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BlackBerry named a leader again in 2017 Gartner Magic Quadrant for EMM Suites

Gartner, Inc. has named BlackBerry as a Leader in its Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Mobility Management Suites for the second straight year. Notably, this is also the fourth straight year that BlackBerry has moved higher in ability to execute and further in completeness of vision in the Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Mobility Management Suites.

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KEYone available from Carphone Warehouse for £36 per month

No doubt about it, people are loving the BlackBerry KEYone!

Currently, Carphone Warehouse has the best Pay Monthly pricing in the UK and also have the device in-stock. You can grab the BlackBerry KEYone for just £36 per month and £0.00 upfront cost.

The BlackBerry KEYone is rolling out around the world, and while we know it's still hard to get your hands on one in some places, those that have been using one already are loving it so far. There has been an incredible response, with positive reviews for the BlackBerry KEYone across the board.

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BlackBerry Mobile says it is taking 'measures' to strengthen KEYone displays

BlackBerry Mobile has released an official statement on KEYone display popping problems.

Now this is a swift response! After internet rabble rouser and professional phone destroyer, JerryRigEverything, put the KEYone through its paces last week, one of the main takeaways was that the display can come apart from the rest of the phone quite easily, as there isn't a lot of adhesive holding it all together.

After the video came out, I promised to do some durability tests of my own, and I'll summarize those in just a minute, but let's hear from BlackBerry Mobile, since it has just released a statement:

TCL Communication has a long-standing track record of delivering high-quality devices to our customers around the world, and the BlackBerry KEYone is no different. To ensure the highest quality in the BlackBerry KEYone, we used strong, durable premium materials and conducted rigorous stress tests on the device throughout the product development cycle to meet the real life use standards our customers demand. While the BlackBerry KEYone is being met with great enthusiasm, we are aware of the concerns around potential display separation on the device. Out of the thousands of BlackBerry KEYone smartphones that have been shipped and sold globally, only a very small handful of customers have reported this kind of issue.

Our teams are actively examining additional adhesive measures that might further strengthen and eliminate any possibility of display separation occurring. If a customer does experience this however, they're encouraged to contact us for a device warranty replacement.

The takeaway here is that the KEYone doesn't have a huge problem — only a handful of phones have been affected — but in either case, BB Mobile is "actively examining additional adhesive measures" to make sure this problem goes away completely. And if you've had a problem with the phone up 'til now, just contact the company and it will replace the phone for you under warranty. OK, that's great, but here are some of my findings (video coming soon!!) from my own durability tests:

  • I dropped and threw the phone around a lot and it took so much abuse (I had to throw it at a wall) to get the screen to break but overall it held up super well.
  • When I did manage to get the display off by actually bending the phone (on purpose) so the screen would pop out, I found there is adhesive in there. Here's what I wrote in the CrackBerry forums:

I took the KEYone apart... bent it hard and popped out display. So, interesting thing here is that THERE IS adhesive.... it's all around the edges of the display. Like a thin strip of black-ish caulking. If you watch JerryRig's video, there IS the same caulking in that video -- he's wrong to say there's "absolutely no adhesive" because there absolutely is. I just watch the video and you can see it. It's not under the metallic parts, but on the perimeter around the edge.

Could more be done to cement that display into place? Maybe.... but given the testing and the real "normal world abuse" I've given my KEYone over the past few months, don't think it's really an issue issue. Though given the occurrences of some letting go, I'd assume they do even more to lock in place. But if you own a KEYone already, I dunno.. I wouldn't worry about it unless you plan on twisting and bending the hell out of it. And if you do end up having an issue, I'm going to assume it'll be covered under warranty, etc.

So there you have it. BlackBerry Mobile is doing the right thing here, acknowledging that there is a small problem in a few units for some people, and making it right for them, and for everyone else.

Update: Here's the BlackBerry KEYone Durability Test Video

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BlackBerry to announce Q1 Fiscal 2018 results on Friday, June 23, 2017

Keeping in line with the date laid out on their Investor events calendar, BlackBerry has announced they will be reporting results Q1 2018 results on June 23rd.

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Speed up your home Wi-Fi with discounts on select TP-Link gear today only

Our friends at Thrifter are back again, this time helping you make your Wi-Fi faster for less!

If you've been looking for some new networking gear, you'll want to check out Amazon's Deal of the Day which discounts a variety of TP-Link's products. From gigabit Ethernet switches to network extenders and Wi-Fi routers to cable modems, there is a deal here for just about everyone.

With these prices, today is a great day to stop renting your existing modem from your ISP. Most cable companies charge around $10 per month to rent the modem from them, and today you can have your own for as little as $70 (which means it pays for itself in just 7 months!).

Some of the best deals include:

Be sure to check out the full list of products that are on sale as well to see if any of the others will work for you.

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For more great deals on tech, gadgets, home goods and more, be sure to check out our friends at Thrifter now!

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JerryRigEverything's KEYone Durability Test has CBK recording a Real World one tomorrow

Ouch. The BlackBerry KEYone made it into JerryRigEverything's test chambers, where it was passing the scratch and burn test with ease. It didn't fare well in the bend test though...

Update - August 17th: JerryRigEverything has posted a second durability test video. This time the KEYone has passed with flying colors. Zack has removed it from his Shelf of Shave and now gives the KEYone a thumbs up declaring it a phone that will stand up to the test of time.

Update - 2:30pm, Saturday, June 10th: So the KEYone Drop Test and Durability video is coming soon, but in the meantime BB Mobile has released a statement about the limited number of defective KEYones with display issues, which you can read about right here.

Update - 5pm, Friday, June 9th: Just finished recording a CBK KEYone Drop Test Video. My editor is going to try and work on the video over the weekend (she has some prior commitments to attend to, but she's going to try and turn around on it as fast as she can - so hopefully ready for early in the week. If you're ok with spoilers, you can read my debrief on this post in the forums. Overall, KEYone held up pretty well - and we did pry a couple apart to take a look at what's under the hood.

I'm a big fan of JerryRigEverything's YouTube channel, where he puts gadgets, including smartphones, through plenty of torture tests to see just how tough they are. For phones, that includes scratching and burning and bending them. The BlackBerry KEYone did well on the scratch tests, and recovered from the burn test in satisfactory time, but when it came to the bend test it didn't fare as well, with the screen popping out of the chassis quite easily. A further tear down revealed a lack of adhesive holding the display firmly in place. I'm pretty sure the folks at BlackBerry Mobile must be aware of this, so I expect we should hear something from them addressing this in the near future.

We've seen a handful of reports in CrackBerry's KEYone forums where KEYone owners have relayed their devices suffering a similar fate - where drops have popped up the display up. On the other hand, I've also seen the KEYone take a helluva beating and keep on ticking without issue. It's really been a solid device in everyday use. After months of using and abusing my KEYone, I've dropped it and sat on it and beat it up now a LOT without any issues (it even saved my face one night when I tripped in a hotel room and I smashed it into the bedside table with the momentum of 200lbs of drunk CBK behind it). Beyond my main KEYone, I've also had many more come through my hands as we've held the CrackBerry Meetup Tours which have held up well and are still pristine.

BlackBerry KEYone's have been precious to come by, so I haven't been in a rush to do the classic BlackBerry drop test yet, but given the attention and questions users are having around the KEYone's durability, tomorrow I'm going to put the KEYone through some real world durability testing (since that's where use the phones). I have a brand new KEYone to use for it (Rogers retail unit) and for good measure I'll put the real world testing side by side to a Galaxy S8+ and iPhone 7 Plus to see how they measure up.

If you have any ideas for real world abuse you'd like to see the KEYone take in the video, let me know and I'll see if I can make it happen.

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Digital Offers: Keep your browsing private for life for $49

It's probably trite and a bit cliché at this point, but we increasingly live our lives online. Our bank information, personal information, likes, dislikes, and more are all over the internet — often whether we like it or not. That's all data, and nowadays, data's a commodity. You information is being bought and sold. Sometimes it's simply to show you catered ads; other times it's for the stuff that after school specials used to warn you about.

Block online trackers for life for $49 Learn more

What can you do to combat all of this online tracking? Do you turn to VPNs? Sure, but they don't necessarily block tracking in every sense. Did you know that there are services and apps that actually block online trackers in order to keep your data safe?

Disconnect is one of the best tracker blockers around. It blocks tracking requests from connecting to any of your devices, thereby keeping your data safe. It even masks your location so that you can access websites as though you're in another country (like a VPN). Apps like these have subscription rates, and some charge an arm and a leg. If you were to go directly to Disconnect for a lifetime subscription, you'd pay $500. Through CrackBerry Digital Offers, you'll pay only $49, a savings of 90%.

Disconnect is available for iOS, Android, PC, and Mac, so you can cover all of your devices and keep your browsing habits private. If you often deal with sensitive information or would rather just keep your internet habits completely your own, you'll need a quality tracker block, and Disconnect is one of the best around. Check it out at CrackBerry Digital Offers and save 90%.

Block online trackers for life for $49 Learn more

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CrackBerry Podcast: Covfefe

There's only one word that describes that can accurately describe the last week here on CrackBerrry... Covfefe! On this episode we talk about the North American launch of the BlackBerry KEYone (the good and the bad) and answer many questions!

Traveling to Taipei last week for Computex was on my travel agenda for the better part of a year, long before I knew May 31st would be the date the BlackBerry KEYone would become "available" for purchase in Canada and the USA. What a week in turned out to be overseas and on 12 hour difference in time zone. I woke up every morning to sooo many passionate threads in the CrackBerry forums to catch up on! :)

It also turned out to be a perfect week for El Presidente Trump to an invent a new word for me to use for this podcast - as it would prove difficult otherwise to find a single word that could encapsulate all of the thoughts and emotions running among many in the CrackBerry community. The North American market launch has been a mixed bag - we've seen a LOT of excitement from consumers in North America finally getting their hands on the KEYone and absolutely loving it. We've also witnessed some frustration over limited inventory at launch, especially in the US on Amazon and Best Buy, that's made the KEYone a rather exclusive phone to get a hold of thus far (while the GSM version of the KEYone started shipping, CDMA units on Amazon never moved out of backorder status). We talk about all of that and MUCH more on this CrackBerry podcast.

The first half of the show we casually jump around many topics, and Bla1ze -- who everybody always loves -- finally gives us one reason to hate him (pictured below). The back half of the show we jump to answering reader questions, which keeps us pretty on track.

Enjoy the show!

Double Tap if this is the most KEYone boxes you have ever seen in a single photo. Getting ready to send them out to our CrackBerry IOU winners! Swipe Left for more box fun! #KEYone #BlackBerry #BlackBerryKEYone #android

A post shared by CrackBerry Kevin (@crackberrykevin) on Jun 7, 2017 at 9:24pm PDT

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How to access your notifications using the keyboard on the BlackBerry KEYone

You can use this simple trick to access your notifications right from the BlackBerry KEYone keyboard!

The BlackBerry KEYone has a slew of amazing built-in options for easy access — from the keyboard shortcuts to the customizable convenience key — that you can set up for instant access to almost anything on your KEYone. Did you know that you can also easily access your notifications dropdown with just a tap of the keyboard?

As forums member tp2386 points out, you can use an app called Pull Down Status Bar that lets you have instant access to your notifications. All you need to do is install the app, then set it as the shortcut for one of your keyboard keys or your convenience key — it's that simple. When you press your chosen key, your notification shade will drop down giving you quick access no matter where you are on your device.

You can grab Pull Down Status Bar totally free from the link below. If you need help getting it setup, swing by the forums and let us know!

Download Pull Down Status Bar from Google Play

View more BlackBerry KEYone Help & How To Articles

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BlackBerry KEYone once again available to order from Selfridges!

If you missed out on the initial run of stock availability at Selfridges of the BlackBerry KEYone, you'll be pleased to know the retailer has once again listed the latest Android-powered BlackBerry Smartphone as being available.

Through the Selfridges website, you can pick up the BlackBerry KEYone for £499.00 with local shipping starting at only £5.00 and going up from there, unless you have Selfridges+, which offers unlimited deliveries.

Order the BlackBerry KEYone from Selfridges

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BlackBerry launches QNX Hypervisor 2.0 to help automakers realize a safe and secure connected car

As the need for more advanced safety and security software rises in the automotive sector, BlackBerry QNX has officially launched QNX Hypervisor 2.0, BlackBerry's most advanced and secure 64-bit embedded operating system which allows developers to partition and isolate safety-critical environments from non-safety critical environments.

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Many SanDisk microSD cards and Lightning/USB-C flash drives are at all-time lows today

Our friends at Thrifter are back again, this time with great savings on a variety of SanDisk memory products.

Amazon's one-day sale scores you up to 25% off a variety of SanDisk's memory products ranging from high capacity microSD cards to portable Solid State Drives. SanDisk has been in the business for a long time and many people use its products daily and speak quite highly of them.

Whether you are looking to add some extra storage to your phone or camera, or are in the market for some additional external storage for your computer, you won't want to miss these discounts. Some of the items on sale include:

microSD cards

Flash Drives

External Drive Packages

There are a few other products not listed here that are also included in this deal. For a full list of the items be sure to hit the link below. Remember, these prices are only good for today, June 7, while supplies last so don't miss out!

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We've just rolled out a big update to our CrackBerry Android app!

After having been in beta for a few weeks now, I am pleased to say the latest update to the CrackBerry Android app is now available through Google Play. In comparison to our old version, we're pretty much looking at a brand new app here. The change log speaks for itself, but in case you haven't checked it out yet, take a look at what's new in this release. It's way more than just bug fixes!

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Skip your Starbucks run and try Vtin's Bluetooth headphones for just $7

Our friends at Thrifter are back again, this time with a set of Bluetooth headphones you'll want to instantly impulse purchase!

These days you can find Bluetooth headphones starting around $20 up to as much as $500, but picking the right pair can be a hard task. Is there a benefit to dropping a large sum of money on a set of headphones, or will the basic ones do just fine? This is a question that is easier to answer by trying the cheaper ones and seeing how they work for you. Vtin is currently offering its Bluetooth sports headphones for just $6.99 with coupon code TPQZL422. This is a savings of $9 from the regular price and drops them down into total impulse purchase territory.

  • QY8 Upgraded Version. Featuring latest Bluetooth CSR4.1 and built-in gold-plated antenna design, the signal is two times stronger than the common one, supporting 33ft(10meters) working range. It also allows pairing with two devices simultaneously.
  • High-Quality Sound. CVC6.0 noise-isolation technology can filter the majority of ambient noise to ensure crystal clear sound. APT-X audio decode tech provides you high stereo music experience with deep bass. Built-in HD mic makes it can be used as a hands-free kit.
  • Long Battery Life. Adopted high-performance polymer lithium battery, the Swan series sports headphone allows about 7hours playing time and 175 hours standby time. The remaining battery life of the earphones can be display on the IOS status bar.
  • Unique Design. With a buckle, you can adjust the cable length as you like, gaining better sound experience while exercising.
  • Stylish Appearance. With UV process, they are sleek, in black with silver detail. Ergonomic in-ear design offers you snug and stable fit. Ideal for exercising, running, cycling, walking and all kinds of indoor or outdoor activities.

Sure, you won't get top of the line audio quality, and they may not last for years to come, but they are $7. Think about the things you spend that on daily, like coffee, fast food, snacks, and more. Cut back on those extras for just one day and try out these headphones that you'll be able to use for the months to come. Your future self will thank you.

See at Amazon

For more great deals be sure to check out our friends at Thrifter now!

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Build your own video games forever with this lifetime membership to the School of Game Design

The popularity of video games continues to grow, and the industry surrounding our favorite past-time keeps getting more and more lucrative. Despite the enormous list of games available across so many platforms, the next big hit is still waiting to be discovered.

Stay current with video game design with this lifetime membership! Learn more

Have you always been interested in video games? Why not create your own? If this thought has already crossed your mind, CrackBerry Digital Offers has a deal for you.

The School of Game Design is home to over 75,000 students who are passionate enough about video games to want to create their own. This industry moves fast, so signing up for a few courses simply won't do. Instead, we're offering right now a lifetime membership to the School of Game Design for only $69. That's 98% off the regular price of $5,990.

Not only will you have access to over 120 hours of video training, you can also reach out and receive support from instructors who are embedded in the industry. Here you'll learn how to create 2D and 3D games that can be published anywhere.

Get a lifetime membership to School of Game Design for only $69! Learn more

If you've been thinking about breaking into the world of video game design, the time is now. A lifetime membership to the School of Game Design will turn you into a pro in no time, and you'll always be up to date with the current trends and practices. Don't wait too long; this deal doesn't last forever.

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BlackBerry KEYone now available from Vodafone UK!

After a short amount of time sitting in their 'Coming Soon' area, Vodafone UK has now made the BlackBerry KEYone available for purchase through their website and in-store. Vodafone UK customers looking to pick the Android Nougat powered BlackBerry KEYone have a number of pricing options to choose from starting at £10 when coupled with a Vodafone UK plan.

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Make use of your car's CD slot to hold your phone for just $15

When you're behind the wheel driving, your focus should be on the road and not the phone in your hands. iOttie's Easy One Touch MiniCD mount allows you to keep your phone safe using your old CD player, and right now you can pick one up for just $15.

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Best Buy has the BlackBerry KEYone back in stock online and available for in-store pickup!

Update - June 8th: We're seeing more in stock again! If you do see stock run out, we suggest using the Notify Me button on the page to sign up. Best Buy will send out an email as soon as there's more inventory so you can get on that order asap!

Update - June 7th: Late night stock replenish. More available from online! Hurry!

Update - June 6th: Seeing the KEYone back in stock in Best Buy online. Looks like this will become a daily thing so keep checking in regularly for more inventory.

Update: That was fast... the online inventory sold out already (local inventory will vary depending on where you live - check site). The word is inventory should be on an almost-daily replenishment cycle now, so if you didn't get a hold of it today keep checking back daily and you should be able to get your hands on a KEYone sooner rather than later.

If you missed out on picking up a BlackBerry KEYone when they initially went on sale, no matter. You can now head on over to the Best Buy site and place your order right now to get a BlackBerry KEYone of your very own shipped right to you!

If you prefer to do local pickup instead, you can do that as well. All Best Buy locations are offering in-store pickup options, though, date ranges do vary with some showing stock available right now. If you've been waiting, now is a good chance to get an order in there but act fast!

Order the BlackBerry KEYone from Best Buy

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Bank of New Zealand, Optus Business, Mobile Mentor and Briggs Communications choose BlackBerry AtHoc

As the demand for Crisis Communications Software grows, BlackBerry AtHoc has now announced new customers and partners in Australia and New Zealand. The Bank of New Zealand, Optus Business, Mobile Mentor and Briggs Communications have all agreed to deliver, deploy and support BlackBerry AtHoc in the region.

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BlackBerry begins rollout of June Android security update

Keeping updates on schedule, the BlackBerry Security Incident Response Team has now announced they have begun the rollout of the June Android security update for BlackBerry smartphones. As per normal, once downloaded and installed, you should see your security patch level change and this time around, it will appear as June 5, 2017.

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