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Review: QuickBubble for BlackBerry

Take a second and think about how many times you’ve found yourself in the middle of something and you realize your forgot to do something else. The problem is you don’t want to necessarily stop what you’re currently doing either. At best, you want to take a brief moment to pause and complete the remembered job. What do you normally do in this case? Put in as little effort as possible; minimize the impact it has on what you really want to do. The same goes for your BlackBerry; you’re busy catching up on Twitter when you need to create a memo. What do you do?

Floating into the scene is QuickBubble. This bubble wants to make your BlackBerry pop with features that include popup shortcuts to key native tools (email, calendar, etc) and popups for incoming email or text messages. Will QuickBubble offer enough pop to stay on top? Will it only end up getting blown away? Let’s take a look.

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CrackBerry Idol Round 2 Voting Now Open - Vote Now!!

[ youtube video link for mobile viewing ]

**** VOTE NOW!!!! ****

It's time folks! Over the last two weeks you've witnessed ten in-depth BlackBerry accessory reviews from our ten Round 2 competitors in CrackBerry Idol. The judges gave their feedback on each review and now it is in YOUR HANDS to decide which FIVE competitors will continue on to the FINAL round. Below you will find the links to each of the accessory reviews, as well as the CrackBerry Idol voting poll where you can vote for which competitors (up to a max of five) you want to see advance. We'll leave the poll running on this post right up until midnight PST, this Sunday August 15th. Voting is below. Think hard before you vote. Now go vote!

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BlackBerry Torch OtterBox Commuter Case Now Available!

BlackBerry Torch 9800 OtterBox Commuter Case Now Available in Black and Black/Pink Color Combinations!


New BlackBerry Torch owners looking to protect their investment will definitely want to check out the OtterBox Commuter Case for the BlackBerry Torch. These literally just arrived to our warehouses and are now available for purchase ( doesn't even have them up for sale yet - I told you our e-commerce teams were working hard to get you BlackBerry Torch Accessories fast!).

The Commuter Case combines the hard protection of the Defender Series line with the silicon skin-like Impact Series line to provide the best of both worlds in a BlackBerry Torch case. It offers maximum protection while maintaining its day to day ease of use. The BlackBerry Torch Commuter Case retails for $34.95, but you can get it for less ($32.95) at the link below, along with more information and photos.

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BlackBerry App Roundup for August 13th, 2010! Win 1 of 10 copies of Quicklaunch!

Boom! Another week in the history books. We've seen BBM updated, RIM release new devices and new apps. We've spent all week talking about the Middle East and issues with BlackBerry Bans. We've done reviews, hands on and much more. Now, time for a relaxing weekend, hope you all do the same. This week Durak winners are announced and we got new apps and a new Quicklaunch contest. Dig in folks, be sure to leave comment so you can have a chance to win 1 of 10 copies of Quicklaunch.

Freebies of the Week:  7Yes, Aces™ Cribbage Classic, PocketGrapes

In Case You Missed It: PlugItIn , BlackBerry Messenger Updated, FileScout 2.0

New This Week: Clipboard  v1.0, Lottery Picker (Mega, Powerball, Regular)  v1.3, Memooo - Note On Wallpaper  v1.0

Cool at BlackBerry App World: TyperLearn

Contest: Enter to win 1 of 10 copies of Quicklaunch From Nikkisoft!

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Latest AT&T BlackBerry Torch commercial - When 'business meets fun'

[ youtube video link for mobile viewing ]

The latest AT&T/BlackBerry Torch commercial makes for some good Friday fun. It's clear on this one that they are out to convey the "business meets fun" motto with the new BlackBerry Torch. I'm happy to see the commericals moving in a good direction unlike the Love What You Do ads that never really made a point as to what BlackBerry was/did at all. I'm sure more of these will be coming in the near future now that the Torch is officially upon us. So take a minute or so and check this out. Happy Friday.

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Students, get organized for free this year with Student Diary

Genius Development, the team that brought us MyCart and Genius Medical Diary, have come out with another incredibly useful application, this time geared towards keeping students organized and productive. There are a few Student organizer apps out there right now like Student Docket and Student Buddy, but this app holds one major difference over them, in that it's completely free. As you can see in the screenshot above, the app is fully featured, allowing you to keep track of your class schedules, assignments and major projects in one convenient place. One incredibly useful feature is the ability to keep your school contacts in the separate index, and easily import them from your native address book. The app will also allow you to set reminders for your assignments and projects a week, three days, (or for you major procrastinators) one day in advance of the due date. All around a great app to have on your device for any student, it's available as a free download from the CB store for devices running OS 5.

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ShortcutMe 4.3 is OS 6 ready – 20 copies to give away

ShortcutMe is no stranger to the CrackBerry blogs. If you’re new to CrackBerry, or just too forgetful to remember (and too lazy to search through the blogs), I’ll fill you in. The application screams shortcut supremacy. BlackBerry users will find efficiencies where they didn’t know it could exist. Instead of assigning a single application or PIM tool to each convenience key, you can assign multiple ones! Not to mention the space key; which acts as a third convenience key. Couple that with customizable keypad shortcuts and you’ll wonder how you ever got around without it. I almost forgot- ShortcutMe also includes quick access to weather, stock market and a screen capture feature. It’s fully customizable as to the shortcuts you want to use. Whether it’s emailing your favourite contact, cleaning memory or pointing your browser to the CrackBerry mobile site, ShortcutMe has you covered.

Sam shot me an email, telling me that ShortcutMe is OS6 ready; in fact, it’s now available on all touch screen BlackBerrys, on top of previously supported models! Check out ShortcutMe 4.3 in action after the jump.

Contest: We have 20 free copies of ShortcutMe to give away. All you have to do is leave a comment on this post to be entered into the draw. Contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PST. Please only leave one comment - multiple submissions won't count.

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Ignite your device with a great free theme by BuiltByRequest

BuiltByRequest makes some great themes, and I've had the opportunity to deal with him for the weekly Theme Roundup on a couple of occasions. His ability to create a great custom theme with unique function is cause for respect, there aren't many devs that have his ability to work an SVG. He fired me a BBM last week to let me know he was reworking one of his classics, and he has really done it well. It is so rare to see a free theme offered for such a wide variety of devices, and to get premium quality for free makes it all the sweeter. The weather slot shows on both the home and lock screens, and the bottom dock is a very unique concept. Hidden, each icon pops up individually as you scroll across, keeping a clean homescreen no matter what you're doing. The orange hues run throughout this fully skinned theme, flowing nicely from screen to screen. 

Check it out today, it's available for all devices running 5.0 from his site.

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RIM Sponsors BBM Lounge Party in LA

At the BBM lounge after hours event held recently in LA there were some fun times to the be had. The photographers of the event were kind enough to send us over some of the pics they had been taking during the whole show, which turned out to be quite impressive. The BBM Lounge is a series of events, the second of which will take place in LA sometime in September. Below is a list of celeb attendees:

  • Mel B, Spice Girls/DWTS   
  • Mark Salling, Puck from Glee
  • Quinton Aaron, The Blind Side
  • Vienna Girardi, The Bachelor
  • The Alchemist, hip hop producer and DJ to Eminem
  • Gabe Saporta, lead vocalist of Cobra Starship
  • Olivia Munn, Maxim model and actress (Iron Man 2; Date Night)
  • Alessandra Torresani, television actress (CSI; Bones)
  • Lauren C. Mayhew, singer and actress (ECW on SyFy; CSI: Miami)

Hit the break for a few more pics of the event Or, you can head on over to the Flickr page and view the entire set from Xomad. Next time, I think we'll have to RSVP.

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Two BlackBerry Enterprise Servers in one company?


So you purchased a BlackBerry on your own and you traveled down to the IT Dept hoping they will add you to the almighty BES only to be told you are not BES worthy. "What?!?" you ask, and the IT dude tells you that CALs (client access license) cost money and your department doesn't have a budget for everyone to be on the BES.

You are not alone in this situation. In my day job I've encountered this many times with my customers who won't put many employee's personal BlackBerry devices on the BES because they must preserve CALs for more "BES worthy staff". It's understandable from the CFO's standpoint - CALs cost money. However, from a corporate efficiency they should want everyone on the BES working more hours away from the office with no overtime pay.

RIM feels the same way and have recently released a business case for companies to have a two BES solution. They recommend a BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express in addition to their standard BES.

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BlackBerry Curve 3G arrives at Rogers locations

If you're not feeling the BlackBerry Torch and just want a straight up, no frills BlackBerry; Rogers  will gladly offer you a BlackBerry Curve 3G. Previously only available via their website, the BlackBerry Curve 3G has now arrived at most retailers and can be picked up in store. Traditional Curve style exactly like the BlackBerry Curve 8520, preloaded with OS for which, will eventually be replaced by BlackBerry 6.

As BBCool notes though, no case or holster is offered with the new BlackBerry Curve 3G so you may wish to consider picking one up. As it stands, you can grab the BlackBerry Curve 3G from Rogers on a 3yr contract for $79.99, 2yr for $299.99 and 1yr or no contract for $399.99.

Source: BBCool

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Official OS released for the BlackBerry Torch 9800

If you are among those grabbing a BlackBerry Torch, you might wanna make sure you download this as well just so that you have it handy. AT&T has posted up the official OS OS download for the BlackBerry Torch 9800. You can download it via the AT&T BlackBerry software page.

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BlackBerry Presenter review

BlackBerry Presenter Review

[ youtube video link for mobile viewing ]

Why carry that heavy laptop and projector to your next presentation, when you could confidently waltz in with minimal baggage? Imagine the BlackBerry as a vessel for your PowerPoint slideshow, projected wirelessly via Bluetooth, with you at the helm, steering a dynamic presentation. You're nimbly traveling from city to city, lugging minimal gear, staking your claim as the road warrior king/queen and continually wowing board rooms with your style. Let's face it, your pageant is powerful, lightweight, and can practically run itself, allowing you to focus on your audience.

Sounds heavenly, right? That's the picture painted by RIM and its accessory, the BlackBerry Presenter. You simply plug it into a projector or monitor, and present Microsoft PowerPoint files wirelessly, leaving you free to roam the stage or room, using your BlackBerry smartphone as the presentation controller.

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BlackBerry Torch Accessories

Accessories for the BlackBerry Torch enhance the BlackBerry experience!

 BlackBerry Torch Charging/Sync Pod
BlackBerry Torch Battery

You know the drill. Once you head home from the store with your new BlackBerry it's time to transfer over your data, load it up with apps and then hit your favorite online BlackBerry accessory store to pimp out the device. The BlackBerry Torch's new form factor means a whole new set of accessories will be coming out for the BlackBerry Torch and our e-commerce team will be working their hardest at to fill the BlackBerry Torch Accessories store up quick (we already have quite a bit in stock, like the must-have charging pod, so take a browse through the store). Tons more is on order and coming in soon, so for the ultimate selection in accessories for the BlackBerry Torch you'll want to keep it locked to the store.

Best Selling BlackBerry Torch Accessories

New BlackBerry Torch Accessories

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Funny Video: Action Movie Phone Fail (aka iPhone vs. BlackBerry)

[ youtube video link for mobile viewing ]

Ahhh yeah. College Humor. Gotta love when they make a funny with smartphones as their subject. Check out the video above if you have a couple minutes to kill and need a chuckle. Enjoy the clip!

Via: College Humor

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Attend the BlackBerry 6 Developer Webinar hosted by AT&T today

Research In Motion and AT&T will be putting on a webinar today for all the BlackBerry deveopers out there looking to learn more about how to best make use of BlackBerry 6. Full details are below:

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Web browser comparison - BlackBerry Bold 9700 vs. BlackBerry Torch 9800

[ youtube video link for mobile viewing ]

Playing around with the Torch the last few days I've become a big fan of the WebKit browser (as I expected I would). Sites that I used to shy away from on my 9700 browser are now a breeze on the Torch and make the web experience that much better. Granted having the touchscreen again is a big bonus, but being able to double-tap zoom and flick around with more speed is a great thing -- not to mention having tabbed browsing. This isn't really a "competition" bewtween the two devices, but I ran a little comparison of a few sites to see how the Bold 9700 compared to the Torch 9800. While it's not the greatest difference on some sites, others are much easier to work with now. I checked out, Google Reader, and Kevin showed how the Torch stacked up to other device browsers, so here is a straight up BlackBerry to BlackBerry. I'm sure I'll find some more in the coming weeks, but if you pick up a Torch tomorrow (or have on already) be sure to drop a comment with some of your favorite sites to visit using the new browser.

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BES Express updated today


At long last RIM has announced the first update to BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express. This is a product they announced and launched at Mobile World Congress back in January, simply it's BES for the rest of us. Most small and medium businesses were scared of BES because of high upfront cost and each new BlackBerry added a new CAL cost so BESx rode to the rescue with its attractive price tag of FREE. For a more detailed explanation of BES and BESx see previous article.

Today is the first update to this product. And it's good to see updates for this exciting product as it reinforces that they are committed to BESx. Many of the upgrades are features that were included in the Service Pack 2 upgrade to BES last month.

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Review: Motorola MOTOROKR EQ5 Wireless Travel Stereo Speaker

Motorola EQ5 Wireless Travel Stereo Speaker

[ youtube video link for mobile viewing ]

When it comes to Bluetooth accessories for mobile phones, there are certainly lots of headsets and visor-mounted speakerphones to choose from. Various models, ranging from low-quality, budget-friendly to somewhat expensive, high-end products are available from several manufactures in many different outlets, from Best Buy to, Wal-Mart and even convenience stores at gas stations. Considering the wave of local legislation banning cell phone usage while driving, this is definitely good for everyone.

However, as smartphone sales have skyrocketed in recent years and companies like Apple and Google have forced the likes of RIM and Palm to shift focus from enterprise to consumer space, there still aren't a lot of entertainment-driven Bluetooth accessories for mobile phones. What about those of us who love to listen to music or watch movies and YouTube videos on our phones but don't feel the equipped external speaker is adequate? As mentioned, there are the visor-mounted speakerphones for cars but when placed on a table they don't stand up easily, making it difficult to control the direction of the sound. If you should leave it in the house and forget to take it with you when you travel, you are without your speakerphone and-in the jurisdiction of some cities and states-without communication, thus negating its entire purpose. Headsets are certainly more portable and the direction of sound is obviously controllable, as it goes directly into your ear. But if you lose power in a storm and you want to watch a movie with your wife or roommate, or if you just want to listen to music while you read, without having something attached to your head, headsets or even headphones will not give you the perfect blend of sound quality and liberation that you desire.

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And the winner of CrackBerry's Win a BlackBerry Torch Contest is....

We'll keep this short and sweet. With over 13,000 entries, the lucky winner in CrackBerry's Win a BlackBerry Torch Contest is.....


Congrats cherryjuice! We'll be shooting you an email shortly to get your details and get an unlocked AT&T BlackBerry Torch 9800 out your way. For everybody else, stay tuned. It's You know another chance to win free stuff is just around the corner.  Hmm.. maybe we'll do a giveaway for some BlackBerry Torch accessories next!

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