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Virgin Mobile drops monthly BlackBerry fees in new pricing plans

Virgin Mobile has confirmed their new pricing plans (which are still some of the cheapest among BlackBerry plans) and will be dropping the monthly fee for BlackBerry users. The new plans change things up a bit, but those who use the carrier's BlackBerry service will be happy to know the $10 monthly fee will be no more. The new plans feature a 300 minute plan for $35, 1200 minute plan for $45 and unlimited plan for $55. As before, all plans still include unlimited data, text and web. So if you are a Virgin Mobile customer - what say you about the new plans? Drop a comment and let us know!

Souce: TechCrunch

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CrackBerry Asks: How long have you been a BlackBerry user?

  How long have you been a BlackBerry user?  

I've been a BlackBerry user for around 4 years now. I got into the action when I picked up my 8830WE from Verizon and I'm not sure how I ever got by without it. I had always been a geek when it came to phones, but how I made it without a BlackBerry I'll never know. I picked it up on my own simply because I wanted something powerful that could do more than just make calls and text. I fell in love and have never looked back.

What we want to know is how you, the CrackBerry Nation, got into BlackBerry and how long you've been a BlackBerry user. Was it for work? For fun? Just because? Cast your vote in the poll above and let us know just how long you've been using BlackBerry (pick the option that best fits) and then drop a comment letting us know what got you started. 

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Fun up your images with free Photo Filters app

There seems to be all kinds of photo filtering apps flooding the app stores lately, each one striving to be better than the next. The latest to hit BlackBerry App World is the free app Photo Filters. Unlike some others, Photo Filters only offers filters off the bat (not any editing features) but you can purchase additional features if you want more. The free app includes Alien, Black & White, Exposure, Gain and others. If you choose to you can purchase an additional 16 filters to max out the app's capabilities. Photo Filters is a pretty cool app if you're looking to stick strictly with filters, but there are other photo apps with various features so take a look and see which one fits you best. Grab it free from BlackBerry App World at the link below.

More information/download of Photo Filters

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Tilebreaker X for the BlackBerry PlayBook

As CrackBerry addicts we're all aware of a little game known as BrickBreaker that comes preinstalled with our devices. Who would have guessed that a modern version of the classic arcade game Breakout would be the cause of so much procrastination and frustration. No matter what, a BlackBerry device just isn't the same without it. So when this game happened to pop up in App World it was a no brainer that I immediately downloaded it.

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More confirmation on new BlackBerry devices coming to Bell this summer

Another day, another spotting of unreleased BlackBerry devices. Last week we saw internal documentation showing four new BlackBerry smartphones coming to Bell by the end of August; three of those remain unannounced as of now. That's right we're talking about the BlackBerry Torch 9810, BlackBerry Torch 9860, BlackBerry Bold 9900 and BlackBerry Curve 9360.

A watchful eye spotted this image and sent it in to MobileSyrup today, providing even more proof that these devices will indeed be headed to Bell. I think by this point we're all tired of being teased, we just want to know when, exactly, we can go down and have one of these for our very own.

Source: MobileSyrup

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From the Forums: Dutch police equipping with BlackBerry, member installs PlayBook in VW Polo

It's only Tuesday and this week has started off with some excitement. We have Kevin in Waterloo getting the inside scoop at RIM and he attended the AGM earlier today which he managed to live blog as well. I know the front page is extra interesting this week, but have you checked out the forums yet today? If not, now's as good a time as any, so get to it!

Found an interesting article you want to share with CrackBerry Nation? Have a burning question about that feature you just can't figure out? There is ALWAYS more happening just a click away in the forums. You can always head over and join in the conversation, search for answers, or lend your expertise to other members of our community. If you aren't already, take a moment to get registered in the CrackBerry forums today!

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Jim Balsillie addresses Open Letter to RIM Senior Management questions

When Research In Motion issued their response to the anonymous Open Letters sent to the RIM Senior Management Team, it wasn't received well by many folks out there. However, today at the Annual Meeting of Shareholders Jim Balsillie was asked directly for his comments on the situation, below is his response:

While not entirely different from the press release, jim Balsillie highlighted the fact that if employees have concerns within the company -- they are encouraged to engage within and that while those feelings may relate to some employee's, the vast majority do not feel the same way.

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RIM shareholder blasts analysts for beating down on RIM while typing out their notes on a BlackBerry

If you tuned into Research In Motions's Annual Meeting of Shareholders, you no doubt heard the statements directed at Jim Balsillie and Mike Lazaridis from a former Queens University student who has an MBA degree in marketing. To put it bluntly, he put RIM on blast for their marketing efforts but he also took the time to go ahead and blast analysts for some of their practices when writing articles about RIM and their stock. Have a listen to the audio below:

While I'm sure some folks will chalk this up to him being a BlackBerry fanboy, he made quite a few valid points in his argument and even came back to the mic near the end to say a bit more. Needless to say, his comments were met with great applause.

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RIM Annual General Meeting of Shareholders Live Blog! (Now over)

BlackBerry App World surpasses 1 billion downloads

Discover a world of possibilities. Those are the words that have greeted you just before you start browsing through BlackBerry App World on your desktop. Though not as vast as the Android Market or the Apple App Store, BlackBerry App World is home to tens of thousands of applications. Looking for IM or Social Networking app? You can browse through hundreds of them. Are References and eBooks more your flavour? Over 10 thousand of them are there to look through. Within its doors are some amazing applications from amazing developers with even more amazing success stories. Bellshare GmbH, the developers of apps like BeWeather and SmartAlerts have seen over $1 million in sales. Jingu, an app used to upload emoticons, chat and create avatars, is nearing 1 million downloads in less than a month. As the Inside BlackBerry official blog states:

“BlackBerry App World is now in over 100 countries, seeing an average of 3 million downloads per day, and we recently crossed the 1 billion app download milestone!”

These numbers are a result of both smartphone and PlayBook application downloads. As recently reported, RIM has also started a Developer Stories series on their YouTube Channel, where developers are showcased and explain why they choose to develop BlackBerry apps. Perhaps this will attract more developers, more apps and, in turn, more download milestones.

Source: Inside BlackBerry

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CrackBerry Asks: What features are most important in your BlackBerry smartphone?

  What feature is most important on your BlackBerry?  

Each of us use our BlackBerry devices for different purposes. Some because it is a work device, others because it's the easiest way to keep in touch on the go with family and friends, and a few simply because of the overly awesome keyboard on the device. While we all have our own reasons for using the devices, we wonder which of the features do you find to be most important on your day to day use? We know that there has been quite some negativity towards RIM and BlackBerry users lately, but most of you are still holding loyal to the device, so let us know what is most important about it to you? Is it that stunning keyboard, the ability to change themes on the fly, the simplicity of keeping in touch, or the secure messaging allowing it to double as a work device as well? Cast your vote in the poll above (you can choose more than one option) then leave a comment with your thoughts.

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BlackBerry App World gets updated to v2.1.4.9

The latest BlackBerry App World update is starting to roll out users, no  -- it's not App World 3.0 but that's coming soon. The latest, is v2.1.4.9 and as it is right, no change log has been added to the release notes. Meaning you'll just simply have to dig through it all and let us know in the comments if you happen to find anything new. You can grab the update by refreshing App World or from the link below.

Download BlackBerry App World directly on your smartphone

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miShuffle for Facebook: Update your status with a clever saying right from your BlackBerry device

Now, thanks to miShuffle for Facebook, I will never be at a loss for something to say on my Facebook page. The folks over at loopSpin Inc have given us a status shuffle application for our BlackBerry devices with a simple, easy to use UI and small footprint (115.9 KB). With miShuffle, you simply select one of the categories listed and choose your status. As a nice little addition you can even submit your own clever status sayings for others to enjoy (subject to approval first). There is also the ability to modify a status message before publishing it to your Facebook wall. The application works flawlessly on my device and updates my Facebook status immediately. MiShuffle is currently available for $1.99 (regular price is $2.99) so give it a shot and let us know what you think.

More information / purchase miShuffle

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Notify Technology Announces New Version of NotifySync for BlackBerry Targeted for Microsoft Office 365

Today Notify Technologies announced that the NotifySync for BlackBerry is now compatible with Microsoft Office 365.  If you're not familiar with this product it simply offers BlackBerry users access to the MS Exchange ActiveSync platform if your organization does not have the BlackBerry Enterprise Server deployed.

NotifySync pushes your email, calendar and address book in addition to giving you access to the company 'Global Address Book'.  Today's announcement is great because now it works with the MS cloud mail Office365.  The Office365  buzz is really picking up steam lately as it just came out of Beta and Microsoft prepares for a full-on-assault of the Google Apps platform.  How that is going and the long term success is a story for another day.

For today we're just announcing that for you BlackBerry users who feel as though they are wandering in the desert because your company won't install a free BES Express now have another option.  The NotifySync is fairly value priced at $120/user for the first year and $30.00/each additional year. Keep reading for full press release.

More information on NotifySync for BlackBerry

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Number Puzzle: Slide the number tiles into the correct order to win

Standing in line somewhere and need something to do? Number Puzzle by Phone Funda is a fun little time waster that is similar to the little plastic squares with sliding tiles that I remember playing with when I was a kid. The purpose of the game is to slide the tiles so they are in sequential number order. Utilize the blank block to manuever the numbers into the correct order. You have three different levels: 1-8, 1-15 & 1-24.

Number Puzzle is available for most devices running OS 4.6 or higher. The Ad Free version is currently available for FREE in BlackBerry App World. 

More information / download Number Puzzle

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CrackBerry Kevin Goes to Waterloo - Sees BlackBerry Bold 9900s on the assembly line, plays with Android app player and way more!

[ youtube video link for mobile viewing ]

#GreatestDayEver!!! All I can say is WOW, why did it take me so long to visit the hometown of BlackBerry?!

I wasn't sure what would happen today in Waterloo -- I was kind of expecting to get tasered by a RIM security guard or something -- but instead I was treated like royalty by Research In Motion. Literally! My day started out with a manufacturing tour in RIM building #8, the same tour the Queen went on last year, where I got to see BlackBerry Bold 9900s go on the assembly line from start to finish! Check out the video above to see me post-tour in my official white RIM lab coat. It was a crazy experience seeing the smartphone I want soooo badly go from raw components to a final and ready to ship device (I was surrounded by thousands of 9900s... so crazy!). Two things that really blew me away with the whole process were the number of quality control checks along the assembly line and the things RIM does in the manufacturing process to make sure their hardware is durable and can stand up to abuse. Consumer Affairs posted recently that BlackBerry has the lowest smartphone failure rate (Android was the highest fyi), and after seeing new Bolds getting built I can say I'm not surprised by that. Unfortunately I couldn't get near the last assembly line, the area 51 of building 8 where they run prototypes, but man oh man what an experience. This was heaven for a BlackBerry addict.

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BlackBerry Bold 9900 passes through the FCC

One more hurdle has been crossed when it comes to actually getting the BlackBerry Bold 9900 into the hands of impatiently waiting BlackBerry users. Having now passed through the FCC the next stop for the BlackBerry Bold 9900 is retailers shelves and online stores across the globe. According to the documents, the FCC has had the device for quite a while. RIM's initial testing was started in February and the last bit of testing concluded on June 1. August, September? Either way, it's not near soon enough for some folks. 

Source: FCC; via: Wireless Goodness

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BlackBerry Torch 9860 appears in yet another new video

[ youtube link for mobile viewing ]

We got a good look at it the other day before the video was taken down but the folks over at MacBerry have now tossed up another hands-on video of the BlackBerry Torch 9860 in action. Much like the BlackBerry Bold 9900, we're reaching that point where we've seen so many videos of the device now there really isn't much else to show off or say about it until it actually gets official and released.


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BlackBerry Bold 9900, Torch 9860, Torch 2 9810, and Curve 9360 coming to TELUS in August/September?

Though still not officially announced, it's pretty clear that the BlackBerry Torch 9850/60, Torch 2 9810, and Curve 9360 are out there and will be available before you know it. We've been taunted with pictures of the devices, a leaked line-up from Bell, and all sorts of rumors and speculation, and today the folks over at MobileSyrup got even more news. Confirming what we saw in a picture a while back, it looks like TELUS is on board with these devices. According to an unnamed source, the following dates are tentatively scheduled:

  • BlackBerry Torch 9810 – August 19th
  • BlackBerry Bold Touch 9900 – August 18 or 19th
  • BlackBerry Torch 9860 – August 26th
  • BlackBerry “Bellagio” (possibly Curve 9360) – TBD – Late September
"Bellagio" is a code name we haven't heard before, but as with all code names we see BlackBerry devices wear before launch, it doesn't necessarily indicate that's what it will be sold as. These dates are just a little over a month away, who's getting excited?!

Source: MobileSyrup

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