaging client. Over the past week, registrations have gone from a few hundred a week, to 8,000 on Wednesday and a whopping 35,000 new users yesterday alone! Users facing loss of their BBM capabilities are scrambling to find an alternative, and it seems that the number one solution for them is Nimbuzz.

The main thrust of the ban in this region is against the BlackBerry encryption methods, and Nimbuzz runs off a different format, allowing it to remain legal. With other countries in the region threatening the same type of action, it will be very interesting to see what happens in the coming weeks for this company. Rumor has it that UAE, Lebanon, Indonesia, India and China are considering the same measures, and registrations from users in those countries are mirroring that, beginning to climb steadily as their governments continue to move towards their goals.

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BlackBerry App Roundup for August 6th, 2010! Win 1 of 10 copies of Durak and Blaq™ beta winners announced!

After a crazy busy week here at CrackBerry, it's time to head into the weekend and hopefully get a chance to relax a little bit. Personally, I'm feeling a little burnt out from all the news. One might even say I've been "Torched" but alas, weekend will bring good thing. Not a lot of action on the app front this week sadly but, we got a few things together for you all. Blaq™ beta invite winners have been chosen and a new contest this week comes to us from BerryBlow. Leave some comments, you'll be entered to win 1 of 10 available copies of Durak!

Freebies of the Week: Dear Diary, HangMan, BlueMobile

In Case You Missed It: Addidas miCoach, Google Maps 4.4, Dropbox For BlackBerry

New This Week: Neelam, BusAlarm, Cube Field Arcade Game

Cool at BlackBerry App World: The Oracle

Contest: Enter to win 1 of 10 copies of Durak from BerryBlow

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BuddyGuard Pro out of beta with new features - 50 free copies up for grabs!

Thanks to some dedicated developers, we BlackBerry users have a few options to give us secure peace of mind when it comes to our data and devices. Applications such as FindMyPhone will help you locate your misplaced device, or SmrtGuard will give you a whole host of options for tracking and security. Back in December, we covered a new service on the scene, which was in beta testing at the time. A few months and a lot of coding later, we have the updated BuddyGuard Pro v1.0.0.9, which really stacks up nicely against a service like SmrtGuard. It's available for a one time fee of $3.99, rather than a subscription, so thrifty users may want to take a look. Features include:

  • Lock: Remotely locks your phone and displays a contact information screen. Stays locked until you enter your password, even if the phone is rebooted!
  • Alert: Helps you find your phone by playing a loud tone, even if your phone is in a Silent or Vibrate-only profile. Also locks your phone to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Locate: Uses the built-in BlackBerry GPS and sends you a link to the mapped location of your phone.
  • Backup: Remotely backs up your contacts. Use to archive your current contacts, or save them if you need to wipe your phone.
  • List: Emails you a listing of the data on your phone. Allows you to verify what a Wipe will do without actually deleting your data.
  • Wipe: Remotely wipes your BlackBerry to prevent someone from accessing your personal data. Removes Calendar, Contacts, Emails, Phone Logs, Memos, Tasks and Files on your SD Card and in Device Memory.
  • SendPwd: Remotely retrieve your password in case you've forgotten it.
  • Help: Remotely receive a listing of the supported commands.

Contest: We have 50 licenses for BuddyGuard Pro to give away! Just leave a comment on this post to enter. Contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PST. Please only leave one comment, multiple entries won't count.  

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Official: OS released by Vodafone for the BlackBerry Bold 9700

Here we go with an official update for the BlackBerry Bold 9700. This time around, Vodafone has rolled out OS which was previously leaked. If you downloaded the leaked version you already you may pass but, if you were wating for an official realease you can hop on over to the Vodafone site and grab it. If Vodafone is not your carrier be sure to check for the vendor.xml file and delete it before loading.

Source: BBRocks

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BlackBerry Torch promo video shows off some features of BlackBerry 6

[ youtube video link for mobile viewing ]

Rolling right along with all the crazy news on the BlackBerry Torch and BlackBerry 6 we have a new promo video. The video shows off the device and some of the main selling features of BlackBerry 6. Its a pretty good spot and while obviously way too scripted actually shows off some great features (but I'm not sure that things like zooming on photos really needed to be included). In any case, it definitely gets me pumped for next weeks release. Check out the video above and if you haven't yet, read our BlackBerry Torch Review and BlackBerry 6 review.

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BlackBerry Podcasts app soon to be released?!?

It looks as though T-Mobile may have spilled the beans on this one, possibly. It's no secret that Research In Motion has a dedicated podcast app in the works. Of course, that application is directly built into BlackBerry 6 but it is designed to work on other devices as it stands now. A lot of folks have mentioned the concern over it not arriving on other devices but logistically this makes no sense considering it's available for all 5.0 devices as is right now from the BlackBerry Beta Zone.

T-Mobile however, has tossed up a podcasts webpage letting everyone know that a dedicated podcast app is coming soon. On that page they spotlight a BlackBerry Curve 8520 and highlight the BlackBerry offering. This could mean one of two things really. One being that T-Mobile is rolling out their own BlackBerry app or two being, BlackBerry Podcasts will soon leave beta zone and hit the carrier. I really can't see T-Mobile rolling out their own app for this so, I'm guessing that we'll see BlackBerry Podcasts launch soon but I could be totally wrong here. Time will tell I guess. In the meantime, if you need to get you podcast fix in you can download Podtrapper or the dedicated CrackBerry Podcast app today.

Source: BerryReview

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Celebrity Sighting: Arizona Cardinal Larry Fitzgerald uses a white BlackBerry Bold

It's not often that we find celebs using the stlyish white Bold, but Larry Fitzgerald happens to be one. We're not 100% sure if its a 9700 or 9000 (looks more like a 9000) but it's definitely a BlackBerry. This photo was snapped during his teams training came, and while not actually "using" the device, like any true BlackBerry addict it isn't far from his side. Maybe RIM can do another BBM ad featuring NFL players trash talking during football season? Would make for some good laughs at least. Thanks to mossimo21 for sending this in!

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Twinkler Software weekend application sale - All apps 30% through Sunday

As a special mid-summer weekend gift, Twinkler Software is offering 30% all of their apps through this Sunday. Grab one or more for yourself before the weekend is over and get great savings. Choose from:

  • AddOnis - The Swiss-Army Knife of Blackberry Apps
  • WiFi Hero - Controls your WiFi & saves your battery power for when you need it most
  • InstantLog - Backs up your SMS Messages and Call Logs to any IMAP email account
  • AddContactX - Makes adding contacts to your Blackberry as easy as 1-2-3
  • SendX - Sends Texts, Emails, Notes, and more to your Calendar, Task List, or Memopad

All of the apps are discounted in the CrackBerry App Store so no coupon needed. Head over now to get in on the fun before the weekend is out. 

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CrackBerry Podcast: Ending off Torch Week with a Special Edition BlackBerry Torch / BlackBerry 6 Show!

OK, I know some of you are already sick of hearing about the BlackBerry Torch (especially those of you on Verizon!), but it wouldn't be a proper end to BlackBerry Torch week unless we got on skype and recorded up a special edition BlackBerry Torch and BlackBerry 6 podcast.

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Saudi Arabia stops BlackBerry data service for a few hours; RIM stock drops $2.7 billion

As of today Saudi Arabia had officially blocked data service to all BlackBerry devices, but it seems that after only 4 hours service has been restored. Details are still sketchy at the moment, but earlier today it was noted that users were only able to make and receive calls and not use any BlackBerry data service. Due to these events and facing bans in other countries, RIM stock has lost $2.7 billion in just two days. In addition to the ban in Saudi Arabia, this comes with the heat of facing bans in both the UAE and Indonesia. Stocks sank 4.46 percent this past Wednesday closing at $54.24. Just a few weeks ago the news of the bans didn't seem like they would turn out the way they have thus far. As RIM continues to work toward a solution with the nations involved, only time will tell which way things are headed for the future of BlackBerry.

Source: IBN Live/ Yahoo!

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How to Unlock Your BlackBerry 6 Smartphone

[ youtube video link for mobile viewing ]

* Update: Ho humm.. my bad. I'm a bit of a dumbass today! So actually, just realized, I guess this method of unlocking when you have the non-native SIM card present was already in OS 5.0. In 5.0 I've always unlocked my devices without having the non-native SIM, so didn't even realize this was the case.  So basicaly, you're in the same boat between 5 and 6 if you have the foreign SIM you want to use. And it's easy either way.  Click here to see the unlock if you want to do it and don't have the SIM. Good to see it done in BB6 regardless. Carry on. lol *

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AT&T and RIM discuss their collaboration on the new BlackBerry Torch 9800

[ youtube video link for mobile viewing ]

Since the BlackBerry Torch was announced AT&T and Research In Motion have been pushing out videos which help promote the device. The above video has more of a business focus for people out there that are interested. It features Chris Hall, Senior Director of Product Management at AT&T and Carlo Chiarello Vice President GSM/UMTS Business Unit RIM discussing the collaboration efforts between the two companies to bring the device to market.

Honestly, the video is kind of dry with the exception of the glamour shots of the device itself. However, it does give you a sense of just how much influence a carrier can have in the decision making process of final product devices.

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BlackBerry Torch already arriving at AT&T locations?!

We've been hearing from quite a few folks that the BlackBerry Torch is already on hand in some AT&T stores. The above pic from Engadget seals the deal for us though when it comes to confirmation of that. As Engadget noted, this pic is said to of have come from a corporate store. Official launch is set for August 12th but history has shown numerous times that every carrier has reps that will gladly hook you up before official dates if you know how to ask in just the right way. Anyone gonna go strolling about their local AT&T location just to see?

Source: Engadget

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