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Wedding Organizer for BlackBerry Smartphones; keeping couples sane one task at a time

Wedding Organizer

It should come as no suprise to anyone, there is a whole lot of stuff that goes into the planning of a wedding, and it can be rather easy to overlook something that needs to be done if you are not meticulous and extremely organized. No one wants to carry around a notepad with them everywhere they go so they know what has been done, and what needs to be done, so why not just keep all the information in your beloved BlackBerry since it is always with you anyways.

Inside the Wedding Organizer application you will find 172 tasks (told you there was a lot) organized into 17 categories such as attire, beauty, honeymoon and more, which allow you to focus on a single section if you want, or just complete the tasks randomly. Each task is given a timeframe for the completion, which is based on how far before the wedding it should be done, like 2 to 3 months or the day before, allowing you to know where you stand at all times. If the 172  tasks included aren't enough you are able to add your own to the list so you can ensure that you don't miss anything for your big day. So if you are in the planning stages, or plan to be popping the big question soon pick up your very own copy of Wedding Organizer for only $2.99 from the CrackBerry Store while it is on sale.

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SmrtGuard celebrates their 2 year anniversary - Enter to win a BlackBerry PlayBook or a subscription to SmrtGuard!

SmrtGuard Contest

The guys at SmrtGuard are celebrating their 2 year anniversay in style. To help spread the love, they're running a contest where you could win a 16GB BlackBerry Playbook, a lifetime license to SmrtGuard Pro or a 1-year SmrtGuard Pro subscription. What do you have to do to enter? If you're an existing SmrtGuard subscriber then you're already entered and good to go. If you haven't tried using the app yet, just do the following to enter the contest:

  1. Head to BlackBerry App World or visit to download the FREE version of SmrtGurad and sign up.
  2. Activate your account and you're done.

That's all there is to it! Just be sure to activate your account between now and June 3rd 2011 - winners will be picked by July 1st 2011.

New users can also grab SmrtGuard 1 Year at a huge 60% off. Just head to the link below and use the code SGCB2BDAY. Good luck! Please note the coupon code will only work in our mobile app store or mobile app store client. If you want to learn more about SmrtGuard check out the link below, and to see how it compares to BlackBerry Protect visit this link.

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BlackBerry Bold 9900 simulator surfaces online

Bold 9900

Since not all of us were able to attend BlackBerry World this year that means that we all had to live out the Bold 9900, and OS7 through our computer screens by watching hands on videos from those who were lucky enough to play with it. If you have been dying to get your hands on OS7 and see how it differs from OS6, and to get a little alone time with the 9900, you can now simulate that relationship with the device simulator. So, if you aren't out with the family at a bbq, or doing something else this Memorial Day weekend give it a download and check it out for yourself.

    Click here to download the BlackBerry Bold 9900 Device Simulator 
      Source: N4BB

      Blockheads by Critter Creative - A fast paced game for the BlackBerry PlayBook

      Blockheads by Critter Creative

      Think you have fast reflexes and even faster fingers? Put them to the test with Blockheads by Critter Creative for the BlackBerry PlayBook! The game will feel familiar to most of you as it's in the bubble popping category, but it's also got a bit of a Tetris feel, as rows of blocks drop from above while you eliminate groups of same-colored blocks from below. Blockheads is fast-paced, entertaining, and challenging as the ever shifting rows and columns of blocks stack up. Work fast to eliminate blocks before the stacks reach the red line, or it's game over. This is a game you'll return to again and again for a quick game or to entertain the kids. The graphics are bright and colorful and the game plays smoothly and without lag. You can pick Blockheads up for just $.99 in BlackBerry App World.

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      A quick look at the new BlackBerry Protect options coming with BlackBerry 7

      [ youtube video link for mobile viewing ]

      As you may or may not have noticed from some of the leaked device videos of recent, BlackBerry Protect is getting an upgrade in BlackBerry 7, all while becoming deeply integrated into the BlackBerry OS. The above video shows us some of the new options that will be available when the new version rolls out.

      That's not to say anyone who isn't on BlackBerry 7 won't get the new features. Essentially, RIM could roll this out to every compatible BlackBerry device tomorrow if they wanted as an update to the already existing standalone BlackBerry Protect application but having it built-in on newer devices just makes sense. Thanks, @rr_yy!

      Music Credits: ccMixter

      Lock BlackBerry Messenger - Password Protect your BBMs

      Lock BlackBerry Messenger

      When it comes to my device I can be pretty careless. I'm constantly losing it at home or misplacing it at work. Normally there's nothing on there that would come back to haunt me as I'm a pretty boring person. However, my BBM's are a different story. That's where Lock BlackBerry Messenger by Ajani InfoTech comes into play. It keeps your BBM messages secure without locking the rest of your device down. This way you still have access to other applications such as such as your phone, internet, apps, and email.

      This is a pretty good app when it comes to your personal privacy and security. Plus it's very easy to use. Simply enter in your new password and choose whether to enable / disable the lock. Anytime you click on your BBM icon or access via the app switcher you're prompted to enter in your password. It even pops up when entering and exiting BBM Groups which in my case is a good thing.

      I did notice that it does not prevent BBM access from the messages application and doesn't time out if you're chatting and put your device down. These little hiccups aside if you would like to keep your BBM's hidden from unwanted eyes then this is the app for you.

      Features Include:

      • Password protect BlackBerry Messenger app.
      • Quickly switch between Lock and Unlock mode.
      • Neat and clean graphics. Appealing to eyes.
      • Passwords must be 4 characters or greater

      Lock BlackBerry Messenger: Password Protect BlackBerry Messenger is available for $1.99 for all devices running OS 4.2 and higher. For a limited time it's on sale for $0.99. You can't go wrong with that.

      More information / purchase at BlackBerry App World 

      PingChat! updates to v2.4.3 – Lets you release your ID to switch devices


      PingChat! is one of many cross platform instant messaging applications that lets you chat with friends and family on other devices without touching your text messaging plan. While nothing can beat BlackBerry Messenger, it lets me communicate with those around me especially traitorous family members who switched platforms. Just kidding, I love my family. As long as I get to keep my S and R it's all good.

      The only thing I didn't like about PingChat! was switching devices. It was not a friendly process at all. Usually it required unregistering the Ping! ID from the old device and re-registering on the new one or creating a new one when all else fails. Good news is this latest release lets users switch devices by clicking on "Release Old Account" from the signup screen. So if you haven't grabbed the other recent updates be sure to pick this one up.

      More information / download PingChat! from BlackBerry App World 

      Spot The Differences– An addicting puzzle game for the BlackBerry PlayBook

      Spot the Differences 

      On the finale of NBC's the Office, Pam averted a crisis when she handed acting manager Creed two pictures and said he needed to find the differences between them for home office. Of course those were fake but it brought back memories of being a kid and playing all sorts of puzzles and brain teasers. Now you can relive your youth and take it with you on your BlackBerry PlayBook with Spot the Differences by Daniel Mark Wright.

      Spot the Differences is a great way to both entertain and educate children (and adults) of all ages. Game play is just what it says. You are given two images side by side and asked to find the differences between them: one being the original, the other an altered version with items added or deleted. Your task is to find all five of these alterations. If you do, tap on the screen at the exact spot and a red box appears outlining each one. From the bottom you can track how many there are, current score, time left, and hints remaining. Better hurry though as the timer goes down faster with each wrong answer or tap.

      The game comes with three levels of difficulty: easy, medium, and hard. They vary in terms of how fast the timer counts down for that round. Images are the same for all three levels and in the same order (not jumbled). My only wish is that it didn't send me back to the beginning when I lose. Although that hasn't deterred me as I still haven't gotten through all of them yet. I do have to point out that the images are absolutely stunning on the PlayBook and make for some really challenging rounds.

      I must admit this is not always as simple as it looks and is frustrating when all available hints are exhausted. I probably spend more time staring at the images than is really necessary. Spot the Differences not only gives you hours of fun but improves your powers of observation and concentration at the same time. Best part is it's absolutely free! So head on over to BlackBerry App World and get your copy today.

      More information / download from BlackBerry App World 

      BlackBerry Torch 2 leaks continue, this time on video!

      No surprise here but, the BlackBerry Torch 2 leaks are continuing. First was some low lighted images then came the higher res ones and now -- a video. Although it's not the first time we've seen the BlackBerry Torch 2 on video, it does give us one of the better walkthroughs of the hardware and software from a pre-release perspective. Revisiting the specs on the BlackBerry Torch 2:

      • Processor: 1.2 GHz processor
      • Radio: Quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE ; Tri-band HSPA 14.4Mbps
      • Display: 3.2" VGA - 480 x 640 capacitive touchscreen display
      • Memory: 8GB storage + 768MB RAM + up to 32GB MicroSD
      • Connectivity: WiFi + Bluetooth + NFC
      • Camera: 5 MP
      • Battery: 1300MAh battery
      • Dimension: 14.6mm thick
      • Sensors: magnetometer

      By now, this thing has leaked onto the web so many times we're really starting to wonder when RIM will actually put the official stamp on it and announce it. Previous Torch owners, after having watched the video will be upgrading to the BlackBerry Torch 2 or will you be holding out for something better? Sound off in the comments and let us know.

      Source: Technobuffalo

      Count your calories on the go with Calorie Counter by MyFitnessPal


      Now a days it is very important to many to watch what they are eating, and to ensure that they are getting the proper amount of nutrients during the day, and without having intense knowledge about it knowing what to eat and what to substitute can be a bit difficult. At the end of March the folks at MyFitnessPal LLC brought their extremely popular Calorie Counter application to BlackBerry devices, and it is a great tool to help you manage your caloric intake on a daily basis. Initiail set up is quite simple, they ask for you height, current weight, goal weight, and your activity level, then after selecting how much weight you want to lose per week it will set a calorie goal for you per day.

      Simply add the foods, drinks and snacks you have throughout the day as you consume them, and add any type of extra activities you are doing, be it a walk, run, or any other cardio activity, and it will update accordingly. Users can weigh themselves every night, and enter the information which will generate a weight loss graph for you, and also after all foods for the day have been entered, and you select to submit them, it will tell you how much you would weigh if you continued to eat like you did that day in five weeks. For a free application, this offers plenty of features, and is a huge help for anyone who needs a bit of extra help in shedding some extra pounds they have been carrying around, so be sure to grab your very own copy from AppWorld today.

      More information / download of Calorie Counter by MyFitnessPal

      Ladies, track your period on the go with Period Calendar Deluxe

      Period Calendar Deluxe

      Something that many ladies like to keep track of is their fertility window, and marking it on home calendars is great, but while on the go it is easy to forget. Not everyone wants reminders of it on their personal or work calendars, and lucky for you the folks at MobiDala have created Period Calendar Deluxe to help you track all the vital information while on the go.  While it may seem a bit silly to have an application like this you would be surprised at how much information is tracked by users in the application, giving you a much better understanding of it, and what to expect and when each month.

      Users can track the start and end dates, levels of cramping, temperatures, days which birth control is taken and much much more. The calendar will show which dates of the cycle are most fertile, and it even claims that it can show which days are most likely to conceive boys vs girls, and also help predict a due date. While some of these features are a bit much for the average user, it can be much simpler by allowing you to just add your information to keep track of just the cycles. Once recorded the data can be saved and extracted as a .csv file to view on the computer if you wish. If you want to keep track of your cycle while on the go, be sure to grab Period Calendar Deluxe from the CrackBerry Store for $3.99 while it is on sale!

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      South Africa honors BlackBerry as the 'Coolest Brand Overall'

      South Africa honors BlackBerry as the 'Coolest Brand Overall'

      In Sunday Times' Generation Next 2011 Brand Survey Awards, BlackBerry was hailed as the Coolest Brand Overall, with top honors in the Coolest High-Tech Gadget and Coolest Cellphone categories. The outcomes of the 7th yearly Generation Next Brand Survey Awards had been declared in Johannesburg on Wednesday, and one of the prime reasons for declaring BlackBerry the Coolest Brand Overall was BBM just as I thought earlier. BBM was, in fact, awarded with 'Best Cellphone Application'. Craige Fleischer, Regional Director Southern Africa at RIM, shares his excitement pointing out that the active youth of today is what made everything possible:

      "Generation Y’s choice of BlackBerry for the coolest brand overall reflects the importance the smartphone has assumed in the increasingly connected lives of a tech-savvy generation. The BlackBerry smartphone is a social tool and a lifestyle device that keeps them in touch with everything that matters to them."

      As part of Generation Y myself, I can only say that I wholeheartedly agree. My BlackBerry smartphone is definitely a powerful social tool and it helps me keep up with my daily chores, something my BlackBerry does particularly well. But what are your thoughts on this? Is BlackBerry along with BBM the killer combo every teenager has dreamed of - or are there better options available? Voice your opinion in the comments!

      Source: Newstime

      StoryMasher for the BlackBerry PlayBook - Entertain the kids with interactive stories!

      StoryMasher for BlackBerry PlayBook

      It's Memorial Day weekend here in the US, and for a lot of people that means travel and vacation. If you're off on a trip with the kids, whether by car or plane or whatever, you know they will probably have some of those "Are we there yet?" and "I'm bored!!" moments. I found a fun app for the BlackBerry PlayBook that's not only entertaining, but will keep them reading all weekend long, and hopefully beyond!

      StoryMasher is a new version of the old Mad Libs we used to play as kids. You choose the story, and the game asks you for words (noun, verb, a number, etc) without letting you see the story. Once you've inputted all the words, the story populates with your words in the blank spots, resulting in silliness and lots of giggles. My kids love this game and play it over and over and over, which I don't mind because it encourages them to read and re-enforces basic skills they learned at school.

      There are two versions of StoryMasher, free and paid. The free version is more of a trial, with two stories to choose from. The paid version is just $.99 and comes with 6 stories to choose from. The stories are all reusable (unlike the paper version), and every time you play the story will change up, so they are always fresh. You can save your mashed up stories and answers for sharing later. The game is laid out so that the kids can navigate around on their own, which is great if they're in the backseat and you're driving. Be prepared for lots of laughing!

      For more information/screenshots and to download StoryMasher Free
      For more information/screenshots and to purchase StoryMasher

      XIMAD’s Ninja Shooter for BlackBerry now available

      XIMAD’s Ninja Shooter for BlackBerry now available

      If you're into bubble shooter style games, then XIMAD has just what you are looking for. Their latest game, Ninja Shooter is now for BlackBerry smartphones and features classic bubble shooter aspects using panda bears and ninjas this time around. Like all XIMAD games thus far, the graphics are well done and gameplay can range from easy to hard. From their press release:

      Prepare for hours of fun with this creative twist on the classic game Bubble Shooter! The feud between Pandas and Ninjas is very old. So old in fact, that no one remembers when it started. We do however remember what’s more sacred… The Panda. And that just means one thing, those sneaky and violent Ninjas NEED to go! With your help, we can get rid of the nasty Ninjas, preserve our lovely peace-loving Pandas, and protect their freedom! Match three or more Ninjas of the same color to remove them from the field, earning points for each removed ninja. Pandas will turn to ninja of any color and can help you to win the game! Good luck and let the fun begin!

      Ninja Shooter is available now in BlackBerry App World for only $1.99, hit the app world link below for the full run down of available devices.

      View Ninja Shooter in BlackBerry App World

      Contest: Win 1 of 30 copies of the hot new theme Naturize Premium by Berry Glow Designs!

      Naturize Premium by Berry Glow Designs

      Last week we let you know about a free theme called Naturize by Berry Glow Designs. They were so happy with how well the theme was received, that they have now released a premium version, with all the same visual elements you loved in the free version, but with a completely overhauled layout.  Instead of the stock BB6 UI, Naturize Premium features a unique split-sliding dock, a weather slot, and a sweet little hidden icon for Twitter for BlackBerry. The wallpaper included with Naturize is awesome, but if you are a wallpaper fanatic, you will find that this theme is wallpaper friendly so change it up all you want. The icons throughout are crisp and clear, and I still love the green highlights in the menus and message screens. Naturize Premium is on sale for $1.99 (regularly $3.99) and is compatible with Blackberry 85xx, 89xx, 9000, 93xx, 95xx, 96xx, 97xx, and 9800.

      For more information/screenshots and to purchase Naturize Premium

      Contest: We have 30 copies of Naturize Premium to give away this weekend courtesy of Berry Glow Designs! To enter, leave a comment below. One entry per person please, contest ends this Sunday at Midnight. Good luck!

      BelCompany to introduce BlackBerry PlayBook in the Netherlands

      BelCompany to introduce BlackBerry PlayBook in the Netherlands
      Europe, this is for you. After several retailers in the UK announcing the availability of the BlackBerry PlayBook on June 16th, BelCompany is here to do the same for the Netherlands, on the exact same date. Hopefully this means that June 16th marks the launch of the BlackBerry PlayBook in all of Europe, and perhaps other countries countries as well. As far as pricing goes, the BlackBerry PlayBook will be available in 16GB, 32GB and 64GB models at 479€, 579€ and 679€ respectively.

      As a European myself, I am very excited about this; the BlackBerry PlayBook definitely has something to go for it and I really want to see it become available in every part and corner of the world. What do you think? Is it time for the BlackBerry PlayBook to finally shake the tablet market on a global scale? I think YES! ;-)

      BlackBerry PlayBook now available from Zain Bahrain

      BlackBerry PlayBook now available from Zain Bahrain

      Now available at Zain Experience Shops throughout Bahrain, the BlackBerry PlayBook has finally escaped North America to find its way near the western shores of the Persian Gulf. Available at competitive prices, monthly installment purchase plans and direct discounts, the BlackBerry-loving folk of Bahrain now has the ultimate chance to get ahead of the technology race without breaking the bank.

      Ammar Al Samea, Zain Bahrain's Value Added Services & Data Marketing Specialist, sees the introduction of the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet as a milestone achieved and a promise for quality offerings at affordable prices. "The Blackberry PlayBook is perfect for both business and personal use. It is your all-in-one tech device that can solve all your professional as well as your entertainment requirements! We are offering fabulous prizes and packages to offer the people of Bahrain the very best service that they expect from us," he added.

      Definitely, this is huge news. Only a while ago did Europeans announce availability of the BlackBerry PlayBook, but Zain Bahrain actually upped the ante and released this bad boy to its customers. So, am I excited? You bet! Are YOU excited? Chime in on the comments!

      CrackBerry Reminder: What you may have missed this week

      BlackBerry App Roundup for May 27, 2011 - We have 25 copies of Labyrinth 2 to give away! Happy Memorial Day!

      We have 25 copies of Labyrinth 2 by BerryBlowApps to give away! Keep reading to find out how to win!

      BlackBerry App Roundup

      Welcome to this week's BlackBerry App Roundup! We have searched high and low and found some neat apps to share with you this week, so head on past the break to check them out! If you have an app you want to see featured in the roundup be sure to check the end of the post for information on submitting it to us.This week we have 25 copies of Labyrinth 2 by BerryBlowApps to give away! Keep reading for details on how to enter and check out the other contests running this week on the blogs and be sure to enter to win them on their respective posts. To everyone in the United States, have a safe and fun Memorial Day weekend! Don't forget your sunblock. :)

      Another round of BlackBerry Torch 2 photos turns up

      BlackBerry Torch 2

      Although it was only just the other day we saw some new images of the BlackBerry Torch 2 turn up, it has now once again appeared in some new images. This time around we get some better lighting to go ahead and shine on the device to help show it off. We also get a look at the OS running on the device which is now showing as BlackBerry 7 as opposed to the previous leaks which showed off BlackBerry 6.1.

      New images to look at but sadly, it's still rocking that battery door we also saw from previous leaks. I for one, hope they decide to swap that out before an actual release. Not really fond of all that shine that is going on there, anyone else? Few more images can be found after the break, you can also hit up the source link for their full gallery.

      Source: TechnoBuffalo