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WiFi Network Priority on BlackBerry PlayBook not necessarily the same as on BlackBerry Smartphone - potential security bug?

Last week we posted an article how the PlayBook automatically transfers your saved Wi-Fi networks from your BlackBerry the first time it Bridges.  I first noticed this when I got my PlayBook home and saw it attached to my Guest 'g' Network by itself.  My first thought was "WOW how cool is this!!"  I hit up come colleagues on BBM and had them check their saved Wi-Fi networks and we noticed that all our saved Wi-Fi networks from our BlackBerry Smartphone's had copied over to the PlayBook.

Wait, is this good or bad?

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Official OS now available for the BlackBerry Bold 9700 from AT&T!

Attention AT&T Bold 9700 users! If you've been hanging out waiting on AT&T to release OS 6 - today is your day!! AT&T has (finally) released OS for the BlackBerry Bold 9700. While it's not the newest official build, it's new to AT&T and ready to rock. I know some of you like to wait for your carrier to officially release an OS, so if you've been an overly patient 9700 user then get on it!. Be sure to head into the forums to discuss your findings. Better late than never AT&T. 

Download OS for the Bold 9700 from AT&T
Discuss more in the Bold 9700 forums

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aMail brings email to the BlackBerry PlayBook

[ youtube video link for mobile viewing ]

While there is still no sign of a native email client on the BlackBerry PlayBook from RIM, third party developers are busy working on alternative solutions. The latest (but not yet released) is that of aMail. The app is an IMAP and POP3 email client for the PlayBook that should solve many problems with native email. aMail lets you access up to 10 email accounts and uses SSL and TSL authentication. Use gestures to navigate the app and even compose messages offline. aMail looks to be a great app and should solve the email woes of some users. It has been submitted to BlackBerry App World and is pending approval. We'll be sure to bring more when it's available for download.

Discuss more on aMail in the CrackBerry Forums

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Now Serving app tells your friends to take a number

I'm not usually a fan of "novelty" apps, but this one caught my eye and I think it's pretty amusing. Now Serving is a deli-counter style counter for your BlackBerry. If you're having a bad day at work or being bothered by family and friends, this app is a great way to say "Hey! Take a number!". Now Serving is as simple as it gets - just click the Add button or press any key and the counter goes up by one. Leave your device in the charging pod, start up the app and have your very own counter with no effort. Granted it's still more of a novelty than anything else, but it could be good for some laughs. Now Serving sells for $0.99 in the CrackBerry App Store. Roll of numbered tickets not included ;-)

More information/download of Now Serving

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BlackBerry theme roundup for April 27, 2011 - 25 copies of Shadow of 6 by BBThemes up for grabs!

Enter to win a free copy of Shadow of 6 by BBThemes! Details below!

Hey everyone, welcome back to the BlackBerry Theme Roundup! If you have developed a theme you want to share or be featured in the contest, or if you just see a really good one out there somewhere, send it in! Send an email to themeroundup[at] for consideration. In the meantime, check out this week's picks and enter to win a free copy of Shadow of 6 by BBThemes! Contest details after the break.

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Dear RIM: Can we please get some accessibility options on the BlackBerry PlayBook ASAP?

You won't find Accessibility Options on your PlayBook, but hopefully RIM will put it there soon!

There's no doubt RIM is hard at work further improving the BlackBerry PlayBook and BlackBerry Tablet OS. We know they have a lot of things on the go, and we know there are a lot of things that current PlayBook owners have on their immediate list of wants. If you want a good overview on that topic, be sure to check out the CrackBerry forum thread titled Suggestions to RIM for PlayBook. So while the BlackBerry Tablet OS is relatively young and the improvements are coming, the big thing is prioritizing that list. Obviously native email and PIM is big, as are requests for improvements to the autotext and BlackBerry Bridge (need BBM!), and people want video chat. One item that may go unnoticed by many but is the MOST important to some are ACCESSBILITY options. I understand the need for these to be built into the device asap, so that's why were running this open letter to RIM here on the blogs, submitted to us by Aaron Baier. You can read the letter below. And Aaron, I hope RIM hears the message and gets your extra OS options in there soon!

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BlackBerry 6.1 is now named BlackBerry 7! (and no, it is not QNX based)

If you're a CrackBerry regular, you'll know both the operating system names BlackBerry 6.1 and BlackBerry 7 have been talked about quite a bit. BlackBerry 6.1 is the evolutionary upgrade to BlackBerry 6, and its existence and some of its features have already been announced by Research In Motion back at DevCon Asia at the start of the year (you can learn even more about it's features in our 2011 Roadmap post).

BlackBerry 7 has been rumored about too, and so far has been acknowledged as being that magical unicorn OS that finally brings the best of the traditional BlackBerry OS and BlackBerry Tablet OS together for a QNX-based Smartphone. At least that was the case... until now.

We've now received word from numerous sources that next week at BlackBerry World we'll see BlackBerry 6.1 now be unveiled as BlackBerry 7. And no, it won't be QNX-based so don't get your hopes up for that. Why the name change? We're not totally sure. Since the new OS will launch on new devices (I hope they announce the BlackBery Bold 9900 next week!) it could be they wanted to up the 6.1 value proposition with a new-sounding OS to match the new hardware. Or it could be that because some of the new features in BlackBerry 6.1/7 require hardware that's not currently in BlackBerry 6 Smartphones, that we won't see 6.1/7 hit current BlackBerry 6 phones so RIM wanted to differentiate the OS numbers a bit further than one decimal place. Keep in mind on our 2011 roadmap we also saw references to a "lite" version of BlackBerry 6.1 - so hopefully that means we'll still seem solid updates come to current BlackBerry 6 devices.

And I guess this news means that BlackBerry 8 is now the QNX-based phone OS a lot of us will be waiting for (though we keep hearing these new phones are super sweet so I'm still looking forward to BlackBerry 7).  Ahh well, I'm sure we'll know more soon, so keep it locked to as we hit Orlando for BlackBerry World next week! 

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Brick Breakout for the BlackBerry PlayBook now available

Have you been wanting more games on your BlackBerry PlayBook but having trouble finding something to keep you busy? How about a little Brick Breakout? From Smarter Apps (makers of Angry Farm), this twist on the classic BrickBreaker puts you in a construction site where you break through wooden beams, classic bricks, pipes and concrete slabs.

Unleash the devastating power of hidden power-ups which transform your paddle into one of many efficient tools to become the ultimate brick breaker! Seek out the power of multi ball madness, super balls that tear a path of destruction, the rapid fire of the nail gun, the super extended paddle, or sticky paddle for controlled strikes to break your targets into splinters. Also hidden beneath the debris, you'll find extra lives, score multipliers to earn points faster, and the most devastating force yet in your arsenal.

With 33 levels, power-ups and free upgrades, Brick Breakout it sure to keep you entertained for quite a while. While we can't have everyone's favorite BlackBerry game on the PlayBook, Brick Breakout really does the trick.

Brick Breakout is available now in BlackBerry App World for $2.99 (If you don't see it now keep checking back - it's just rolling out and should show up for everyone soon). 

More info/download of Brick Breakout

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Want an official Dropbox client on your BlackBerry PlayBook? Vote to help make it happen

Just yesterday, we asked what apps you would like to see arrive on the BlackBerry PlayBook and not surprisingly -- Dropbox was one of them. Luckily for Dropbox users and PlayBook owners, Dropbox has a voting system in place on their site so that users may sugget and vote on new features and additions they'd like to see happen.

A native BlackBerry PlayBook application is now on that list so, if you're among the many that want a native client then head on over to the Dropbox Votebox page and cast your vote. Every bit helps and if enough votes are racked up, Dropbox can then get started on planning the app.

Vote for an official Dropbox client on the BlackBerry PlayBook

Via: BerryReview

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How Do You Use Your BlackBerry Playbook - Do you use a case for your PlayBook?

  Do you use a case on your BlackBerry PlayBook?survey software  

Taking off on our How Do You Use Your BlackBerry series, forums member valorian suggested we change it up a bit and ask some questions about the PlayBook and I totally agree. So to get things started we'll go with something quick and easy. The BlackBerry PlayBook comes with a sweet neoprene sleeve out of the box. I totally love it and used it religiously the first few days I had my device. I did use the PlayBook Barely There case for a bit, but I have since purchased the PlayBook convertible case however, and can't say that I'll ever stray from it. It does just what I need and it is truly an awesome case. So PlayBook owners: do you use a BlackBerry PlayBook case of any kind on your device? We want to know if you use the neoprene sleeve, a different case or just go out naked! Cast your vote in the poll above, then leave a comment letting us know!

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Weekly Accessory Roundup - Win a set of Bluetooth stereo headphones!

Enter to win a set of Bluetooth headphones for your BlackBerry! Keep reading for details.

Often times when looking for new accessories for your favorite BlackBerry devices most of the time is spent looking for a case, a dock or a new battery -- but one thing that is usually forgotten about is a nice set of Bluetooth headphones for while on the go. Many of us love musi and love our BlackBerry, and with Pandora, TuneIn Radio, or any of the other great options that are available, we are not always in ideal places to be able to listen to the music through the speaker of the device. Whether in the airport, on a bus, train or sitting in the office with a few minutes of down time, you most likely don't want to blast your music for others to hear, so why not carry around a set of Bluetooth headphones with you while on the go?

Most of us are used to the constant tangles and all the time spent trying to figure out the nasty knots that are created by carrying around conventional headphones, but those days are gone, as you can simply pick up a set of Bluetooth headphones, and be wireless while on the go. With up to six hours of play / talk time, and four days of standby time these are perfect to charge and throw in your bag to carry around with you for those random times you may need it. In addition to being able to listen to music with them, if you get a phone call the music player will pause, and you will be able to field your phone call right from the same headset, which is great because you don't have to take them off and put them on each and every time. If music is a part of your life, and you enjoy listening on the go and want to remove all the wires from your life, Bluetooth headphones are a must have for you.

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How to switch BlackBerry devices

[ youtube link for mobile viewing ]

What happens when you get a new BlackBerry? There's an incredible amount of data on your old device: phone numbers, email address, and physical addresses of your contactsemailsWi-Fi settingsBBM contacts... The list goes on. Thankfully, you needn't concern yourself; BlackBerry Desktop Software does it all for you.

After connecting to BlackBerry Desktop Software, the device switch wizard is much like an Operating System upgrade. Only this time, you'll be upgrading your smartphone. The wizard will copy all of your selected data from the old device and then ask you to connect your new BlackBerry.  Transfer your SIM and (if you have one) media cards to the new device, insert the battery, and connect back to your computer.

After clicking next, the software takes care of the rest. The whole process should take somewhere between 45 minutes to an hour; less if you choose to transfer data only, not applications.

As always, more complete instructions are after the break.

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Tabula Rasa - How to wipe the data from your BlackBerry device, removing all personal information

[ youtube link for mobile viewing ]

There will come a day when you and your BlackBerry part ways. Though that stalwart piece of technology has served honorably, there are always something new upon the horizon. On that sad, sad day, there will be many heartfelt speeches about all the good times together. Tears well up as you check your email one... last... time...

Who am I fooling? You're going to be too excited about your new BlackBerry to really care about the old one! Once you've completed the Device Switch, your old phone is next to forgotten. Take a moment, though, to consider what will happen to that BlackBerry. Will it need to be returned to the warranty or insurance center? Will you donate your phone to a worthy charity? Passed down to a friend or family member? Thrown in the garbage? (not recommended)

Before you do, make sure to remove your personal data from the device. If you don't wipe the data from your BlackBerry, you're basically saying, "Here's all my information. I want to get my identity stolen by the random person who gets this phone!" Don't give away your life story; prepare your BlackBerry for its next life by removing all of your data, leaving your old BlackBerry a tabula rasa for its next owner.

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CrackBerry on Twitter

Over 65,000 followers on Twitter. Sure does sound impressive right? Well, yes, and no, we know there are a lot more BlackBerry lovers out there who are on Twitter, and the fact that they are not following to keep up to date with all the latest news is rather sad. So, what's the delay, go find us on Twitter, and hit that follow button, and be sure to give us a shout. Spread the word, tell your aunts, uncles, friends, sisters, parents, teachers, whoever you need to tell that they should be following us to keep up to date with all things BlackBerry. Also feel free to tweet us some questions, and be interactive, we will do our best to answer and help out as much as possible!

Don't live in the US? No problem, instead be sure to keep up to date with all the international news via the CrackBerryWorld Twitter feed.

Keep up to date with the latest BlackBerry accessories to enter the ShopCrackBerry store via the ShopCrackBerry Twitter feed, and as always keep your eye on CrackBerryKevin's feed for his random give aways!

Need help with your BlackBerry? Our team of CrackBerry Twelpers is ready to help! Just shoot us a Tweet @crackberry and we'll get you sorted out!

No more delays, get to following!

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RIM aquires cloud-based scheduler

RIM has made another great aquisition today and announced that Tungle has joined the RIM team. is a cloud-based scheduling provider that allows users to share appointments regardless of their platform. The addition of Tungle will help expand the current calendar system on the BlackBerry platform and make it even better for users.

Tungle is a leading provider of cloud-based calendar and scheduling services that makes it easy for users to share their availability and schedule appointments regardless of their choice of desktop, mobile or cloud-based calendar. Tungle connects users on Google, Yahoo!, FaceBook, TripIt, Plancast, Outlook, iCal, LotusNotes, LotusLive, and WindowsLive. If you are not already familiar with them you can find out more about Tungle at 

No word on the terms of the deal or just how will be used in the future, but it definitely means bigger and better things for RIM. Tungle has had a BlackBerry app for a while now (which is pretty awesome) but they should obviously move away from that now and we can hope for native integration into the BlackBerry OS.

Source: Inside BlackBerry

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Fancy Smileys adds smiles and flags to your email and SMS

So you would love to have all those great characters to use in your emails, SMS & BBM messages but really don't want to have to pay for them right? Well now you don't have too! The folks over at AFBB have released Fancy Smileys and best of's FREE! Through this app you can send colored smiles and country flag in BlackBerry® Messenger and unicode characters in EMAIL, SMS, IMs and status messages!


  • More than 300 Colored Smiles and over 200 flags for BBM v5.0
  • Integrates to any text field
  • Supports all Unicode symbols and characters
  • Neat category tabs for easy access
  • Insert More than 1 Smiley under Multi-Character Mode
More information/download of Fancy Smileys

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Official OS for the BlackBerry Pearl 3G from Rogers

It's only been a short while since BlackBerry Pearl 3G owners had some official OS love. Last update being, OS from Telus made some users happy but now, Rogers has gone ahead and released OS for all. You can hit up the Rogers BlackBerry download page to grab the update and of course, if you're not a Rogers user -- just simply delete the vendor.xml file and you are up and running. Only to fair to note, this update works on the 9105 as well. Thanks, rroyy!

Download OS from Rogers
Discuss more in the forums

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BlackBerry Bold touch gets Wi-Fi Alliance certification

Considering pretty much everything else about the BlackBerry Bold touch has already been leaked, we figured we might as well really drive the information home and let you all know that the device -- the "BlackBerry Bold 9900" as it is designated within the Wi-Fi Alliance has now received their certification.

Although the documentation is rather short on any finer details, it does indeed confirm the BlackBerry Bold touch has 2.4GHz & 5GHz Wi-Fi bands on board. Something that came up in the spec sheets leaks previously but is now no longer in question at all.

How many days is it until BlackBerry World? Let's just hope RIM comes up with a different way to introduce it rather then showing us a video we've already seen and you know, gives us a launch date since that really is the only thing left remaining to leak out or be confirmed at this point.

Source: Wi-Fi Alliance via Pocket Now

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BlackBerry Messenger v6.0.0.73 now available in the BlackBerry Beta Zone

If you're already a member of the BlackBerry Beta Zone then you'll likely want to sign in to see if you have BlackBerry Messenger 6.0 as an available download option. You will of course need to sign up and agree to the terms of use but in return you get a fresh, new release of BlackBerry Messenger. v6.0.0.73 if you need the exact details. This time around, RIM has also included a change log for us all to make use of so, check it out below:

You may not notice very many visible changes between BBM 5.0 and BBM 6.0 at this time, but stay tuned! For now, here are a few new things you might notice in this version:

  • Updated BBM branding
  • More "snappy" and responsive feel
  • Visual distinction of message drafts vs. sent messages
  • Any alerts set for SMS contacts are now preserved in BBM once an SMS contact is integrated with BBM
  • Invite a Text Messaging Contact -- it's now easier to search contacts
  • Location Search -- you can now search for a location before sending, similar to the Location Search experience via SMS
  • Location Sending -- you can now detect your location with cell tower triangulation or GPS
  • Appointment Sending -- sending appointment or calendar events is now a similar experience to that of sending an appointment via SMS

Again, no visual changes really but we'll take it. Also, although it's not noted in the change log -- we'd be surprised if there wasn't some stuff built in there for the PlayBook as well but that of course is just speculation.

More information / Join the BlackBerry Beta Zone

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Secret videos - How to hide and unhide videos on your BlackBerry smartphone

[ youtube link for mobile viewing ]

Last week, we told you how to hide and unhide pictures on your BlackBerry. In the comments, both sergeh and moheysaleh asked about hiding videos as well. CrackBerry is nothing if not accommodating. You ask, we answer.

When hiding a picture, you can view the picture, select properties and check the Hidden box. Videos, on the other hand, cannot be hidden this way. You'll need to use the file explorer to first find your video, and you'll need to know exactly where it is on you BlackBerry.  The search feature in the explorer only searches the current folder, not all folders as with Universal Search.

From the Media folder or the media tab (where you can select Pictures, Videos, ringtones, etc.), open the menu and select Explore. Browse the folders on your BlackBerry or memory card to find your video. Videos taken with the BlackBerry's camera can be found in the folder Media Card\BlackBerry\videos.

Highlight your video, open the menu, and select Properties. Inside the File Explorer, the Properties window gains an extra option, the Hidden checkbox. Checking this box will immediately hide your video. To find it again inside the Explorer, open the menu and select Show All. Your hidden video will appear greyed out with grey text.

To unhide your video, simply repeat the process. In the File Explorer, highlight your video; open the menu; and select properties. Uncheck the Hidden box to make your video accessible again.

And finally, did we miss something? Is there a BlackBerry 101 that we haven't written yet? Send an email to blackberry101(at) If we write an article based on your suggestion, we'll be sure to let everybody know.

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