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[ youtube video link for mobile viewing ] I love seeing these BlackBerry customer case studies that show just how small & medium sized businesses are putting their devices to work and integrating them into daily operations. This video study on international furniture manufacturer Gus* Design Group Inc shows a few ways they seamlessly utilize the BlackBerry platform in their daily...

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Throughout the day I used my BlackBerry in many ways for many different things. One of the reasons I love my BlackBerry is that is allows me to do what I need to in order to get things done efficiently. I'm a communicator - I need my email, SMS, phone, IM and not much more. I have my device setup the way I want it and make things work the way I need them to. We all have our devices setup in...

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Get ready for Independence Day with a special station from Slacker Radio

Independence Day weekend is here for all of our US readers, and Slacker Radio has followed in their holiday tradition and created a station with "4th of July" inspired music. The station features an eclectic mix of tunes that celebrate the holiday and our independence from Louie Louie by The Kingsmen, Footloose by Kenny Loggins to Elton John's Crocodile Rock, Firework by Katy Perry,...

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Ever been sitting on the plane mid-flight when you decided to pull out your BlackBerry and catch up on reading some emails, only to realize that half of them have not fully downloaded, and with no data connection you can't fetch the rest? Don't worry, you aren't alone. It happens to a lot of people, as we never really think about it because generally we have a data connection and we can...

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Loyalty cards next to a BlackBerry Style

The majority of us probably have had at one time or another a loyalty reward card from a store or two. You know, those little plastic debit cards or the miniscule keychain version. From there it just snowballs. Next thing you know, you've got 20 of those little plastic nusiances hanging from your keychain. I'll sign up for just about anything if it saves me a buck or two. When I heard about...

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EPUB format e-book e-readers e-xtravaganza for the BlackBerry PlayBook

  There are many sources of free e-books on the internets; some are legitimate, others are not. One of the legal sources of e-books is at Project Gutenburg, where the website boasts some 36,000 books whose copyright in the United States have expired. Thousands of volunteers have scanned, proofed, and converted these classic books into various electronic publishing formats, including the...

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How to delete multiple messages on your BlackBerry

  After looking at my inbox I realized a couple things. One that I need some serious help for my addiction with GetGlue and two that I need a quick way to delete all the messages that piled up in my inbox. Fortunately for me, our BlackBerry devices come with just such a feature. That way we won't be sitting there manually deleting each one. Just follow these steps and you'll be on your way...

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Photo Editor by on sale this week only!

If you're looking for an image editing app for your BlackBerry smartphone, this is a good time to check out Photo Editor by One of the most popular apps of its kind in App World, Photo Editor is packed with features and easy to use! Another great thing about this application, is that the developers are constantly working to improve it, pushing updates out with new features and fixes...

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  How many email accounts do you have on your device?Market Research   Way back when I first got into my geeky internet lifestyle, I had loads of email addresses floating around. I had a Hotmail, Yahoo!, ISP email, Gmail and many more. I was eager to try out all the various services "just because" and had no real organization to anything. In recent years I've consolidated to using just a...

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Make sure you're getting the best deal with Discount Calculator

So you're out shopping and you see a huge sale on BlackBerry accessories. You head on over to peruse the selection and see the BlackBerry PlayBook case that you've been wanting is on sale from $49.99 with 45% off. Next to it is one very similar by some other company and it's on sale for $39.99 with 35% off. Which is the better deal? Some of you could figure this out in your head or with your...

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AT&T finally approving BlackBerry Bridge (doesn't allow for free browsing!)

  Remember when the PlayBook was released, and everyone was all giddy to go and download BlackBerry Bridge was soon as it was live, only to realize that AT&T customers were not supported? Well, after what feels like an eternity it appears as though today AT&T customers will have the ability to download the application officially through BlackBerry App World. Users will be able to...

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Celebrate Canada Day by playing Great Beaver

[ youtube video link for mobile viewing ] Happy Canada Day fellow Canuckleheads! All over the Great White North, we celebrate everything that is Canadian including; Tim Hortons, Poutine and of course BlackBerry (to name a few). Though found in many areas outside of Canada, the beaver is generally associated with Canada. It is on our nickel, after all. Just in time for Canada Day comes a...

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The HP TouchPad review [the competition]

It has been a long year for webOS fans, they've had to watch their beloved Palm brand transition to the hands of HP and for a while there were left wondering what would become of their beautiful OS. They've sat through the launches of the Palm Pre 2 as well as the HP Veer and now, come July 1 they'll be getting their hands on the HP TouchPad. Over at PreCentral, Derek Kessler has taken the...

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The graphic above says it all..  congrats go to rkb723 and deswayze for each winning a free BlackBerry PlayBook in our Drop and Give us 20 Apps contest. We'll be following up soon via email to get your details so we can arrange getting your prizes. The winners were picked at random, but for fun we included their winning comments and 20 app picks below. Thanks to everybody who participated....

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More Employee Letters to RIM Surface...

Following yesterday's Open Letter to RIM Sr. Management by an anonymous employee and RIM's official response to that letter, today two more letters to RIM have been posted (apparently a dozen or so were received by BGR). Here's the start of each to put them in perspective: Letter 1: I was an employee at RIM for a year and a half. I worked in the legal and business affairs departments, and...

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RIM participates in winning bid for Nortel's patent portfolio

If you've been following along with the Nortel patent auction news then you'll no doubt know that the over 6,000 patents and applications attracted a high level of interest across the technology world and as such, were placed on hold for a while. Having resumed on June 27, RIM has issued the following press release regarding their involvement in that high profile auction which also included...

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BlackBerry theme roundup for June 30, 2011

Hey everyone, welcome back to the BlackBerry Theme Roundup! If you have developed a theme you want to share or be featured in the contest, or if you just see a really good one out there somewhere, let us know so we can post it. Send an email to themeroundup[at] with screenshots, links, and whatever information you feel is important for consideration. And don't forget to keep your...

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Just another day around the CrackBerry blogs, except for the anonymous letter to RIM and the response, and all the heated debating that took place after, of course.  At least it's Thursday, which means the long holiday weekend is here! All of us here at CrackBerry wish our Canadian friends a very happy and safe Canada Day tomorrow, and the same to our American friends for Independence Day on...

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Google improves Mobile Search for BlackBerry 6.0 smartphones

Google is rolling out all sorts of changes this week. Not only did they announce Google+, but they've been working on some UI changes both on the web and for mobile devices. Today they have updated and improved Google search on BlackBerry 6.0 devices. Accessible in 20 languages in 700 countries, if you have a BlackBerry on 6.0 (for example the BlackBerry Torch or Bold 9780), head on over to www...

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No matter what time of year it is, there are always sports to keep up with, and just because you're on the go is no reason to miss out. ScoreMobile has had one of the top apps for this for quite awhile now. Headlines, stats, blogs, schedules… you name it, ScoreMobile probably has it in their app. Today they have two new products to further assist you in staying on top of the game: ScoreMobile...

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