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BlackBerry News and Reviews

BlackBerry Bold 9780 now available from WIND Mobile

The BlackBerry Bold 9780 has finally made its way to WIND Mobile. If you're looking to pick up the non-contract device, you can grab it now for $450.00. You'll have to choose one of the basic plans and matching BlackBerry plan, but it's a good bet if you don't like being tied down to a contract. The Bold 9780 sports BlackBerry 6, a 5MP camera, GPS, Wifi, Bluetooth and more. Head over to WIND for more details.

Check out the BlackBerry Bold 9780 at WIND Mobile

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Worth Ave Group - A new way to insure your BlackBerry

We all love our BlackBerry smartphones, but what happens when the unthinkable occurs? What if you drop your prized possession and it breaks into a million pieces? What if you go to set your BlackBerry down in the cupholder in your car, but you realize all too late that there is a cup of coffee there? What do you do when these unfortunate events happen?

Well, you have a few options, but I want to tell you about a new option I just recently learned about at CES. 

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RIM and Indonesia reach mutual agreement on pornographic content filtering

RIM has promised on Monday that it will meet Indonesia's request to filter out pornographic content on BlackBerry smartphones in the next couple of days, as stated by a spokesman of the Indonesian government. As Indonesia is both home to the world's greatest Muslim population and a massive amount of BlackBerry smartphone addicts, RIM's commitment to abide by the country's requirements is pretty much a given. RIM Managing Director of Southeast Asia, Gregory Wade, has stated that talks with the six Indonesian service providers about the matter have already been initiated and that the issue will be resolved with mutual satisfaction. And, as per the request of the Indonesian government, RIM is also going to set up local server in the country.

Indonesia is not alone in discussing such matters, though. Kuwait had also asked a similar favor back in August, 2010. Although RIM promptly agreed to block 3,000 pornographic Web sites at the request of Kuwait's communication ministry, it should be noted that Kuwait did not threaten to suspend BlackBerry services as certain other Middle Eastern countries did. But still, in either case, I am very happy to see RIM's active willingness to engage in these affairs and provide everyone affected with an amicable solution. Keep it up, Waterloo!

Source: Mercurynews

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Leo Laporte shows off a BlackBerry PlayBook on Live! with Regis and Kelly

[ youtube video link for mobile viewing ]

Live! with Regis and Kelly had a segment today on some of the best gadgets shown at CES 2011. Leo Laporte brought several devices to talk about, and one was the BlackBerry PlayBook! Although we're still wondering who he had to wrestle at RIM to get one.

Check out the video above to see the segment. The PlayBook is the first device he talks about and is covered in the first minute of the video. Some of the other gadgets he talks about are pretty cool too so you may want to stick around for the full 7 minutes to see the rest.

Source: Live! With Regis and Kelly

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AT&T 3G compatible BlackBerry PlayBook on the way; LTE version soon after?!

Just in case you thought Research In Motion was only giving the love to Sprint when it came to cellular enabled PlayBooks, new rumors have now popped up suggesting that an GSM version compatible with AT&T and Rogers 3G bands is tracking very nicely as well. Also suggested is that shortly after the release of the 3G enabled version will come a Verizon LTE enabled version. Research In Motion has announced a Q1, 2011 timeframe for the WiFi enabled version with the Sprint 4G version arriving in the summer but has been quiet when referring to other carrier announcements.

If all these new rumors pan out, that means we should see the WiFi version ordering start in February, shipping in March with the 3G version showing up late March or April. No mention of ship dates for LTE, only that it would come after the 3G release. Only fair to note however, these are still rumors. Nothing has been confirmed but time will tell. While we wait, check out our BlackBerry PlayBook review.

Source: CIO

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BlackBerry Swiss Army Knife - a program for advanced users


BlackBerry Swiss Army Knife (BBSAK) is a tool; just as a hammer and a thermonuclear reactor are tools. Placed in the wrong hands, they can cause destruction. Similarly, using BBSAK can render your BlackBerry inoperable. That being said, BBSAK is also a tool for fixing that. If you carefully - and I cannot stress that enough - follow instructions, it should always work properly for you. If you do not feel comfortable in poking and prodding the innermost guts of your BlackBerry, then BBSAK is not for you.

BlackBerry Swiss Army Knife is a Windows application (sorry Mac users) for controlling your device when BlackBerry Desktop Manager just isn't enough. It comes jam-packed with features designed to let you modify your BlackBerry in ways that the DM just wasn't created to do. Backup third-party apps, load alternate OS builds without the hassle of uninstalling and installing them from your computer, screen captures, and more. BBSAK really is an all-in-one tool; and it's completely free.

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Funny: Woman falls into fountain at mall while texting

[ youtube video link for mobile viewing ]

This one popped up a few days ago and I think its one that is worth seeing. We all know the dangers of texting while driving, but this video shows the danger involved in texting while walking. This woman at a Pennsylvania mall is apparently so oblivious while she looks at her phone that she walks right into the wall of a mall fountain, trips over it and ends up soaking wet. Afterwards, she simply gets up and strolls off like it never happened. I have to say if I ever get to this point I may consider not taking my BlackBerry out in public (or going out in public at all). Check out the full video above for a few laughs.

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Sprint adding $10/month fee to all smartphone users upgrading or adding new lines

If you're a Sprint user who is looking to upgrade or start a new line of service with a smartphone then Sprint has some bad news for ya. Previously something that was initially only charged on Sprints HTC EVO 4G Android device and then later all 4G devices on Sprint, a $10/mnth data charge is now being placed onto all smartphone activations. When it first started being charged many felt it was a "4G tax" as the only devices that it was being charged to ran on Sprints 4G network. Sprint advised this was not the case and stated it was a charge implemented for network upgrades and such. In their press release today, they backed those statements up by making it applicable to all smartphone devices as defined by Sprint:

"devices with robust operating systems bringing the full function of mobile applications and programs to life including Blackberry, Android, Windows Mobile, Palm, and the Instinct family of devices"

Keep that in mind if you're currently a Sprint customer and are close to upgrading or adding a new line. Also makes me wonder what, when released the 4G BlackBerry PlayBook will fall under?

Source: Android Central

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Registration opens for BlackBerry World 2011

If you're planning on attending BlackBerry World this May, today is the first day of open registration. The conference formerly known as WES will be held in Orlando Florida from May 3rd through the 5th. Attendees can register until February 25th at the early bird rate and save $400 off the full conference pass ($2,199). Also as a new offer this year, attendees that can't make it for all three days can register for a one-day pass ($599 USD) for Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.

The Crack Team will be there in full force so you should be too. The conference will have plenty of keynotes, over 100 breakout sessions, hands-on labs, BlackBerry training and much more. To register now head to

Register now for BlackBerry World in Orlando Fl. 

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BlackBerry theme roundup for January 18th, 2011 - 50 copies of Evy to give away!

Contest: Win one of 50 free copies of Evy by BB-Freaks! 

It's theme roundup time! I bet you're all excited to see what we've found for you this week. Two popular theme developers both brought out free themes for everyone in the past week or so which is super cool. You can read about those after the break. Enjoy the themes, and don't forget to read all the way to the end for details on the contest. This week we are giving away Evy by BB-Freaks.

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BlackBerry 101 - BlackBerry Messenger Groups


Back in October, we ran a poll to see just how many BlackBerry Messenger groups you belonged to. Surprisingly, out of nearly 10,000 votes, the vast majority of our readers don't use BBM groups at all. And that really is a shame.

You already know that BBM is a great communications tool, but did you know it could be more? BBM groups extends that simplicity of communication to an entire group of people. Instantly share photos, chats, and project lists with up to 30 participants.

We'll show you three real-world examples of how I use BBM groups; and then how to use them for yourself.

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TextPics – Creative SMS, Email, IM and PIN art for your BlackBerry

TextPics by Adorno is now available for BlackBerry smartphones and is a great way to liven up your messages beyond the standard symbols and smileys on your device. It uses ACSII characters to create pictures or art in an SMS/MMS, Email, IM, or PIN. If you're not familiar with ACSII art, its basically a text version of a picture and was widely used before pictures could be embedded or transmitted in messages. Back in college, my friends and I would send each other emails filled text versions of birthday cakes, cartoon characters, holidays and anything else that could be converted and love the fact that I can send them again with this app.

TextPics comes with a variety of categories (Animals, Bunnies, Celebration, Food, Halloween, Weapons, People, Romance, and Other) that includes over 150 images to be copied into a message. Users can wish a friend a Happy Birthday with a personalized cake, tell that special someone they love them with a rose, or send a scary skeleton for Halloween.

Using the app is as simple as scrolling through each of the categories, choosing the TextPic you want, pressing the trackball/trackpad or touch the screen to copy to the clipboard, and pasting into the desired application. The great thing is you can copy and paste the images into your AutoText or Word Substitution list to quickly access at any time. The only thing I did notice is that sometimes a symbol within a couple of the TextPics rendered as emoticons in PIN or SMS messages.

If you're worried about distortion when texting to devices that use other platforms, I had no issues when sending messages to my non-BlackBerry friends except for one whose phone placed the contact name on the first line of text. The one thing I hope will be included in the next update is the ability to send directly from within the application itself.

TextPics are a fun and entertaining way of sending art in your texts and email to everyone you know when you want to express yourself in an innovative way. TextPics is available at the CrackBerry app store for $3.99 for all devices running OS 4.6 and higher and is currently on sale for $0.99 (at the time this was written).

More information/download of TextPics

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Urbanspoon debuts as next BlackBerry App World commercial

[ youtube video link for mobile viewing ]

We saw the first BlackBerry App World commercial nearly two months ago with Pageonce, and now we have the next in line with the newly-updated Urbanspoon app. The second in the BlackBerry App World series again shows off a "super app" put through daily use. This is only the second video as far as the app commercials go, but if the BBM spots are an indicator there should be many more down the line. Not much else to say about this one so just watch the video an see for yourself :-)

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Your Life on PlayBook hits Facebook

RIM has fired up another cool Facebook app, this time to promote the upcoming BlackBerry PlayBook. The Your Life on PlayBook app runs through your Facebook page and gathers up all your information for a pretty cool display. View your photos, status updates and other happenings from 2010 on the virtual PlayBook interface. Kind of a neat idea but it's definitely no QNX. If you're a Facebook user hit the link below to check it out.

Check out Your Life on PlayBook on Facebook

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Contest Winners: Accessory Roundup and Stellar by RJ Designs!

Here are the winners from last week's round of contests. If you won you will be receiving an email either directly from us or the retailer/developer directly in the next few days. If for some reason you don't receive an email within 7-14 days (be sure to check your spam/junk folder just in case, and verify your registered address associated with your CrackBerry account) you can email us at sitesupport(at) and we'll be sure to get you taken care of. Please be patient as some emails may take longer than others to arrive. Hit the jump for the full list - congrats to all the winners!

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Visiting or live in Indonesia? Be sure to download the Love Indonesia app for BlackBerry!

DevCon Asia is now over, but we still have a lot of CrackBerry Kevin Goes to Indonesia posts left to come over the days ahead (the hotel internet seems to hate me uploading HD movies so I have a backlog of posts to get up - thx for the patience!).

While at Devcon Asia, I had the chance to get a briefing from the folks behind Love Indonesia. Roll back to November 2010 and you'll remember that Love Indonesia was named the Supers Apps Challenge regional winner for the Asia Pacific. A web portal -- -- with a companion BlackBerry app for on the go location-based access, I've definitely found the Love Indonesia app to be extremely handy while touring around.

One of the big messages at DevCon Asia this year was the opportunity in the localization of apps, and Love Indonesia is a great example of this. It really is a full-featured app covering everyhing from restaurant and shopping directories to news, info and traffic. Love Indonesia's newsest feature is Love Coupons, and you can guess what that's about! Click on over to App World at the link below for more info and to download. If you live in or are visiting Indonesia, you'll definitely want to download this app!

Download Love Indonesia for BlackBerry

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FileScout now fully integrated with Dropbox

Long time fans of FileScout will likely already be aware of this but for those of you out there who may be making use of Dropbox and have not as of yet, not heard of Filescout this should be of some interest. FileScout has recently been updated to include support for Dropbox and is now listed on the Dropbox website as an official plugin for the BlackBerry application. As a plugin to Dropbox, FileScout now makes sending and recieving files from your Dropbox account easier then ever before. You can hit the break for the full changelog and see more about how FileScout integrates with Dropbox. If you're looking to get started with FileScout and Dropbox just click on the source link for the download.

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DragonRAD Beta Program now open to developers looking to build applications for the BlackBerry PlayBook

BlackBerry PlayBook developers have been presented a lot of tools to help get their applications into the hands of users come launch time for the PlayBook to launch. Recently, the DragonRAD team has opened up their cross platform development tools to assist with that process as well. DragonRAD is aiming to bring a better, faster way of developing applications that will help you get your development work completed in a more timely manner then that of existing tools already offered. The DragonRAD team is dedicated to making their platform one of the easiest out there to use and are pretty excited about being able to offer it up to BlackBerry PlayBook developers:

“We believe the Playbook will be a game changer in many industries,” said Julian White, CEO of Seregon. “Our decision to support the PlayBook demonstrates our level of commitment to the BlackBerry platform. With the upcoming launch of the DragonRAD beta program, developers will be able to quickly and easily build native applications for the PlayBook, in addition to other popular mobile platforms.”  

If you're currently working on a BlackBerry PlayBook application for entry or if you're planning to do so in the near future, you should give DragonRAD a look. Time and ease of use is always a factor when working with developmental tools and DragonRAD knows this. As such, they've made a great environment help foster those needs.

Click here to learn more and sign up for the DragonRAD beta

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CrackBerry Reminder: What you may have missed this week

Urbanspoon gets an update - Now compatible with BlackBerry 6

Urbanspoon is a great website for people that enjoy eating out. You can check out restaurant reviews from food critics, bloggers, and everyday people. In 2009 Urbanspoon released a free app for BlackBerry to help people like me, who can never seem to decide where to eat. It's a simple concept. First you enter the area you want to search for restaurants or let Urbanspoon use your GPS location. Once it finds that area, it presents you a slot machine type interface with 3 tumblers. The first is for the neighborhood or area, the second is the type of cuisine, and the third is cost. You can choose for any of these categories to be locked, for example if you ONLY want Japanese restaurants to show, you would highlight that option and then click the little lock below. After that you can click or shake your device (depending on what BlackBerry you have, of course) and the tumblers spin. The application randomly chooses an area, cuisine and price range for you look at. If you click on the name of the chosen restaurant you can get details such as contact info, maps, and you can even open up the mobile version of the website which will take you directly to the reviews and information for that restaurant.

It's a fun app that can help you make some very important decisions like what to have for lunch Tuesday or where to take that blind date your friend hooked you up with. Best of all, it's FREE and there is a version for all devices running OS 4.2.1 or higher, and was recently updated to include devices on BB6. Urbanspoon is supported in Canada and the US as well as Australia and the UK. Pick it up today at the link below!

For more information and to download Urbanspoon from BlackBerry App World

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