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BlackBerry App Roundup for February 18th, 2011! Win 1 of 25 copies of InfoBox!

Howdy and welcome to the weekly app roundup! I read Kevin’s email to Rovio, in which he was wondering/pleading/praying Angry Birds would eventually see the light of a backlit BlackBerry screen. Remember Kevin, that it is all fun and games. Angry birds in real life are far from fun. They tend to get pretty good at aiming their little “bombs”. Today, we announce the winners of the PhotoClub...

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Learn More About NFC on BlackBerry Smartphones (video)

[ youtube video link for mobile viewing ] Following up on the official word that upcoming BlackBerry Smartphones will support NFC, Dougie from the InsideBB blog interviewed Andrew Bocking, VP of Handheld Software Product Management for RIM, on the topic. Check out the video above to learn more about  what Near Field Communication is, what it could be potentially used for and get a bit of a...

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  What do you do with your device while your sleeping?online surveys   I know this one sounds a bit weird but I am generally curious what everyone does with their device at night. I have always been a big fan of the charging pod/bedside mode combo, but I know others use the Auto On/Off (as I did when I got my first device). I'm curious what the majority of you do when you put your device...

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Customize your photos with PixTrix for BlackBerry

If you feel like you're missing out in the Instagram craze, look no further than PixTrix. PixTrix is a BlackBerry application that lets you apply a bunch of custom filters to photos right on your device. Open an image and choose from filters such as double exposure, vintage, saturation and more. From there you can choose to save the image back to your device or upload to Facebook. While...

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Review: BlackBerry 1-Click Installer (BBOCI)

I've probably upgraded, downgraded, and reloaded the OS on every device I've ever owned more times than I can keep track of. However I've experienced a few bugs here and there over the years when restoring my third party applications. Sometimes Desktop Manager says there's a required update to the OS even after I just reloaded it, asks to downgrade BlackBerry Messenger, or has various...

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TAT shows off more BlackBerry PlayBook capabilities

[ youtube video link for mobile viewing ] We keep seeing more and more good things come from RIM and others on the PlayBook front, and with TAT on board it's full steam ahead. We already saw a sweet scrapbook application running on the PlayBook, and now the guys from IntoMobile have snagged the above video of some more amazing demos. The first app shown is a media viewer hooked up via HDMI...

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Find local breweries with Brew World for BlackBerry

If you are a frequent traveler or just a weekend excursioner and happen to be a fan of beer, we have just the app for you. Brew World for BlackBerry is an awesome app that lets you locate local brew pubs and craft breweries right from your device. Brew World uses your current GPS location to search near you or you can input a US city or zip code or search by brewery name. There is an extensive...

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Hour to kill? Watch the App Circus Spotlight on BlackBerry from MWC!

[ youtube video link for mobile viewing ] The word from Barcelona is that Research In Motion has had a pretty successful show all around, with a lot of interest especially being shown by developers for the upcoming BlackBerry PlayBook. One of the side-shows at App Planet this year was App Circus, where developers take to the stage for a few minutes at a time, to talk about their apps in...

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NFC support on upcoming BlackBerry Smartphones gets official

[ youtube video link for mobile viewing ] One of the biggest announcements from Research In Motion at Mobile Congress World 2011 wasn't made via a press release, but rather by RIM's Co-CEO Jim Balsillie when he was on stage during a keynote yesterday. The announcement? He confirmed Near Field Communication (NFC) support on future BlackBerry Smartphones. Of course CrackBerry readers already...

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Mega Tower Assault for BlackBerry Smartphones now available

I'm a big fan of tower defense games, and being able to take them with me on my BlackBerry is a huge plus. The latest comes from Gameloft Inc and is called Mega Tower Assault. The game provides you with 8 different types of towers with which to defend youself. There are 12 maps in 4 settings including beach, snow, platform and lava. The graphics are great and the game is sure to provide hours...

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Want Angry Birds for BlackBerry? Read This...

* Update: @RovioMobile shot us a couple of replies.. One and Two. They have no plans for Angry Birds for BlackBerry Smartphones on the BlackBerry OS right now, but the PlayBook is a definite possibility (which to me sounds like they're not working on it yet). Keep up the demands in the comments... maybe we change their minds! *   It only took me seconds to Photoshop Angry Birds onto...

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Leaked OS for the BlackBerry Bold 9700

Hey BlackBerry Bold 9700 users, looks like we have something for you tonight! OS has leaked for your device, so if you're into that sort of thing go ahead and give it a go. As always, back up your device data first please. We'd hate to see you lose anything. Let us know what you see that is new and improved, and hop on over to the forums to discuss it further!  *OS Disclaimer -...

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BlackBerry Repair Services Now Available from!

Get your broken BlackBerry fixed with our selection of Repair Services! Don't worry... I'm not actually the one doing the repairs. The experts at PDA Repair World are! Finally! It gives me great pleasure to announce that BlackBerry Repair Services are now available via! Since literally the day CrackBerry went live four years ago our e-commerce support team has been...

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While the first demo from The Astonishing Tribe (TAT) walked us through a scrapbook app on the Blackberry PlayBook, they also demoed what is possible when making use of the BlackBerry WebWorks Platform SDK. In other words, they basically built the application using HTML 5 and CSS, which is common on just about every webpage you visit. Anyone with a general interest and a few hours exploring...

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The BlackBerry Leather Pocket Pouch is a great mix of style and protection. Contest: Leave a comment for your chance to win! Pretty much every BlackBerry user has a case of some sort. Be it a skin case or hard case there is usually a reason behind it. Some choose their case for style, while others need protection. Depending on your job and your needs there is a case that will be fit for you....

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BlackBerry News Feeds v1.0.1 now available in the BlackBerry Beta Zone

If you frequent using the BlackBerry News Feeds application you'll want to log on into the BlackBerry Beta Zone to get the latest update. v1.0.1 has been posted and addresses some concerns from users. A list of changes can be found below:Ability to delete all prior articles when viewing a feed or viewing “All Unread Items”. Ability to mark the list of items as read when viewing a feed or viewing...

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BlackBerry PlayBook 'Scrapbook' App Demo made by TAT

Since Research In Motion acquired The Astonishing Tribe (TAT) we've all been wondering what type of work they'll be doing for RIM. Well, as it turns out a demo posted to the RIM YouTube account today shows us just that. Although we're positive it is just one of many things TAT is doing, it's pretty awsome to see their work happening on the BlackBerry PlayBook. Tell us what you think in the...

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Foursquare for BlackBerry updated

Update: We understand the version showing is 1.9.62, but it looks like that may be the correct version for the update (not 1.9.66). We have an email out to the folks at foursquare so we'll keep you updated - thanks for the patience! In what is their third update this week, foursquare has again been updated with some more fixes. This version adds in a few tweaks from the alpha we saw...

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BlackBerry Torch Made Simple now available on Amazon

Made Simple Learning today has released their latest BlackBerry help book BlackBerry Torch Made Simple. This is the next in line in the great series of Made Simple books that help you get to know your new BlackBerry. If you're a new Torch user, this book can help you get started and teach you things like shortcuts, tips and tricks, multimedia, music sync and much, much more. Including: Dozens...

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