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60 Day BlackBerry Fitness Challenge Now Over!

61 days ago we kicked off our BlackBerry Fitness Challenge. An ambitious undertaking to say the least, but an event where those participating would be winners just for taking part. Of course, CrackBerry and our friends at Gym Technik upped the stakes and provided some extra incentive with some extra awesome prizes to compete for. If you check back to our original contest post, you'll remember...

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Review: PingChat 2 unites BlackBerry, iPhone and Android users through IM

One issue I had with my friends is that, for some strange reason, were using other platforms besides BlackBerry. I know, crazy right? Communication was never the same after they left. Sure, we had SMS, email or even social networks; but it wasn’t the same as BBM. It wasn’t the same as seeing that little, yellow, smiley face staring at you. That friendly grin reminded you of that special...

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Deadlines are a way of life nowadays. Whether it's my day job, blogging, or a home project, keeping track of the time I have available makes a world of difference, and can really help motivate me instead of putting it off "one more day". The developer of Neelam has come out with this simple time management app that helps manage those minutes left until that report is due. Acting as a simple...

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My Verizon Mobile updated with new look and better features

The My Verizon Mobile app has been updated with some newness that includes a better look and some new features. The app, which is available on most Verizon devices, allows you to easily check out your account information and more on the go right from your device. Features include: View minute, message and data usage Adjust allowance minutes on current plans Make one-time payments and set...

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BlackBerry Curve 3G available from T-Mobile September 8th for $79.99

Today via their Facebook page, T-Mobile announced that the BlackBerry Curve 3G will be available starting September 8th. The latest entry level device will carry a great price tag of just $79.99 with a two-year contract. The Curve 3G will ship with OS 5.0 installed but is said to be BlackBerry 6 ready so we'll see what happens down the road. In true T-Mobile fashion the device will most likely...

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Contest: 25 Copies of HTC Incredible to be won. Leave a comment! Happy Monday theme junkies! This is the last theme roundup for August, it seems like the summer flew by, and school is right around the corner. Theme devs have been hard at work lately, filling up my tip line with tons of great themes, and I have some of the best to show you here today. Hit the jump and take a look at this week'...

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Best of Smartphone Experts, 29 Aug 2010

Verizon says the Droid Incredible's Froyo update is rolling out, but we have a forum full of people still waiting on it. Verizon Fascinate finally coming Sept. 9, plus, some extra confirmation. Exclusive new details on the Motorola Flipout for AT&T CrackBerry Podcast 057: BlackBerry Torch and Tablet Extravaganza!...

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Chat it up with Chatmosphere - Full featured IRC client for BlackBerry

Once upon a time, IRC was all the rage, allowing users to connect in real time across the world. It evolved into the instant messaging clients we know and love today, but there are still millions of people that communicate via IRC even today. To date, there really hasn't been much in the way of IRC clients for BlackBerry, and I have seen many requests for an app in the forums. I gave...

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We've been hearing for quite some time that release dates for the BlackBerry Torch 9800 on Canadian carriers was set for September. The big three, Bell, TELUS and Rogers have all confirmed an inevitable launch but no dates were set by any. Rumors suggest TELUS will launch on Sept 16th but, we now have the above information which suggests a Rogers release one day earlier on the 15th. We're...

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CrackBerry reminder: What you may have missed this week

What You May Have Missed CrackBerry Podcast 057: BlackBerry Torch, Tablet, Six and Juice Extravaganza! >>  Some thoughts on BlackBerry 6 one week later >>  CrackBerry App Awards 2010 to be presented LIVE at DevCon >>  Research In Motion acquires Cellmania to assist with BlackBerry application offerings >>  New Must Have App: CrackBerry Wallpaper Changer >> ...

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Hey folks, here we go with another app round up for you. This week, we tried to stay away from too much focus on the BlackBerry Torch as it's been highlighted quite a bit. That said though, we do have a great contest for new BlackBerry owners in general. This week, we got 100 unlock codes for you from CellUnlock. And of course, the winners of Hypoxia are also listed within. Be sure to drop...

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BlackBerry Alert: BlackBerry Internet Service outage?

The forums are filling up. The CrackBerry support email is getting lots of folks stating issues and we're led to believe we may have an outage on our hands. Some folks are reporting slow web browsing, email delays and general connectivity issues. Thus far, seems limited to North America but, if you're in another area and experiencing issues then please, let us know in the comments. I'm on...

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If you've snagged a new BlackBerry Torch you've surely seen that Slacker radio comes pre-installed and ready to rock on BlackBerry 6. But if you weren't quite sure about shelling out for a premium subscription, here's your chance to win one. Slacker is probably the best know streaming radio app for BlackBerry and with the great features and updates, it's no secret why. The app is 100% free,...

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Ever wish you could do more without needing to navigate away from your homescreen to find what you're looking for? Love your wallpaper, but don't want to sacrifice function to rock it proudly? You may want to take a look at this theme, the latest by BerryMobi, which combines a great look with tons of function. For touch devices, the homscreen holds 19 icons on the homescreen, 11 of them user-...

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Awesome free game from Tafasa - Finger Trap!

From the developers that brought us PatternLock and such games as Word Search and Bubble Burst comes the latest time waster Finger Trap. The game operates on a simple premise, just put your finger on the red square and move it around to avoid the blue ones. You'll figure out pretty quickly though, that it isn't quite so simple playing the game. Fast reflexes and good eye-hand coordination is a...

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20 Essential Apps for the New BlackBerry Torch Owner

Whenever a new BlackBerry device launches, we usually go back to the basics a little bit for all the first time BlackBerry owners in the audience. Of course, while the new app content here is catered towards the BlackBerry Torch, regardless of the BlackBerry device model you own you'll want to check out this list of 20 top BlackBerry apps. These 20 Torch app picks feature both free and paid...

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Bell holding back BlackBerry 6 updates until 2011?

Sure seems that way. Some leaked documents from Bell Mobility show that BlackBerry 6 isn't set for release on other capable devices until 2011. While Bell is set to release the BlackBerry Torch 9800 anytime now, the newly announced BlackBerry Curve 3G nor the BlackBerry Pearl 3G will get it right away, let alone the previously released BlackBerry Bold 9700. As we've seen in the past...

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RIM patent shows new rotatable keyboard design

When it comes to patents, finding new ones is sometimes fun. Some turn out to be actual products down the road while others sit in the registry never used. The latest one, “Handheld Electronic Device with Rotatable Member” filed by Research In Motion looks rather odd but, the given description helps better understand it. “In a first aspect, a handheld electronic device, such as a smartphone...

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Hypoxia - All in one media player - 25 copies to be won!

I refuse to use the native media players on my BlackBerry. They function well, but there are a few reasons I eschew them. One major gripe for me is having to use a different app for each type of media I want to play. I have tried a few different apps over the last while, trying to find a better fit for my needs, and have found Flipside to be a great music alternative, and I'm currently using...

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