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CrackBerry Podcast 058: BlackBerry PlayBook and DevCon10 Super Special!

Slightly recovered from our BlackBerry PlayBook shell shock yesterday, we sat down late this morning to record our DevCon10 podcast. On this show we have Bla1ze, Adam, myself and our recently crowned CrackBerry Idol champion, Dave Peckens. After running through the developer-related announcements we get on the big news of the week and sound off on the BlackBerry PlayBook. It's a fun filled show...

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Get 50% off all MLHSoftware apps for the remainder of DevCon10!

The BlackBerry Developer Conference is well under way and many of the developers are here on site with us. One of those such developers is MLHSoftware, who makes many great applications as seen above. Now and for the remainder of DevCon you can check out any MLHSoftware developer application for 50% off the original price. Process is simple, on your BlackBerry head on over the Shop CrackBerry...

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Paragon by AHazDesigns released for BlackBerry Torch!

Well, it didn't take long for BlackBerry Torch themes to start pouring in once the BlackBerry Theme Studio v6.0 beta download became available! The first I saw available for the 9800 was Paragon by AHazDesigns. This theme was recently released for other devices, and Alex was very quick to get it converted for all of you Torch users out there that were anxious to download your first themes. It...

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A lot of talk has been happening at the BlackBerry Developer Conference regarding QNX Software. More specifically, the OS that will be running on the sexy new BlackBerry PlayBook. The official BlackBerry blogs were able to catch up to Dan Dodge, co-founder and CEO of QNX Software Systems. In the talks, they discuss QNX, the OS and it's role in the new BlackBerry Tablet OS ecosystem. If you're...

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The BlackBerry Partners Fund has selected the regional winners of the 2010 BlackBerry Super Apps Challenge. This years challenge brought forth hundreds of applications and has now been broken down for everyone to view. "The response we received in this year's Challenge has been tremendous, and demonstrates the high level of interest by the developer community in the BlackBerry platform...

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BlackBerry PlayBook price?!

What will the BlackBerry PlayBook price be? Vote in our poll and leave a comment with your thoughts!  How much will the BlackBerry PlayBook cost?customer surveys   The BlackBerry PlayBook announcement totally wowed us yesterday and changed a lot of things on the BlackBerry front. There was lots of talk on specs and everyone wants to get their hands on one, but the real question we're...

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Show Me the Images updated - DevCon special 50% off

Show Me the Images by BBerryGo is a handy little app that automatically downloads images in emails from senders you have added to a safe list. This eliminates the need to go in to the menu and select "get images" each time you get an email. I've been using it for quite some time on my BlackBerry Bold 9700, and I love that it saves me time and inconvenience. The BBerryGo team is at DevCon this...

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BoxTone announces Mobile Analytics Platform

Today at the BlackBerry Developers BoxTone announced a new product to accompany their growing product line. It's called Mobile Analytics Platform and it's an enterprise tool to assist companies develop and support BlackBerry smartphone applications in less time and maintaining a high quality experience for the end user. The smartphone application world which started off with consumer focused...

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Bloggers Reactions to the BlackBerry PlayBook!

Back at WES 2010 we had a fun time interviewing bloggers to get their reactions on BlackBerry 6 and the announcement of the Bold 9650 and Pearl 3G. While a ton of news got announced at BlackBerry DevCon 2010, it's the BlackBerry PlayBook with the BlackBerry Tablet OS that's dominating the headlines. So following up the announcement of the PlayBook, we once again tracked down the bloggers in...

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[ youtube video link for mobile viewing ] We've seen BlackBerry 6 leak already for the Bold 9650 and Curve 9330 onto the interwebs. We're still waiting to see it leak (or get officially announced) for the Bold 9700, Pearl 3G and Curve 9300. Hopefully it won't be long now, as RIM was showing BB6 off on these devices at the Opening Reception at the BlackBerry Developer Conference 2010. Note...

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BlackBerry PlayBook Hands-On Video!

Well, it's not quite our typical hands-on video, but I do put my hands on the device through a piece of glass. It'll have to do for now. Leaving the keynote session at BlackBerry DevCon, RIM had the BlackBerry PlayBook out on display for onlookers to drool over. Check out the video above for a quick look at the first BlackBerry tablet. I also compare the the BlackBerry PlayBook to the Apple...

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Full Live BlackBerry PlayBook Announcement Video!

Following up with our DevCon Keynote Live Blog and BlackBerry PlayBook announcement teaser video, here is the full BlackBerry PlayBook announcement. This is the magic folks... the 15 minutes where RIM gets their mojo back. I AM EXCITED. The BlackBerry PlayBook with new BlackBerry Tablet OS ushers in a whack load of new stuff to the world of BlackBerry. Awesome new hardware and an operating...

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Amazon to launch Kindle App for new BlackBerry PlayBook

  The BlackBerry PlayBook is just out the gates and already, many folks are laying out there plans to bring applications to the device. One of the first, with a press release is Amazon. Kindle services will be brought to the BlackBerry Playbook and I'm sure this is just the beginning of developers who will be stepping up. As the press release states: SEATTLE--(BUSINESS WIRE) (...

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BlackBerry Theme Studio v6.0 beta 1 download now available!

BlackBerry theme designer? Well, you'll wanna head on over to the BlackBerry website. BlackBerry Theme Studio v6.0 beta 1 is now available for download. One little caveat for the download though, see below: BlackBerry Theme Studio v6.0 beta only supports the BlackBerry Torch 9800 smartphone and BlackBerry® 6 OS. This version is recommended for experienced users who want to experiment with...

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Something that BlackBerry developers have been wanting for a while now has finally arrived. While it's just a tech preview for now, the BlackBerry Java Plug-in for Eclipse now runs on Mac OS X and is available for download today. You can head on over to the BlackBerry Developer page to get started. There, you can download the tech preview and get a good look at things to come on for BlackBerry...

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BlackBerry PlayBook announced!

Watch the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet preview video! Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow. This is purely awesome. Seriously, we've been talking about the QNX OS and BlackBerry tablet rumors for months now, yet somehow I wasn't convinced we'd actually get to see the tablet get announced at BlackBerry DevCon this year.  But wow, did it get announced, and WOW.. is it frack'n awesome. The BlackBerry PlayBook is...

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Press Release: RIM to launch free BlackBerry Analytics Service

RIM announced today that they are working with Webtrends to bring analytics to the BlackBerry developer community. The BlackBerry Analytics Service will allow developers to easily add measurment tools to their applications. The tools will help developers gather insight into how users are using their apps and help find ways to increase use and better ways to evolve applications. Press Release...

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Press Release: RIM launches BlackBerry Advertising Service

RIM today launched their BlackBerry Advertising Service. The service for the BlackBerry platform allows developers to easily integrate advertising into new or existing applications. The advertising can be integrated into applications with just three lines of code, making it super easy to get things rolling. The ads will be relevant to the application as well as be able to tie into native...

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BlackBerry DevCon 2010 Keynote Live Blog!

** Live Blog Now Over ** Click this Link for all DevCon10 Posts BlackBerry DevCon 2010 Keynote Live Blog It's time folks! BlackBerry DevCon 2010 is now in full swing and the keynote is where we'll hear the big news. It's a developer conference so we're expecting lots of developer related news, but you know how it goes - what's good for developers is usually good for the end user. 

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