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CrackBerry Reminder: What you may have missed this week

What You May Have Missed BlackBerry PlayBook vs. Apple iPad 2 vs. HP Touchpad and Android Tablets BlackBerry Messenger coming to Android and iOS?! BlackBerry Protect rumored launch dates emerge Facebook for BlackBerry officially updated to version  Leaked Software Roadmap Shows BIS 4.1 and BlackBerry 7 Contest Reminders Bellshare brithday blowout! Win a combo case for your...

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[ youtube video link for mobile viewing ] QNX was on at hand at Embedded World 2011, as such they were giving off demos of the BlackBerry PlayBook and the whole QNX ecosystem of devices. The video above gives us a rather revealing walk-through of the BlackBerry PlayBook while highlighting a lot of the technical aspects of the OS that interests many folks out there. While Research In...

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BlackBerry at SXSW - What may we see?

With SXSW (South by Southwest) set to kick-off on March 11 we're starting to see a lot of promotion for the events happening and we can't but notice some of them are being sponsored by Research In Motion. We're definitely expecting some PlayBook news to come from the event and more likely then some lead-up announcements before the event opens up. While we'll have to wait for the official news...

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BlackBerry 9900 outed via UAProf document?

If you've been following BlackBerry pre-release devices for a while now you'll know the BlackBerry 9900 is a number that has been referenced on many occasions in the past. The only problem with that is that its reference alone leads down a long path of both real and fake devices. Most of which are touch based, Bold iterations. The latest usage of the BlackBerry 9900 is massive step forward to...

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Leaked Software Roadmap Shows BIS 4.1 and BlackBerry 7 Are Coming!

There's nothing better than leaked BlackBerry info on a Saturday! These new 2011 BlackBerry Software Roadmap slides (more below) show off some interesting details. Most of it is pretty basic and what you'd expect - updates to apps including Facebook, Twitter, Ticketmaster, Social Feeds, App World, BlackBerry News, etc.. Ugrades to BIS are also coming.The most exciting item listed on the Roadmap...

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After a six month hiatus, 9of13 Theme Assimilations is back in the theme game with Graffiti Six. This cool theme is decked out with custom graffiti icons and fonts throughout and is available in four different colors (red, green, blue, and purple). Graffiti Six also features the newly popular text clock, which I think looks awesome with this style of theme! This one is definitely worth checking...

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Review: iGrip Charging Dock for the BlackBerry Torch 9800

Want to win an iGrip Charging Dock for the Torch 9800 from Keep reading for contest details. Been looking for a safer way to handle your BlackBerry while in the car? Most anywhere you live now, there are restrictions on how you can use your cellphone while operating a motor vehicle. Infractions can result in fines and/or points on your license. But there are accessories out...

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BlackBerry Protect now available (open beta) in North America and Latin America

RIM just let us know that the long talked about BlackBerry Protect app/service is now available to users. We took a detailed look at this wayyy back in July 2010, so check out our BlackBerry Protect Preview to get up to speed. BlackBerry Protect is a free application that allows users to wirelessly backup, restore and locate their BlackBerry smartphone. In the event that their BlackBerry...

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Remember all those important events with ThinkOfMe - 15 copies to be won!

CrackBerry is celebrating their 4th Birthday all week so why not give away a birthday reminder app! Back in January, we introduced you to an app called ThinkOfMe. This app keeps track of all your contacts' birthdays & anniversaries. The developers over at 4People Software Ltd, a BlackBerry Alliance Select member since October of 2010, just recently put out an update and offered up 15...

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How do you use your BlackBerry: When do you charge your BlackBerry?

When do you charge your BlackBerry?customer surveys   Here's one that was asked of me and I was very curious to know the results as well. Ever since I've owned a BlackBerry I've popped it on my charger overnight. I usually don't eat too much of the battery during the day, but if I do of course I'll charge it when I need to. I know others that like to use a charger whenever they can - be...

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Official OS for the BlackBerry Style 9670 from MTS Mobility

Here you go Style users. MTS Mobility has released OS for the taking. No reports of the good, bad or ugly on this one yet, so give it a go and let us know. We haven't seen too many updates for the Style since release, so hopefully this one is fairly solid. Play around a bit then head into the forums and post your findings. As always, use caution when updating you device. If you're...

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[ youtube video link for mobile viewing ] A couple of weeks ago, I realized it was time to replace my old case. I'd never let my BlackBerry go anywhere without one, but this case was looking pretty ratty. I knew I wanted something to protect against my arch-enemy, gravity, as well as everyday dings and scratches. I found what I was looking for in the Seidio Innocase Active Case. Trouble...

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CrackBerry Birthday Contest: Win the case of your choice from OtterBox!

We keep on rolling with the birthday goodness. Next up we have some cases courtesy of OtterBox. As in previous years, 10 lucky winners will receive the case of their choice from OtterBox. This means you can choose from any of their great line including the Defender series, Impact series and Commuter series cases. They are available in a variety of styles for most devices and are certainly the...

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BlackBerry App Roundup for March 4th, 2011! Win 1 of 25 copies of Blink!

Howdy and welcome to the weekly app roundup! Is it true? Can it really be true?! Do we finally have a release date for the PlayBook? Now that I think about it, it’s pretty close to my son’s Birthday. It’ll make the perfect present. So what if he’s turning 4, I can look after the PlayBook until he’s a bit older…right? Today, we announce the winners of the US Holidays 2011 giveaway and also...

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CrackBerry Birthday Contest: Bellshare brithday blowout!

 Bellshare has been kind enough to kick in tons of apps for our readers to end our Birthday week. We have a total of 700 copies of their apps up for grabs so we'll make a bunch of readers very happy. Its plain and simple and breaks down like this: 50 copies of BerryWeather 50 copies of BerryReader 100 copies of BeBuzz 100 copies of BerryPopup 200 copies of BerryMail 200 copies of SmartAlerts...

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BlackBerry 101: The ABCs of Speed Dials

Speed dials are a convenient way to access your most frequently dialed contacts without going through the address book. Plain and simple, they allow you to press as few keys as possible. Stay connected with friends and family with just a simple touch of a button. So for those of you who are new to BlackBerry here is a rundown of assigning and using speed dials on your device. Speed Dial...

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CrackBerry Birthday Contest: Win a combo case for your BlackBerry from Seidio!

  Still going strong in our birthday celebration we have some cases to give away as well. Seidio has offered up 10 combos for any device for our readers. Winners will be able to choose from Active, Rugged or Surface so you can find one that suits your needs. The combo includes both the holster and case for your device so you'll have a great setup when on the go. Seidio is also running a Name...

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I have never really been into any of the cross-platform, BBM-like instant messaging services. But LiveProfile is the one that I have been waiting for. I have used it for iOS and Android and must say, it is my 2nd favorite IM client, behind BBM of course. The app features familiar sent, delivered, and read notifications, "is typing a message", as well as a PIN system for adding friends (...

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BlackBerry PlayBook coming to Bell Mobility

While Rogers confirmed they'd be carrying the BlackBerry PlayBook for quite some time now, the majority of other carriers in Canada have not really had too much to say. Bell however, might as well have just confirmed the device on their network through no doing of their own. The Source's latest flyer contains the "coming soon" ad you see above. Considering the Source only sells Bell products...

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