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By now, I'm sure everyone who cared enough to read the open letter to RIM has done so. But in regards to that open letter, RIM has now posted up their official response: An “Open Letter” to RIM’s senior management was published anonymously on the web today and it was attributed to an unnamed person described as a ‘high level employee”. It is obviously difficult to address anonymous...

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American Airlines application now available for BlackBerry devices

American Airlines has officially announced the release of their BlackBerry application today, which is aimed to help users flying their airline have a much better experience and give them all the information they need while on the go. Whether a frequent flyer, or an occassional traveler, navigating airports while trying to keep informed about the status of your flight, your departure gate, and...

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BlackBerry Curve 9360 gets spotted again

We've seen the next generation curve strutting its stuff in the past but some new images how now popped up showing us once again what it's made of. If you'll all remember the BlackBerry Curve 9360 still remains one of those unannounced 2011 devices that sort of strays a little away from the rest of the line in terms of specifications: Tavor MG-1 800mHz processor 512MB of RAM / 512MB eMMC...

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* LAST DAY TO ENTER: Ok, the truth is I love this blog post image so any excuse to run it again is fine with me, but we are down to the FINAL HOURS of this contest... so get in for your chance to win 1 of 2 BlackBerry PlayBooks. If you haven't dropped and given us your list of apps you'd like to see come to the BlackBerry PlayBook, stop what you're doing and do this now!! * OK, so you don't...

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And the RIMAGEDDON saga continues... this time in the form of an anonymous letter sent into BGR by a fairly high-ranking RIM employee. The intent of the letter? To catch senior managements' attention and make some changes around there. Here's a couple of paragraphs picked from the full letter: We are in the middle of major "transition" and things have never been more chaotic. Almost every...

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BlackBerry Desktop Software for Mac v2.1 now available!

Good news today for BlackBerry + Mac users, especially those of you who own a BlackBerry PlayBook and Mac. RIM has officially released  BlackBerry Desktop Software v2.1 for Mac which now supports the RIM tablet. Here's the word from RIM: BlackBerry Desktop Software for Mac v2.1 includes media sync support for the BlackBerry PlayBook. In addition to being able to drag and drop files...

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Quite honestly, we don't really have a lot to say about this image. Since it came to us over the CrackBerry Twitter account and it was so beautiful we thought it fitting enough to go ahead and toss it up for everyone to enjoy. What you see above is both a BlackBerry Bold 9900 and what is presumed to be a BlackBerry Torch 9860, in other words the GSM variation of the Torch 9850 that's set to...

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Fancy an official OS on your BlackBerry, instead of a leak? Well owners of both the Blackberry Torch 9800 and BlackBerry Curve 3G 9300, if that's you, you may now feel free to install OS on your device, as it has been officially released by Vodafone DE. This isn't a new OS, exactly, as both of these devices as well as the BlackBerry Bold 9700 all saw it as a leak earlier this month....

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To delete Vendor.xml or not to delete, that is the question

Through the course of many BlackBerry OS announcements here at CrackBerry, many of you have asked about deleting the vendor.xml file. You may have seen it referenced in one of our articles about a carrier releasing an official OS update. You may have come across it several times in the forums. You may be hearing about this file for the first time. The truth is: you only need to delete the...

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MyOwnIcons lets you create icons on your BlackBerry smartphone

[ youtube video link for mobile viewing ] Fonware, the developer behind the amazing shortcut application called ShortcutMe, has released another application in the CrackBerry AppStore that will either make BlackBerry users more efficient, or lazier, I can’t decide which. Regardless, this new application, called MyOwnIcons, will aim to please. MyOwnIcons is geared towards putting the power...

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Torch users are a unique bunch. They love the large touchscreen but also take time to remember the full QWERTY keyboard tucked away underneath. When it comes to accessories the Torch may seem a bit lacking, but there are some really great ones that every BlackBerry Torch owner should have. Obviously one of my favorites is the BlackBerry Charging Pod (which I have for all my devices). It is...

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BlackBerry Messenger v6.0.0.111 now available in the BlackBerry Beta Zone

Looks like BlackBerry Beta Zone members got a mid-week treat with a new version of BlackBerry Messenger, bringing the latest version to v6.0.0.111. While this version doesn't bring us any noticeable changes as the focus this round was on bug fixes in BBM 6 and the BBM Social Platform, it's an important one for developers to get installed for testing their new apps. Not a developer? Not a...

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Full Disclosure: The order screen confirming my purchase of ONE share of RIMM stock It's finally happening! After all these years of CrackBerrying it up, I'm finally going to the Mecca of BlackBerry... Waterloo, Ontario!!! Research In Motion announced yesterday that their Annual General Meeting of Shareholders will be held on July 12, and I've decided I need to be there to witness this...

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Reset your BlackBerry: the Factory Reset

First things first. "Reset your BlackBerry" is a bit of an ambiguous term; it can have quite a few different meanings. It all really depends on what you want to do with your BlackBerry. Resetting your BlackBerry can be as simple as performing a soft reset or a battery pull. Both will restart your smartphone, hopefully fixing whatever issue you're experiencing. A much more invasive type of...

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Introducing Iterate, our new mobile design-centric podcast. Episode 1: SoftFacade

Welcome to Iterate, our new, design-centric podcast focused on user interface, user experience, and iconography from conception to realization. In our debut episode, Marc, Seth, and Rene talk Notification Center in iOS 5, webOS cards and stacks, Photoshop 5.5 and SDK, linen textures, justified text, and talk with Anton and Dmitry of SoftFacade. Loop until done. If you're one of the best-of-the-...

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It's no secret, we're big fans of BlackBerry around here, and we aren't the only ones. Our members are hooked too, and you know you're a die-hard fan when your addiction starts leaking over into other..unexpected..areas of your life. CrackBerry member nez just celebrated his birthday, and his wife got him this amazing BlackBerry Bold 9780 cake! I give this two CrackBerry thumbs way up, and all...

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From the Forums: QNX vs BB7, US Military looking into the BlackBerry PlayBook

Found an interesting article you want to share with CrackBerry Nation? Have a burning question about that feature you just can't figure out? There is ALWAYS more happening just a click away in the forums. You can always head over and join in the conversation, search for answers, or lend your expertise to other members of our community. News and Rumors: US Military Leaning Toward PlayBook...

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BlackBerry DevCon: Europe and Asia dates and locations announced!

Back during BlackBerry World RIM announced they would be expanding their BlackBerry Developer Conferences to new areas this year. Europe was included this time around, as was Asia after having hosted the first DevCon Asia in Indonesia back in January. The dates and locations at the time of the announcement hadn't been worked out but now we have dates and a location for DevCon Europe and a...

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RIM hosts new webinar: What You Need to Know To Develop for BlackBerry 7

Research in Motion is hosting a new webcast tomorrow for those interested in developing for the upcoming BlackBerry 7 operating system. The 1 hour presentation will cover topics such as: How to quickly port your current BlackBerry® platform application to BlackBerry 7 and key considerations when designing your app for the new BlackBerry 7 smartphones BlackBerry 7 API Overview: Includes...

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