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Our friends at Thrifter are back again, this time with a VPN deal you won't want to pass up! Have you ever stopped to think about how much of your day you spend connecting to networks that aren't your own? Whether you're working at a Starbucks, trying to finish something up at the airport before your flight, or sitting in the public library, odds are you're connected to a network that isn't...

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Here's a look at the first BlackBerry KEYone accessories

The first BlackBerry KEYone accessories are on their way — here's a quick look! There have been many BlackBerry Smartphones over the years that stood well on their own, among them, the BlackBerry KEYone. But as any BlackBerry fanatic knows, accessorizing is the way to go. There will certainly be quite a variety of cases arriving for the BlackBerry KEYone in the next few weeks, and to start...

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BlackBerry KEYone now available for pre-order from Rogers in Canada!

May 18th is here and Rogers is first in line, allowing Canadians to pre-order the BlackBerry KEYone with an availability date of May 31st Today, Canadian carrier Rogers has officially rolled out pre-orders for the Android-powered BlackBerry KEYone for Consumers, Small Business and Enterprise Customers with an availability date of May 31st. If you're a Rogers customer and have been waiting for...

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This 3-pack of Anker PowerLine USB-C cables is down to just $14

Our friends at Thrifter are back again with a great deal on a 3-pack of durable USB-C cables! Making the move from a phone that charges via Micro-USB to USB-C can be a bit of a pain since you have to replace all your cables. Anker, one of our favorite accessory makers, is here to help with the transition, though. The company is currently offering a 3-pack of its popular PowerLine USB-C cables...

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Learn to become a computer security specialist for only $19!

There's a digital war raging on the Internet, mostly out of sight from the average online user. On one side, there are the malicious hackers looking to steal sensitive information and cause havoc. On the other side, there are ethical hackers testing security measures and looking for potential exploits so they can be patched up before harm is done. Become a computer security specialist! Learn...

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BlackBerry said to be working with luxury automakers on anti-hack tool

According to Macquarie analyst Gus Papageorgiou, who highlighted the details in a note to his clients, BlackBerry is now working with at least two automakers (Aston Martin and Range Rover) in testing a BlackBerry developed security service that can scan vehicles for viruses and advise drivers to pull over if in danger. In addition to the scanning, Papageorgiou also noted the system would be...

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RSVP now for our Ottawa, Montreal & Waterloo/Kitchener BlackBerry KEYone Meetups!

The CrackBerry Meetup Canada tour continues. Calgary, Vancouver, Ottawa, and Montreal were a great success. Next up is Waterloo/Kitchener. RSVP Now! The CrackBerry Meetup Canada tour continues. Calgary, Vancouver, Ottawa, and Montreal were a great success and the grand finale of the Canada tour takes place in BlackBerry's hometown of Kitchener/Waterloo on Thursday, May 18th! Be sure to hit...

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BlackBerry Developer Global Tour events taking place in June!

If you're looking to learn more about the BlackBerry Development Platform, you'll certainly want to see if you can attend one of the BlackBerry Developer Global Tour events starting in June. The Global Tour will be making stops in Singapore, Washington, and Munich to start and each event has a full agenda. Come join our experts as they travel around the globe to show how the BlackBerry...

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BBM launches Ra2ej: Weird, wacky, and viral news content for Middle Eastern and North African users

BBM has been on a roll adding new content to the Discover Menu as of late and now, they announced another new addition for Middle Eastern and North African users. This time around, content channel—Ra2ej (or رائج – pronounced Ray-esh) has been added and will provide readers with 'a light-hearted mix of celebrity, entertaining and weird news, bizarre photos, funny videos and lots more.' We've...

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BlackBerry has now announced a new expansion of capabilities offered by their AtHoc crisis communication software. The new AtHoc Account is a FedRAMP-authorized solution will enable government agencies and large organizations to account for their people in real-time by providing safety and availability status updates of people before, during and after an event. "In times of crisis,...

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CONGRATULATIONS to the winner, OliHipster!! Today just happens to be CrackBerry Kevin's birthday, and while he's traveling across North America spreading the word about the amazing new BlackBerry KEYone, we decided to go ahead and celebrate his special day with a giveaway! Of course, the most anticipated new phone right now is the KEYone, and that's what one lucky CrackBerry reader will win!...

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Our friends at Thrifter are back again, this time with a pair of charging accessories you'll want to check out! Battery life is something that continues to improve in phones and tablets, but not everyone can make it through the whole day on a single charge. Sure, you can carry around a spare wall charger and cable, or a battery pack, but what about if you could combine those into one? That's...

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Grab the world's smallest camera drone for only $25!

Drones keep getting faster and smaller, but that usually means they're stripped of extra features, like cameras. The small size usually also means you're paying more for the drone. What if you could have a small drone with a camera attached for under $30? Get the world's smaller camera drone and a 2GB microSD card for just $25! Learn more What if that drone was actually the world's smallest...

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Grab BlackBerry's stereo headphones for just $10 today!

Whether you listen to music or take a lot of calls on your BlackBerry you should have a set of headphones like BlackBerry's stereo option. The headphones are wired and offer a great fit, and right now you can pick up a pair for just $10.

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Latest BlackBerry Hub update brings quick file options, Google Hangouts support and more!

BlackBerry has now pushed their latest round of Android updates to Google Play and this month is packed full of changes for Hub users. Plus, it introduces Privacy Shade, thus far a standalone app, into the BlackBerry Hub+ subscription service. Although most of BlackBerry's apps have been updated, the stand out changes come by way of Hub and Privacy Shade, so have a look at what all is new....

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Amazon is dangerously close to being the new king of messaging

With Alexa gaining the ability to make voice calls and Echo Show bolstering the living room, Amazon moves a step closer to messaging ubiquity. It was about three or four years ago when my wife and I decided to finally get rid of our landline. We weren't really using it anymore — it was mostly an emergency backup, and a great way for solicitors to bug us. (That it occasionally made phantom...

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Snag the iOttie Easy One Touch 2 for its lowest price yet!

Our friends at Thrifter are back again, this time with the awesome iOttie Easy One Touch 2 at its best price yet. Right now you can pick up the iOttie Easy One Touch 2 for just $12.75 at Amazon, which happens to be the lowest price we've seen on it. Normally, this popular mount sells for right around $20. It has a new telescopic arm which adds two additional inches to allow for closer viewing,...

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Here's a look at the never released BlackBerry 'Ontario'

Slated to be the flagship follow-up to the BlackBerry Z30, the BlackBerry 'Ontario' never saw release and is now a part of BlackBerry history. Over the years, we've heard plenty of codenames for BlackBerry smartphones and got a look at a multitude of prototypes and canceled devices. The BlackBerry Magnum, Cyclone, Black Forest, Cafe, Kopi, Americano and more have all popped up but one device...

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BlackBerry KEYone: Seeing the forest for the trees

The BlackBerry KEYone isn't trying to be the best phone ever — just the best BlackBerry ever. It's succeeded, and given the faithful something to use and abuse all over again. It's easy to forget that on-screen keyboards weren't always as good as they are today. In fact, for years they kinda sucked. Those were the years in which BlackBerry ruled for pounding out message after message. It...

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Get two powerful military-grade flashlights for $18

What do you do when the lights go out? Sure, you could use the light on your phone, but if you can't charge your phone, then you'll want to conserve power. Maybe you're out camping or hiking, night falls, and you don't even have your phone on you. Then what? Get two flashlights for $18 Learn more If you're going to do things, do them up right. Don't bother with some dollar store flashlight...

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