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BlackBerry Messenger for iPhone coming April 26th? Not really

By now, you've no doubt heard the rumors of BlackBerry Messenger arriving on iOS come April 26. The issue was raised in the forums while many people have stated they'd love to see it happen -- in this case, it's just simply not true. As you all can tell by looking at the posts from yesterday we never made mention of it despite the forums and our poor email inboxes filling up with tips of the...

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Weekly Accessory Roundup - Win a BlackBerry PlayBook accessory of your choice!

Contest: Win a BlackBerry PlayBook accessory of your choice! Keep reading for details. So you are anxiously awaiting that BlackBerry PlayBook to show up on April 19th. You chose your model and now you just have to wait. But what about accessories? Surely you'll need a case or charging pod to make your new tablet the best it can be right? Not to worry we have you covered. We already have a...

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Where's my BLUE (or white or orange?!) BlackBerry PlayBook?

Back at the 2010 BlackBerry Developer Conference where the BlackBerry PlayBook was officially announced, RIM had both black and blue units on display (embedded within glass - click here to see our historic "first hands-on playbook" video). As a fan of gadgets that don't follow the traditional dark/black motif, the blue teaser unit gave me hope that RIM would launch the PlayBook with more than...

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Office Depot now accepting BlackBerry PlayBook pre-orders

If you have been waiting for the early-rumored Office Depot to make the BlackBerry PlayBook available then today is your day. The office retailer is now accepting pre-orders for the tablet that is set to release on April 19th. Same details apply on this one - you can grab the 16GB, 32GB or 64GB versions for $499, $599 and $699. The PlayBook will ship between April 19th and April 21st if you...

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How Do You Use Your Blackberry: Do you play games on your device?

Touchscreen users - Do you play games on your device?survey software   QWERTY/Pearl users - Do you play games on your device?online survey   Another week another burning BlackBerry question in hopes on an answer. Our pal Fabian sent this one in and now I'm curious to know as well. We all know that apps are a big part of the BlackBerry experience. Some users have a few while others have...

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Ontario Finance Minister Dwight Duncan has a BlackBerry PlayBook

We're rather used to celebrities getting devices ahead of actual release but The Finance Minister of Ontario, Dwight Duncan, gets one too?! Craziness, I say. In any event, Mr. Duncan showed up to take part in the Ontario budget lock-up carrying the yet to be released BlackBerry PlayBook at his side. When questioned about the device and wheter or not he was getting paid for showing the...

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A new way to display BlackBerry devices in stores takes shape

We've all grown accustomed to the display units in store. They range from just a phone, strapped down to a post with a USB cable stuck in the charging port to huge monoliths that are meant to appear as big as the stores that house them. Beyond that though, the display units in stores are pretty lack luster -- not that they need to be excitingly extravagant but really, I'd rather see something...

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Check out the full Schlage LiNK system and how it can work with your BlackBerry. Keep reading for your chance to win a Schlage LiNK Starter Kit! One of the things I love most about my BlackBerry is that it is always with me when I'm on the go. I love to be able to get things done from my device, be it sending emails, making phone calls or what have you. When things go above and beyond and I...

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How Important is it to you for the BlackBerry PlayBook to have native email, calendar, contacts, etc.?online survey So we know that the BlackBerry PlayBook will lack native email, calendar, contacts, etc. at launch (read this editorial I wrote with my take on it), but we do know that the native apps are coming to the BlackBerry PlayBook and QNX platform). RIM told us this back at CES, we...

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The PlayBook's web browser should pull up your Gmail just fine... until the day (hopefully soon) that RIM rolls out the native email and PIM apps There is no doubt in my mind that the single biggest point of confusion and concern amongst the uninformed surrounding the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet is the sentiment that you need to own a BlackBerry Smartphone in order to use a BlackBerry...

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Keep reading for details on how to win a Mobi Products Charging Cradle for your device! [ youtube video link for mobile viewing ] There’s always been a debate on how to keep your BlackBerry powered up. Some may go to the extreme and adorn every outlet they have in their house, car or office with chargers. In order to free themselves from such a short leash, others use a portable charger in...

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Foursquare for BlackBerry updated to version 1.9.85

Foursquare for BlackBerry has once again been updated and now resides at version 1.9.85. The new version adds a few features as well as the usual tweaks and bug fixes. User feedback keeps the good things coming, so don't be lazy and send in your comments when you have bugs or suggestions. New features include: Email/txt tip details - Quickly send a great foursquare tip to a friend via email/...

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BlackBerry Messenger updated to version

BlackBerry Messenger updated to version

It's been quite a while since we've seen an update to good ol' BlackBerry Messenger, but today that is just what we have. BBM has been updated to version and is available to all for download. No reports of what's new or fixed in this version, so we'll leave that up to you to figure out. You can grab the new version from BlackBerry App World. If it's not showing for you, give the ALT +...

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Buy a theme, help out a worthy cause. Sounds like a great deal, right? Well that's exactly the promotion that VSMDesign has underway right now with their Windows 7 Ultimate theme for BlackBerry. From now until April 21st, they will be donating 1/3 of all proceeds from this theme's sales to the relief effort in Japan. And as a special bonus, VSMDesigns has sent us 10 copies to give away free and...

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RIM Dropping Support for BES 4.1.x

RIM has announced that effective July 2, 2011 they are discontinuing support for BlackBerry Enterprise Server 4.1.6 & 4.1.7 for both the Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Domino platforms.  This does not come as a big surprise since they stopped selling 4.1.x for both enterprise platforms back on July 2nd of last year. If your organization is still running 4.1.6 or 4.1.7 your BES will...

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Win your very own copy of !Prestige by AG Designs and Graphics! Keep reading to find out how.  Hey everyone, welcome back to the BlackBerry Theme Roundup! Holy cow, all the BlackBerry PlayBook news this week is making me want one so bad! I don't think there is a solid answer yet on if the PlayBook will have themes or not. I hope so, do you? Have you created a theme you want to see featured...

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Forums member mediq91 dropped a bit of good info in the forums today in the form of a BlackBerry PlayBook FAQ taken from a Verizon webinar. The document contains a good summary of answers to all the common PlayBook questions like specs and BlackBerry Bridge, but nothing really new that we haven't seen before. It is good to see more solid information coming straight from RIM however. The cool...

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BlackBerry PlayBook 101: How to setup the BlackBerry Bridge to pair your BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet to your BlackBerry Smartphone While you don't need to own a BlackBerry Smartphone to go out and buy a BlackBerry PlayBook tablet, if you do own both BlackBerry phone and tablet you can take advantage of the BlackBerry Bridge, which connects your tablet to your phone, allowing your tablet to act...

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BlackBerry PlayBook Gestures and Navigation

BlackBerry PlayBook 101: BlackBerry Tablet OS Gestures and Navigation for Getting the Most out of your BlackBerry PlayBook! Once you fire up your BlackBerry PlayBook for the first time you most likely won't have many issues navigating around the OS. When it comes to just what gestures and "swipes" you can do however, things may get a bit tricky. but that's a good thing. Without gestures you'...

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The Core: Coming soon to the BlackBerry PlayBook

We're about to see an explosion of games happening on the BlackBerry PlayBook and while I'm sure Kevin is concerned over whether or not Brick Breaker is going to be ported over, some of us would like to see a more updated version of it make its way there. Enter, The Core which dubs itself as a cross between Brick Breaker and the throwback arcade game Asteroids. The game is set in space and the...

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