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How to enable Touch to back on the BlackBerry Motion

One thing that BlackBerry Motion users may have a hard time adjusting too is the physical home button. The dual-purpose button serves not only a fingerprint sensor for the Motion but also as the home button navigation. If you're having trouble adjusting to having to use a physical home button again — not to worry. You can easily enable Touch to back and then simply tap on the home button to go back.

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DENSO and BlackBerry partner to develop world's first integrated automobile HMI Platform

BlackBerry has added plenty of new partners over the past few months who are making use of the BlackBerry QNX and now, they've announced another. This time around, DENSO Corporation and BlackBerry Limited announced they have jointly developed the world's first integrated HMI (Human Machine Interface) platform with Intel Corp. also collaborating on the product.

"DENSO has developed various HMI products, such as instrument clusters, car navigation systems and head-up displays that contribute to the safety and the convenience of automobiles," said Yukihiro Kato, senior executive director, Information & Safety Systems Business Group of DENSO. "Leveraging the technology and know-how acquired through the development of these products, we have developed an information management HMI technology that will support the evolution of automobiles together with BlackBerry QNX and Intel."

"While cluster, head unit, infotainment, and entertainment screens are all part of a new digital user experience in the car, they can't be developed in isolation and need to work in tandem," said John Wall, SVP and GM of BlackBerry QNX. "Together with DENSO and Intel, we will provide a highly functional, virtual cockpit including a safety-certified digital instrument cluster that will be the new gold standard in the automotive industry. We look forward to working with DENSO and Intel on many more projects in the future."

We can expect to hear and likely see more as we head into CES. DENSO and BlackBerry will have booths at the CES in Las Vegas held from January 9 - 12, 2018. The companies' integrated HMI platform will be displayed in DENSO's booth located at 1917, North Hall.

DENSO and BlackBerry Partner to Develop World's First Integrated Automobile HMI Platform

Virtualization technology enables integrated control of in-vehicle HMI systems

KARIYA, JAPAN and WATERLOO, ONTARIO--(Dec. 13, 2017) - DENSO Corporation and BlackBerry Limited (NYSE:BB)(TSX:BB) announced today the companies have jointly developed the world's first integrated HMI (Human Machine Interface) platform. Intel Corp. also collaborated in the development of this product.

The integrated HMI platform will enable a system which optimally cooperates and coordinates various HMI products such as display and sound inside the automobile cockpit at a low price. The joint solution will appear in successive car models scheduled for release after 2019.

With the improvement of automobile safety and convenience in recent years, the amount of data the vehicle transmits to the driver is increasing. Today, vehicles are equipped with multiple HMI systems, which require several device-specific operating systems to work in unison. Because the operating systems are independently controlled by multiple microcontrollers, it has not been possible to cooperate and coordinate them to display content and sound uniformly.

The integrated automotive HMI platform is believed to be the first of its kind and was developed by DENSO and BlackBerry using BlackBerry's QNX Hypervisor for virtualization and the Intel Atom® processor A3900 series. The hypervisor technology enables the independence of several operating systems with different characteristics and controls the integration with one microcomputer.

This architecture allows various HMI products to cooperate allowing necessary information to be displayed to the correct devices with appropriate timing. For example, it will be possible to communicate a heads-up or a warning through easy-to-understand expressions on the display with the right timing. Additionally, through cooperation between instrument cluster and navigation center displays, it is now possible to show animation with a sense of unity between the navigation screen in the meter screen. Furthermore, by updating the performance of one microcomputer both devices are updated which contributes to improved increase in R&D productivity and cost reduction.

"DENSO has developed various HMI products, such as instrument clusters, car navigation systems and head-up displays that contribute to the safety and the convenience of automobiles," said Yukihiro Kato, senior executive director, Information & Safety Systems Business Group of DENSO. "Leveraging the technology and know-how acquired through the development of these products, we have developed an information management HMI technology that will support the evolution of automobiles together with BlackBerry QNX and Intel."

"While cluster, head unit, infotainment, and entertainment screens are all part of a new digital user experience in the car, they can't be developed in isolation and need to work in tandem," said John Wall, SVP and GM of BlackBerry QNX. "Together with DENSO and Intel, we will provide a highly functional, virtual cockpit including a safety-certified digital instrument cluster that will be the new gold standard in the automotive industry. We look forward to working with DENSO and Intel on many more projects in the future."

As part of the integrated HMI, Intel has provided a unique and revolutionary graphics sharing technology, which has been optimized for the Intel Atom® processor A3900 series. The technology can prioritize and operate 3D workloads important for safety over less important workloads on the same processor.

DENSO and BlackBerry will have booths at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas held from January 9 - 12, 2018. The companies' integrated HMI platform will be displayed in DENSO's booth located at 1917, North Hall.

About DENSO Corporation

DENSO Corp., headquartered in Kariya, Aichi prefecture, Japan, is a leading global automotive supplier of advanced technology, systems and components in the areas of thermal, powertrain control, electronics and information and safety. Its customers include all the world's major carmakers. Worldwide, the company has more than 200 subsidiaries and affiliates in 38 countries and regions (including Japan) and employs more than 150,000 people. Consolidated global sales for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2017, totaled US$40.4 billion. Last fiscal year, DENSO spent 9.0 percent of its global consolidated sales on research and development. DENSO common stock is traded on the Tokyo and Nagoya stock exchanges. For more information, go to, or visit our media website at

About BlackBerry

BlackBerry is a cybersecurity software and services company dedicated to securing the Enterprise of Things. Based in Waterloo, Ontario, the company was founded in 1984 and operates in North America, Europe, Asia, Australia, Middle East, Latin America and Africa. The Company trades under the ticker symbol "BB" on the Toronto Stock Exchange and New York Stock Exchange. For more information, visit

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Learn the ins and outs of Microsoft Office for just $49

Microsoft Office is one of the most widely used bundle of programs in business. It helps companies take care of their books, pay employees, build plans, and much, much more. You can probably get the very basics of Excel, but if you're looking into a job where proficiency is a big asset and/or required, chances are you'll need a little more help.

Master Excel and Microsoft Office for just $49! Learn more

There are many courses that teach you how to use Microsoft Office — you can likely take many at local schools and colleges — but these courses can be quite costly, and then there's the fact that you have to leave home and learn on someone else's time.

eLearnExcel Microsoft Excel School is perfect if you want to learn all there is to know about Excel, on your own time. By enrolling in the school, you'll receive a lifetime subscription to eight complete courses, so you can learn at your leisure and refer back to the material when you need a little help. These courses are usually $1,150 altogether, but through CrackBerry Digital Offers, you'll pay just $49. That's a savings of 95%. Only need help with learning Excel? Check out the Excel-exclusive course and save $10!

Master Microsoft Office for $49 Learn more

If you're looking to delve into the business world in any capacity, it's a great idea to brush up on your Excel knowledge. If you want to truly excel (see what I did there?) in the business world, then it's a great idea to know Microsoft Excel like the back of your hand. Just don't go spending over $1000 on courses when you can spend just $49 for a lifetime subscription to Excel School at CrackBerry Digital Offers.

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BlackBerry Motion Review - Come for the battery, stay for the durability!

The BlackBerry Motion is a purpose-driven smartphone designed to get you through your day, help you do more and do it effortlessly. In that mission, it succeeds, with enough juice left to enjoy your downtime.

The quick take

The BlackBerry Motion is the second device to come from the TCL/BlackBerry partnership and follows the award-winning BlackBerry KEYone. The Motion shares much of the KEYone lineage but brings a few new tricks into the mix as well such as the new Smart Convenience Key and, Locker Mode, which helps keep your photos, documents, and files secure.

Overall, the BlackBerry Motion is a fantastic addition to the BlackBerry Mobile lineup. Not only does it offer those new to the BlackBerry experience a compelling smartphone but it brings to those possibly hanging onto older BlackBerry 10 full-touch devices a nice upgrade path to a more modern smartphone that follows the BlackBerry ethos of security, privacy, productivity, and efficiency with as few compromises as possible.

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BlackBerry Mobile EU store kicks off their holiday deals on the BlackBerry KEYone!

Now that the BlackBerry Mobile EU store ships to over 27 different European countries, those in the EU can take direct advantage of the holiday deals the store has in place. Right now, just in time for the holidays, the EU store is offering a free flip case, gift wrapping, and free standard shipping when you order a BlackBerry KEYone.

Looking at the site, the Black Edition and the Silver KEYone are both available now in QWERTY, QWERTZ, and AZERTY keyboard options as well as UK or EU power supplies. With the deals in place, you'll want to get your order in there ASAP in time for the holidays.

See more at the BlackBerry Mobile EU Store

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Get a Super-Sized Ethical Hacking bundle for just $43!

Hackers pose a serious threat, not only to individuals but also to large corporations. There are vast security structures in place to keep hackers out, but without testing that security, there's no way to know whether it will hold up. That's where ethical hackers come in.

Learn how to become a certified pentester with this nine-course bundle! Learn more

Ethical hackers are employed to test security systems, and the better they are at hacking, the better they are at their job. In order to become a successful ethical hacker, you really need to know what you're doing, and the training required is usually quite extensive and expensive.

Right now, however, CrackBerry Digital Offers has a deal on a Super-Sized Ethical Hacking bundle. Instead of paying the regular price of $1,080, you'll pay just $43. That's 96 percent off the regular price... But we're just getting started! Use coupon code GREEN60 at checkout and save an additional 60% — meaning you'll only pay $17.20 for all this great content! What a deal!

This nine-course bundle will take you from zero to hero with 667 lessons and over 76 hours of training. Courses include:

  • Bug Bounty: Web Hacking
  • CompTIA Security + Exam Preparation
  • Ethical Hacking Using Kali Linus From A to Z
  • Ethical Hacking From Scratch to Advanced Techniques
  • Learn Social Engineering From Scratch
  • Learn Website Hacking and Penetration Testing From Scratch
  • Hands on, Interactive Penetration Testing & Ethical Hacking
  • Complete WiFi and Network Ethical Hacking Course 2017
  • Cyber Security Volume I: Hackers Exposed

Save an additional 60% using coupon code GREEN60 at checkout! Learn more

If you've been thinking about making the internet a safer place by exposing its vulnerabilities, this is the bundle for you. Ethical hacking is a lucrative career, and this bundle has everything needed for a strong start. Don't wait too long; this deal doesn't last forever.

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Get a great holiday deal on the BlackBerry KEYone right now!

The BlackBerry KEYone is sure to be a hot item over the holidays and if you're looking to score a deal on one, now is the time. The best deals of the season are now in effect across retailers in Canada and the United States where you can save $100 or more on the unlocked BlackBerry KEYone in Silver.

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Reminder: Enter the CrackBerry Santa Holiday Giveaway to win a free BlackBerry!

Just in case for some strange reason you haven't been following CrackBerry Kevin on Instagram, we figured we should post up a reminder of the CrackBerry Santa Holiday Giveaway he's currently running right now until December 10 at Midnight PST where you can win your choice of a BlackBerry KEYone (Silver or Black Edition) or a new BlackBerry Motion!

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BlackBerry to announce Q3 Fiscal 2018 results on December 20, 2017

As per their Investor Calendar, BlackBerry is all set to announce their Q3 Fiscal 2018 results on December 20, 2017. With the move to the NASDAQ, payment disputes with Nokia, and new partnerships and licensing deals being announced recently, it will be interesting to see where BlackBerry stands for this quarter.

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Score a lifetime subscription to Windscribe VPN for just $49

Whether you are browsing the web for a new outfit to wear or checking your banking statements, you should be using a safe and secure connection. Using a VPN is a great way to avoid others keeping tabs on what you are looking at, and where you are doing it from, but getting one set up can sometimes be a costly pain. Luckily, it doesn't have to be, and for a small fee, you can get a lifetime subscription to an excellent service to help you out.

Keep your browsing secure with Windscribe VPN! Learn more

One of the many great options is Windscribe VPN, which you can grab right now for just $49 for a full lifetime license. With it, you'll be able to mask your location, avoid ads and much more with ease. Windscribe is more than just a VPN though, it is actually a desktop application and browser extension that work together to help keep your browsing sessions safe and secure.

Some of the features of the service include:

  • Mask your physical location from 3rd parties w/ an encrypted tunnel
  • Access geo-locked content from anywhere
  • Avoid most ads while you're browsing
  • Torrent securely & share files w/o worrying about your ISP snooping on you
  • Use on all your devices simultaneously
  • Get protected by the top-notch firewall that protects you in case of connectivity loss
  • Leave no trace or logs while you browse

Making sure that your browsing is safe and secure doesn't have to cost a fortune. Right now you can grab a lifetime subscription to Windscribe VPN for just $49, which is a huge savings from its regular $900 price tag. You'll be able to connect securely from your computer, avoid many adds and browse without your ISP keeping tabs on what you are doing.

If you don't like the idea of someone else monitoring what you are doing, you'll want to grab this before the price jumps back up. The huge savings on a lifetime license won't last long, so grab it now and use the benefits for the years to come.

Keep your browsing secure with Windscribe VPN! Learn more

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BlackBerry and Qualcomm team up in next-generation connected vehicles

BlackBerry and Qualcomm are teaming up on in-vehicle platforms for the next generation of connected cars.

Announced today. the partnership will utilize Qualcomm hardware and BlackBerry's QNX software on various systems including digital instrument clusters, virtual cockpit controllers, and infotainment systems. The cost-effective agreement will offer high-performance systems to help make vehicles safer and more connected, well into the future.

BlackBerry and Qualcomm Extend Strategic Relationship to Deliver Automotive Platforms for Next Generation Vehicles

WATERLOO, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - Dec. 7, 2017) - BlackBerry Limited (NYSE:BB)(TSX:BB) and Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., a subsidiary of Qualcomm Incorporated (NASDAQ:QCOM), today announced a strategic collaboration to develop and produce cutting-edge automotive platforms for the next generation of connected vehicles. As a part of the non-exclusive relationship, the companies have agreed to optimize select Qualcomm Technologies' hardware platforms with BlackBerry's QNX software for use in virtual cockpit controllers (VCC), telematics, including eCall and Cellular Vehicle-to-Everything (C-V2X) technology, electronic control gateways, digital instrument clusters and infotainment systems. Additionally, BlackBerry and Qualcomm Technologies have agreed to optimize BlackBerry over-the-air (OTA) software and BlackBerry Secure Credential Management (SCM) Services for use with select Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ modems, supporting both companies' commitment to offer high performance automotive platforms quickly and cost-effectively.

"BlackBerry and Qualcomm Technologies have had a long-standing relationship for over a decade, collaborating on technologies that have revolutionized the way people live and work," said Sandeep Chennakeshu, President of BlackBerry Technology Solutions. "Today's announcement elevates our relationship as we aim to accelerate the delivery of the next generation platforms that connected vehicles will rely upon."

"As innovation in the automotive industry accelerates it becomes necessary for industry leaders to work together to deliver leading-edge technology platforms that help to make vehicles safer, more connected, and increasingly autonomous," said Patrick Little, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Automotive, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. "Today we're building on our longstanding relationship with BlackBerry to develop automotive platforms that will accelerate the industry toward a more connected future."

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How to change the ringtone on the BlackBerry Motion

Want to customize your BlackBerry Motion? Start by changing the ringtone!

One of the beautiful things about Android is the top-to-bottom customizations. You can tweak nearly anything on an Android device — the BlackBerry Motion being no exception. If you want to ease your way into customizing your device, you can start by changing up the ringtone.

How to Change the Ringtone on the BlackBerry Motion

  • Swipe down from the top of the home screen and tap the gear icon to access your settings.
  • Tap Sound, then tap Phone ringtone
  • You can scroll through the available ringtones and choose one you like. Once selected, tap OK to set it.

Done and done! Your custom ringtone is now set and will sound for any incoming calls. You can change this as you see fit so you always keep it fresh! Pro Tip: Use your favorite MP3 as a ringtone by moving it to the Ringtones folder using the Files application.

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Take to the skies with this sweet mini drone for just $64!

Drones are some of the coolest gadget toys to come out over the last couple years, and their applications are wonderful. You can shoot stellar aerial footage, race them, train up on them, and even deliver packages. But high-end drones can be incredibly expensive and it's a hobby where price is certainly the biggest barrier to entry. So you start off small with a smaller drone, but you don't want to buy cheap crap.

Take HD aerial footage with a drone to call your own! Learn more

That's where the SKEYE Nano 2 FPV Drone comes in. It's a compact drone that comes with its own controller and a built-in camera. The SKEYE Nano 2 regularly retails for $99, but at CrackBerry Digital Offers, you can save 35% and grab yours for only $64.

One of the coolest features of the SKEYE Nano 2 is that your phone sits in the controller and you get to control your drone from a first-person view. You're in full control, with 6-axis stability and adjustable gyro sensitivity, so you can get the feel that's just right for you.

You can even pull off flips and other stunts, and thanks to SKEYE's "Ready to Fly" technology, you can turn everything on and fly immediately. Record all of the videos you take in HD and control everything via Wi-Fi. If you're a bit of a novice, the Nano 2 also has built-in automatic functions so that you can take off, land, and hover easily.

If you're looking to get into drones, don't want to spend a fortune, and want to try your hand at shooting some aerial HD footage, then check out the SKEYE Nano 2 and iMore Digital Offers and save 35% off retail.

Save 30% on this rad video drone! Learn more

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Snag a BlackBerry Motion from Amazon UK right now for only £349

If you're looking to snag a BlackBerry Motion in the UK and missed out on the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, Amazon is the spot to check out. Right now the retailer has the all-new BlackBerry Motion in stock and available for only £349. For those keeping track, that's about £50 off what other UK retailers have the Motion for right now. If the KEYone is more your thing, those are listed as well. You can save £80.00 on the Silver KEYone and £50.00 on the KEYone Black Edition. There's no noted timeframe for the the pricing, so be sure get in on the deals while you can in case they disappear soon.

See at Amazon

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The BlackBerry UNSTOPPABLE Tour hits Canada this week: Vancouver, Calgary, Montreal, Toronto and Kitchener/Waterloo!

Calling Vancouver, Calgary, Montreal, Toronto and Kitchener/Waterloo...This is your chance to experience the newest BlackBerry Smartphones, hang with other BlackBerry Fans, CrackBerry Kevin, and Bla1ze!

Following the success of our European BlackBerry UNSTOPPABLE Tour next week we're bringing the BlackBerry Motion and KEYone show to FIVE cities in FIVE days in Canada. We'll be starting in Vancouver, then heading to Calgary, Montreal, Toronto, and finally wrapping things up in BlackBerry's birthplace of Kitchener/Waterloo.

As with all of our BlackBerry events, we'll have plenty of food, drinks and BlackBerry fans in attendance, along with the latest BlackBerry Smartphones including the BlackBerry Motion and BlackBerry KEYone for attendees to check out. We'll also have swag and prizes to give out too and for the Canadian tour we're also planning on having BlackBerry Silver and Black Edition KEYones on hand FOR SALE! So if you've been holding off on getting one of these phones until you can get it in your hot little hands, this could be your time to buy. If you're RSVP'd to attend you'll be receiving a mailer soon where you can express your interest in buying so we can help plan our inventory.

If you're a longtime CrackBerry reader, a BlackBerry fan or just thinking about picking up a new BlackBerry Motion or BlackBerry KEYone, these are events you won't want to miss! Hit the links below to jump over to the Meetup page for your city where you can RSVP. Spread the word! All of the venues have been finalized. Compared to our last round of events in Canada we're kicking these ones off a little earlier to make it easy for the downtown crowd to drop in and check out the phones, and things will kick into gear after 6pm for all the fans traveling a little further to arrive.

I'll also be working my BlackBerry Motion and BlackBerry KEYone's hard on this tour, so you'll want to be following @crackberrykevin on Instagram where I'll be posting lots of photos, stories and even firing up live streams. So if you can't be there, you can still join in on the fun!


Hit the links below to jump over to official Meetup Page for full details and to RSVP. Once you're RSVP'd, you'll receive email updates as we get closer to dates, locking in the location and providing additional info.


If you haven't yet, be sure to visit our global CrackBerry Meetup Groups page, where you can sign up for your city. If an official CrackBerry Meetup is coming your way, we'll be sure to let you know.

Register for a CrackBerry Meetup Group In Your City

Visit the CrackBerry Meetup Groups Forum

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BlackBerry will pay approximately $137M to Nokia over payment dispute

BlackBerry and Nokia have a pretty long history of disputes but for now, at least one disagreement has come to a conclusion as BlackBerry has been ordered to pay Nokia approximately $137 million stemming from issues of payments not made to Nokia under a patent license contract. Still, the battles between the two are not quite over yet.

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How to use Locker Mode on the BlackBerry Motion

Keep your personal pictures and files private with Locker Mode.

The BlackBerry Motion enjoys a great feature called Locker Mode, where certain pictures and files can stay securely stored without being visible from other apps, or being backed up to the cloud. Use this to keep your most sensitive materials separate from what you see on a day-to-day basis. This can provide added peace of mind when handing off your phone to a friend for a few moments.

How to take a private picture on the BlackBerry Motion

  1. Open the Camera app.
  2. Instead of tapping the on-screen shutter key or the volume key to take a picture, tap the fingerprint sensor. Be careful not to press it until it clicks; this will take you back to the home screen.
  3. If you want to disable the ability to take private pictures, tap the gear in the top-right of the Camera app to enter Settings, and tap the toggle for Locker mode.

The picture you just took will be stored in your Locker. The thumbnail within the Camera app won't be accessible until you use your saved fingerprint or screen unlock code.

How to add files to BlackBerry Locker

  1. Open Files.
  2. Navigate to where the file is you would like to lock.
  3. Tap the three dots to the right of the filename. This will bring down a menu.
  4. Tap Lock.
  5. Authenticate the move with either your fingerprint or lock code.

That's all there is to it! Once you've secured your files in BlackBerry Locker, you can rest assured that nobody will accidentally (or purposefully) stumble on sensitive photos or documents.

View more BlackBerry Motion Help & How To Articles

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Take the latest SlashData developer survey and you could win awesome prizes!

Are you ready for the most global developer survey, designed BY developers FOR developers?

The Developer Economics Q4 2017 survey is here and for its 14th edition, and it's aiming at shedding light on the future of the software industry! Every year, more than 40,000 developers around the world participate in this survey, so this is a chance to be part of something big, voice your thoughts, and make your own contribution to the developer community. And you can even win an awesome prize for participating!

The survey is for all developers engaging in the following software development areas: Mobile, Desktop, IoT, AR/VR, Machine Learning & Data Science, Web, Backend and Gaming. As always the survey is looking to shed lights on questions about the current status and the future of the software industry. Remember that your opinion matters, so answers to these questions can be entirely shaped by you and your fellow developers!

Take the survey

There are some perks to go with your participation. Have a look at what you can get your hands on:

  • Amazing prizes up for grabs like an Oculus Rift, a Windows Acer MR headset, a Nintendo Switch, Raspberry Pi 3s, phones, certifications, and more!
  • A Developer Scorecard showing how other developers responded to the survey questions
  • A free State of the Developer Nation Q1, 2018 report with the key findings (February 2018).
  • A referral program you can join, promote the survey and win up to $700 in cash!

If Cyberpunk is your thing, you will love this survey! Always designed with an extra fun factor, the Developer Economics Survey shares a CyberPunk theme for its 14th edition. Taking the survey means that you will get to find out if you are a Cyber-Cultist, a Scale-O-Fixer or a Console Boy or something else! Sounds exciting right? Take the survey right away and have fun!

Take the survey and win great prizes!

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BlackBerry Hub now supports GroupMe, LINE Lite and XING accounts in latest beta

A new batch of app updates has now hit Google Play and while Tasks, Notes, Contacts, Hub+ Services, and Calendar are all available, it's really the Hub app that has the most noted changes despite still being in beta. Here's a look at what has been included and will be rolled out soon:

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Keep your internet browsing encrypted with VPNSecure, now 91% off

Banking information. Mortgage payment history. Your important documents. Nearly all of your life is online these days, and while convenient that can be scary. There are tons of people out there who are looking to do malicious stuff, and we need to be sure that is in the back of our brains at all times. While you can't avoid using the internet (in most cases), you can ensure that it is a secure connection when you do use it.

Secure your browsing sessions for less! Learn More

VPNs have become more and more popular as the time passes because people want to make sure that the information they are transmitting is getting to the right places. VPNSecure is a great option, and right now you can score a sweet deal on a lifetime subscription to the service. With it you'll be able to connect up to five devices at the same time, use unlimited bandwidth and more.

Some of the key features include:

  • Allows you to bypass geolocation blocks on your favorite streaming networks
  • Encrypts your traffic so hackers can't access your data
  • Hides your location & IP address
  • Supports torrents
  • Allows you to connect five devices simultaneously
  • Grants you the ability to choose Data Cipher
  • Uses Stealth VPN to render your VPN traffic unrecognizable
  • Delivers unlimited bandwidth
  • Does not keep any logs of your activity
  • Includes servers in 46+ countries & counting
  • Protects against DNS leak fixes, kill switches & more

Use coupon code CYBER40 and pay just $23.99! Learn More

You are getting a whole lot for your money here. VPNSecure normally costs $450 for the lifetime subscription, but right now you can pick one up for only $39 — but wait! Use coupon code CYBER40 at checkout to save an additional 40% and bring the final cost down to just $23.99. You'll want to hurry though because this price won't last long.

Browsing the web can get you in loads of trouble if you aren't careful, so be sure to grab this at its 91% discount to secure your browsing sessions.

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