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*Update*: While BlackBerry Bridge may not be officially available from App World for AT&T users, you can check this post for a workaround and OTA download. Once installed, AT&T can't stop you. What the hell AT&T?! Lots of us will still buy Tethering plans. At least let us use the Bridge too! Much like many others I anxiously awoke this morning eager to try out BlackBerry Bridge...

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Launch Day Video: CrackBerry Kevin Buys His BlackBerry PlayBook!

[ youtube video link for mobile viewing ] No, the lineup wasn't around the block, but a handful of eager people did show up for Best Buy's 7am early open time where I live so they could grab their PlayBook. I was there to buy mine too, and you can watch the video above to see the action unfold. It's pretty funny. Not only did the Best Buy girl put an end to my video recording, but I nearly...

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BlackBerry Bridge now appearing in BlackBerry App World

Considering the majority of folks have still yet to actually recieve their BlackBerry PlayBooks let us first say, there is seemingly some issues still with downloading BlackBerry Bridge from App World -- as in it's either not showing, showing as not supported or only installable via the online version of BlackBerry App World. If you see it there and are able to download it, then by all means...

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The day so many of us have been waiting for is finally here. It's April 19th, which means you can run to the store and pick up your brand spanking new BlackBerry PlayBook tablet. Unbox it, fondle it, power it up and play with it, then be sure to jump back onto You'll want to sound off in our PlayBook forums and chime in on the official I Got My PlayBook...

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Contest winners: Privacy Star, a BlackBerry case, Spring Story, and tons of apps!

Here are the winners from last week's round of contests. If you won you will be receiving an email either directly from us or the retailer/developer directly in the next few days. If for some reason you don't receive an email within 7-14 days (be sure to check your spam/junk folder just in case, and verify your registered address associated with your CrackBerry account) you can email us at...

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The Joy Of Tech takes on the BlackBerry PlayBook -- again

Here we are on the eve of the BlackBerry PlayBook launch and we figured we'd toss a little humor into the mix by posting up the above comic from the folks over at The Joy of Tech. This of course, isn't the first PlayBook comic they've done but this one adds a great twist on some of the most current events happening with Research In Motion. The reviews are out, the forums are filling up --...

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How to Wipe the OS on a BlackBerry PlayBook

PlayBook Video 101: How to Perform a Security Wipe (Return PlayBook to Factory Settings) on the PlayBook's BlackBerry Tablet OS [ youtube video link for mobile viewing ] We've already covered a ton of BlackBerry PlayBook 101 topics here on CrackBerry, so on the eve of the PlayBook's official launch I'm doing up one more... this time, we're looking at wiping the operating system on the...

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For the longest time, I took my BlackBerrys camera and picture folder for granted. Don’t get me wrong, I loved being able to capture life’s precious moments and hold them dear to my heart (while in my pocket or in a holster). I’m referring to what I did with the images from there. If I wanted to do any tweaking to them, I would always transfer them to my laptop and get to work with Photoshop....

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Wi-Fi File Sharing on the BlackBerry PlayBook

    One of the cool features of the BlackBerry PlayBook is the ability to use Wi-Fi File Sharing. Wi-Fi File Sharing on the BlackBerry PlayBook is a setting that allows you to easily transfer files between your Mac/PC and your PlayBook over your wifi network. You get the usual drag and drop features of being connected via USB, but you are able to cut the cord so you can move files much...

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We've covered GetGlue a few times in the past here so, we figured we'd let you all about the newest update that is now available in BlackBerry App World since, it fixes some concerns a lot of folks have been having with the app. First, app size -- yes, it was rather large for older device starting off but now the folks at GetGlue have got that down considerably. Second -- log in issues, some...

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Koodo BlackBerry Curve 3G drops to $200 no-contract

We like deals -- we especially like deal that involve folks being able to pick up a brand new BlackBerry device on the cheap, and Koodoo is joining the ranks, if only for a limited time -- of people we like offering good deals. That's right, if you find yourself needing a new BlackBerry device and contracts are not really your thing, then the fine folks at Koodoo will now offer you a...

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BlackBerry PlayBook OS version now available via Desktop Manager!

** Update 2: Looks like .1690 is available via WiFi now, so it's definitely an intended release. Not quite sure why my unit picked up the quincy stuff - maybe due to the fact it's prerelease hardware. Will be buying a new PlayBook in the morning so it's all good! ** * Update: OOOPS. With new icons for Server Urls, Bug Reporter and Quincy now installed on my PlayBook, I'm assuming this was...

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Want to win a free Mobi Products Hard Shell Case for your BlackBerry Torch? Keep reading to find out how! I'm still coming to grips with my feelings on using a case for my BlackBerry Torch. I've been trying out the Mobi Products Hard Shell Case, and it's been going pretty well. It's a very slim case that doesn't add any bulk to your device. The low-profile design snaps on to your BlackBerry...

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BlackBerry PlayBook Camera, Pictures and Videos Apps

Media App Preview: A Video Look at the Camera, Video Recorder and Pictures and Videos Apps on the BlackBerry PlayBook! [ youtube video link for mobile viewing ] With it's 7" display and HD aspect ratio, the BlackBerry PlayBook is definitely a media-friendly tablet and since getting my PlayBook and reviewing it, I've been finding the camera/video recorder, pictures and video apps are getting...

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BlackBerry PlayBook Music App & 7 Digital Music Store on the BlackBerry PlayBook

Media App Preview: A quick video look at the native music listening and purchase experience on the BlackBerry Playbook [ youtube video link for mobile viewing ] If you've been wondering what the native music listening and music purchasing process is like on the BlackBerry PlayBook, you'll want to check out the video above which walks through the Music app and 7Digital Music Store which...

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Contest: Win 1 of 100 free copies of Scanmonster by LSphone!

LSphone is the developer of several BlackBerry utility applications that help you keep a close watch on what's going on behind the scenes of your device. They just let us know that they have taken 4 of their most popular apps and rolled them into one, forming Scanmonster. This application has everything you could want in a monitoring app including menu integration to show time, date, battery...

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Video PlayBook 101: How to use BlackBerry Presentation Mode when the BlackBerry PlayBook is hooked up to an external display via HDMI [ youtube video link for mobile viewing ] One of the quick videos I whipped up for our indepth BlackBerry PlayBook Review was demonstrating BlackBerry Presenter Mode on the BlackBerry PlayBook. To take advantage of Presenter Mode, you first need to hook the...

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GroupMe beta updated to 2.0 and we have 1,000 priority invites

A few weeks ago we took our first look at the GroupMe beta for BlackBerry devices, and the response was quite overwhelming. The initial release was a public beta, but the folks at GroupMe have been beta testing a 2.0 release which is set to launch with a load of new features. In celebration of this update they have offered us 1,000 priority invites which will allow those users an early preview...

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Readers Ask: What are the differences between SmrtGuard and BlackBerry Protect?

Going back to March 2009 when CrackBerry first announced the public beta, SmrtGuard immediately become a popular choice among BlackBerry BIS users for its ability to backup device data remotely, and via a web dashboard, allow users to login and execute a number of actions, such as locating a lost BlackBerry. Since its launch, SmrtGuard has continued to roll out a number of new value-added...

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Air New Zealand ad stars a white BlackBerry Bold, also Snoop Dogg and Rico!

[ youtube video link for mobile viewing ] Air New Zealand has some really clever ads staring Rico, a puppet. Recently Rico teamed up with Snoop Dogg for a new song called Hello Sunshine, which is actually kind of catchy. Throughout the video Snoop uses his white BlackBerry Bold, making calls and snapping pictures of himself and Rico. The behind-the-scenes video has some additional parts...

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