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BlackBerry PlayBook Color Availability - Which Color Would You Go For?

  What color do you want your BlackBerry PlayBook to be?customer surveys After the announcement of the BlackBerry PlayBook last week, RIM teased us by having a few pre-production units on display for us to drool over (see our hands-on glass first look video). One thing we noticed but somehow think we missed talking about here on the blogs was PlayBook color availability. Not only...

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Rogers enabling UMA for BlackBerry Bold 9700 and Curve 3G

Some Rogers customers may have known this was coming considering previously leaked OS' opened up the ability on the devices but now, we have the information coming to us in a semi official form. Rogers, will soon be pushing a software update out for the BlackBerry Bold 9700 and BlackBerry Curve 3G that will enable UMA access on both of those devices. With UMA now being enabled, both devices...

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BlackBerry App World v2.0.1.12 now available for download

Looks like Research In Motion has decided to roll out another update for BlackBerry App World. Version is now available for download if you refresh your already existing installation of BlackBerry App World. At this time we do not currently have a change log to go with the release but, if you find anything new in be sure to comment in the forums or here in the comment section. Keep in...

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Howdy and welcome to the weekly app roundup! Yee-haw! Have any of you varmints installed the leaked OS 6 for the 9650 or 9330? I’m sure as shootin’ that many of y’all are waitin’ for the 9700 leak to drop. Speakin’ of droppin’, check out this past week for more BlackBerry songs than you can shake a stick at. Today, we announce the winners of the TyperLearn giveaway and also give you the...

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Verizon having interactive launch of BlackBerry 6 on October 14th

An "interactive launch" is better than no launch at all right? Well kind of. The boys at BGR got a hold of this invite to Verizon's interactive launch of BlackBerry 6 that takes place on October 14th. From the looks of things it's most likey a bit of a demo more than an actual software launch, but it still gives us hope. It's doubtful that an official software release will drop the same day,...

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RIM Employees Reactions to the BlackBerry PlayBook Announcement

BlackBerry PlayBook. Seriously, every night since it got announced all I think about when going to bed at night is the BlackBerry PlayBook and that ohhh soooo sweeet looking QNX-based BlackBerry Tablet OS. It's exciting times in BlackBerry land.  I wants one. NOW. Of course you know the CrackBerry team is excited for the PlayBook, and so are a ton of other bloggers in the tech space (see our...

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Interview with Marty Mallick of Research In Motion

[ youtube video link for mobile viewing ] We had a chance at the 2010 BlackBerry DevCon to sit down with Marty Mallick, who is a Senior Director of Business Development within the Strategic Alliances division of Research In Motion (say that three times fast!). When you see BlackBerry apps come out for the big boys in the space (eBay, Facebook, Twitter, etc.), Marty's team is involved. We'll...

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Fast Torch is a new rotary style theme designed by jmerhi for your BlackBerry Torch. While it seems that lately the trend is to make themes as wallpaper friendly as possible, not every BlackBerry user is concerned with changing their backgrounds. That's where a nicely designed theme such as this comes in to play. Not only does Fast Torch give you quick access to 12 icons of your choosing,...

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A last minute decision for sure. Last month the UAE had RIM under its gun threatening to ban BlackBerry services from October 11. On Tuesday it was reported, that only few BlackBerry users are switching to other smartphones. Service providers Etisalat and du had even offered alternative smartphone options to their customers, including devices from Nokia or Apple's iPhone. This all shall be...

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It blows my mind how much the topic of smartphones comes up in regular conversation these days. At restaurants, airports, schools, work... you name the place, it seems to me people are talking about phones and gadgets like never before. Multiple times per week I find myself unintentionally eavesdropping on people out in public because I catch the word BlackBerry or iPhone or iPad or Android...

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Wallpaper Wizard - Generate collages right on your BlackBerry!

Epic Applications has developed a new tool for your BlackBerry that you're going to want to check out if you love having custom wallpapers on your device. Wallpaper Wizard allows you to create custom collages from your images, right on your device, and automatically set them as your new background. When making this application, the developers paid special attention to the way photos are...

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BlackBerry Storm 9570 cancelled on all carriers?!

  As fast as the news arrived about the BlackBerry Storm 9570 we now have rumors that it's been cancelled. Not just on Verizon as previously noted but rather, across all carriers as RIM has seemingly dropped the device totally. Rumors and speculation of course lead this news so take it all with a grain of salt but, that said we'd not be surprised if this turns out to be the straight up facts....

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Wifi music sync on your OS6 BlackBerry Smartphone

[ youtube video link for mobile viewing ] Not everyone with 32 Gigs of music has 32 gigabytes of storage on their BlackBerry. Enter Wi-Fi Music Sync. This handy feature allows you to access all of your home music without wires. It's dead simple to set up. Start Desktop Manager 6 and connect your BlackBerry via USB Click Wi-Fi music sync at the bottom of DM Select "Turn wireless...

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How are you liking the BlackBerry 6 experience on your Bold 9650?online survey Back at BlackBerry DevCon we brought you some hands-on videos of BlackBerry 6 running on the Bold 9700, Pearl 3G and Curve 9300. While the GSM BlackBerry owners are still waiting for BlackBerry 6 to be leaked (or officially released!), Bold 9650 and Curve 3G 9330 owners have already seen a couple of...

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Halloween is just around the corner and what fun is halloween without ghosts, goblins and of course, Jack o' lanterns? Ebscer, has created a quick and fun little application for those of you out there that partake in halloween festivities. The free application turns your BlackBerry into a virtual Jack-O-Lantern. You can change the Jack-O-Lantern’s face by sliding in different designs for the...

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Chopper - A simple and addictive new game for your BlackBerry

Sometimes simple is better, and that couldn't be more true with a game I just discovered called Chopper by Ajani InfoTech. Chopper is an addictive game where you are a helicopter pilot, and you have to navigate through a tunnel avoiding obstacles. Slam into a wall, and the game is over; it's as easy as that. Controls are quick to learn as you only need to press the space bar or touchscreen...

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[ youtube video link for mobile viewing ] The BlackBerry PlayBook is pretty much the most anticipated BlackBerry device of all time. Even if you have no intentions on purchasing one it has certainly opened the eyes of BlackBerry fans everywhere and made them take a second look at what exactly, BlackBerry is doing and what their possible plans are for the future. Since we cannot as of yet,...

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Win yourself a BlackBerry Torch from Qwell

Been looking for an alternative way to get your hands on a brand new BlackBerry Torch? Qwell can help you with that. While at DevCon10, I had the chance to meet up with the folks behind Qwell and they let me know of a cool contest they are currently running. The contest is rather simple. For every 1,000 likes on FaceBook and 1,000 Twitter followers they'll randomly select a winner to recieve a...

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