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Treo or BlackBerry? Wayne Rash Needs Your Help!

Wayne Rash eWeek

When first launched, Wayne Rash over at eWeek was quick to help spread the word.

It's time to return the favor... Wayne needs the Community's help! He's looking to replace his Motorola V3 RAZR and is contemplating between a new Treo or BlackBerry. He's checked out the Smartphone Round Robin and loves it, but still could use some direct input to help him with his decision. It seems to me that right now he's leaning towards the Treo, and we just can't let that happen! :-)

Check out Wayne's Should I Buy a Treo? post and be sure to comment and help get him on the BlackBerry bandwagon!!

* Update: Looks like it's working...check out Wayne's follow-up post Or Maybe I Should Buy a BlackBerry? *

4 or 5 New BlackBerrys to be Released in 2008!

2008 BlackBerrysGregory Wade, RIM's Vice President of Customer Accounts, had quite a bit to say in a recent interview with Business Standard. It's obvious that RIM is not only making a push into the consumer market, but is succeeding at it.

The Blackberry Pearl represented almost 55 per cent of RIM’s total shipments in the first quarter of 2007 and with Pearl 8120 (dubbed as Pearl 2) our commitment to have devices that are beautiful and rich in multimedia applications continues.

RIM recently shipped its 20 millionth Blackberry smart phone and the devices are ranked number one in the global PDA space with 18 per cent market share according to third party research.

Also, our software partners are developing support for 3D graphics to enable more powerful gaming, and rich-media content is on the cards too.

We will also announce another 4-5 models in 2008 and all of them would be packed with consumer-friendly applications and design.

Did you read that last sentence? 4 to 5 new models in 2008?! What do you think is coming? An 8330 (CDMA) Curve? Will the BlackBerry 9000 series show its face (remember that BlackBerry 9000 mock-up)? Maybe we will we see GPS & WiFi get somehow sandwiched into a Curve? What do you want to see from RIM in 2008? Use the comments to make your wish list!

[ Business Standard via RIMarkable ]

BlackBerry 101: Thanksgiving Holiday Semester Review

Smartphone Round Robin: Final Thoughts on the Treo 680

Palm Treo 680

I could be a Treo User, but would much rather be a CrackBerry Addict! 

My time with the Palm Treo 680 has come to an end. After getting off to a slow start with the device (read my initial impressions here), I’m happy to say we’ll be parting company as well-acquainted friends. As soon as I’m finished writing this article, I’ll yank the SIM card and put it into the iPhone that’s sitting beside me in a UPS box... that should be fun! Read on for my Final Treo 680 Impressions >>

Sure Mobile Offers "Pay As You Go" BlackBerry Plan

Sure MobileTheir name may not be know by most of us in North America, but Sure mobile flies their satellites high over the English Channel and services the islands of Guernsey, Jersey and the Isle of Man.  They introduced their Pay As You Go Blackberry plan to satisfy all those users afraid of commitment.  It seems to me that with the easy unlimited options not being terribly pricey, a PAYG choice wouldn't catch on.  Here is what Sure offers:
Internet and email access for 7 days on a BlackBerry handset will cost £5.  The £5 will be deducted from the pay as you go balance weekly.
  • Data services (email and Internet) can only be used on a Channel Island or Isle of Man Sure network.
  • All call charges are the same as on the standard Sure pay as you go price plan
  • Roaming countries, networks and call charges are the same as Sure pay as you go CAMEL roaming
I would hope (and assume) that Sure has done their research on the subject hence why the plan is offered to their customers. Pay As You Go or "no contract" phones do well here in the US, but the thought of having a plan to match for a Blackberry never entered my mind.

[ Via Sure Mobile ]

Smartphone Round Robin: A Skeptic's First Impressions of the BlackBerry Curve 8310

As I'm winding down my week of using the Treo 680 (final impressions going up later today or tomorrow Monday), Dieter over at has posted his Initial Impressions of the BlackBerry Curve 8310.

Dieter on the BlackBerry Curve 8310 Dieter is an all-around smartphone expert, EXCEPT when it comes to the BlackBerry. He had never used one before, so he came into the Curve as a slightly skeptical blank slate. He even shows his newbie status by writing the plural of BlackBerry as "BlackBerries" vs. the more accepted and in-the-know "BlackBerrys" (if you've ever wondered about this check out our piece on the Great Plural BlackBerry Debate).

Dieter's basic take on the Curve? I'd sum it up by saying he loved the hardware (but prefers the Treo's keyboard), grew to like the OS (but think it lacks compared to others), and appreciated the email capabilities (but did have some issues with it).

Go take a read and let Dieter know how he did! Was he fair? On the money? Totally out to lunch? Remember, a logged-in comment/forum post will get you a chance to win a new Smartphone in our Smartphone Round Robin contest! Read Dieter's First Impressions >>

MySpace Mobile "Officially" Released; New JiveTalk v1.03 ads MySpace IM Support

MySpaceIt was announced on Thursday by everyone's favorite friend Tom that Myspace Mobile ( is "officially available. Posted as a Myspace Announcement, Tom let the world know that Myspace Mobile was "good on the go". The mobile site is a much slimmed down WAP version of the popular social networking site. Myspace Mobile allows users to easily view their profiles as well as others, check their mail & blog, find users and read comments. The site is well laid out to make navigating easy on nearly every device, with numbers assigned to each menu item for quick jumps from one to the next.  A welcome relief for addicts that just cant seem to get enough.  Myspace Mobile can be accessed via any mobile browser by visiting

Myspace also finally came to terms with Sprint and offers instant SMS alerts for comments, mail etc. to all the carrier's customers. Formerly only those on Cingular and Helio customers had the premium feature available. Also for those few Sidekick users - a special Myspace app has been released to help cope with your addictions.

An updated version of JiveTalk, the popular instant messenging app for BlackBerry smartphones, released an updated version this week. The already awesome app now offers MySpace Instant Messaging support! Click here for more details.

Go Daddy gets Smart(phone) - Get Go Daddy Email on your BlackBerry

GoDaddy Gets Smart(phone)No more waiting for those Go Daddy (Yahoo!) emails to make it from your server to your BlackBerry.  Go Daddy has integrated their web-based emails with all BlackBerry devices. The integration allows users to send and receive their email using any BlackBerry device.  As email messages are read and deleted from either the device or the web interface, the message status is synchronized between the device and the server. Email messages sent from the user's BlackBerry will appear in their "sent" folder online.  Once an email account is set up with http://, BlackBerry users simply need to input their account information on the handset and the BIS will be able to automatically synchronize with their web-based account.

This ideal solution allows our customers to be away from their computers and more easily communicate by email," said CEO and Founder Bob Parsons. "We want to make life easier for our customers, and this integration with BlackBerry email certainly does the trick."

For Go-Daddy Email visit: www.

Sprint Adds BlackBerry Pearl 8130 to Holiday Lineup

BlackBerry 8130Just in time for the holidays, Sprint is set to offer the Blackberry Pearl 8130 on November 23rd.  The device will be available for as little as $199 with contract and discounts.

Sprint is also introducing a new Power Vision BlackBerry Pack. Available only for BIS users, this $30 per month plan gives customers unlimited web and data access, unlimited text messaging, support and integration for up to 10 IMAP or Pop 3 email accounts, Sprint Navigation, Sprint TV and access to .99 cent downloads via the Sprint Music Store.

More information at

Exclusive Details: Rogers New Personal E-Mail on Blackberry Plan Only Available for the BlackBerry Pearl!!

Rogers Wireless

Last week we got wind that Rogers was introducing a $15/month Unlimited BlackBerry Email and Instant Messaging Plan. Today we got a hold of all the sales notes/details behind the new plan (after the jump)... and there was one shocker that had me surprised - it's only available from Rogers if you have a BlackBerry Pearl on your account!!! This is going to tick off a lot of people, including CrackBerry Tom (our site's programmer) who wanted to hook the plan up with his BlackBerry 8700R. 

Earthcomber for the BlackBerry Pearl Released!

EarthcomberA few weeks back I dropped word that Earthcomber, the popular and widely acclaimed location spotter for mobile phones, was now available for BlackBerry smartphones. At the time, there was one major model left off the Earthcomber compatibility list - the BlackBerry Pearl. Good News for Pearl Users is here at last...

Celebrities Like Their BlackBerry Skins Orange??

Lindsay LohanMadonnaPauly Shore

Looks like celebs are into Orange BlackBerry Skins these days! Pictured above are Lindsay Lohan, Madonna and Pauly Shore (does he even count as a celebrity??!) with Orange Skins on their BlackBerry Curves.

BlackBerry Curve Skins Want an Orange (or other color) Skin for your Curve? We have a big selection of BlackBerry Skins in the store. The Curve skins pictured at left are $12.95 each, and there are LOTS of colors to choose from: black, green, white, blue, red, orange, and magenta!

[ Image Source

Smartphone Round Robin Smacktalk: Dieter Fires Back Against RIM CEO's Words...

Smartphone Round Robin The Smartphone Round Robin is still humming along, and as you may have noticed we are slightly behind schedule. The original goal was to have initial impressions up each week on Tuesday, with final impressions up on Friday. Thanks to some small snags (a Fedex mix-up, my first unlocked Treo not working, and the fact that it takes more than a day or two to really get to know the phones), we're taking a bit more time. Not a big deal...except for the fact it means I'll be withouth my BlackBerry for an extra week - ack!

Dieter at has the BlackBerry 8310 Curve this week, and will be getting his initial impressions up later today. I'm thinking his initial thoughts on the Curve might not be so nice, considering yesterday he posted up some pretty big smacktalk again RIM's co-CEO Mike Lazaridis. To be fair, Lazaridis did start it with some shots comments he made against Apple's iPhone and the Windows Mobile Platform... Introducing a New Store, Enterprise Sales, Wicked Deals and More!! Grand Opening!

I'm happy to announce yet another major improvement to over the past week we have rolled out our all-new store! The new store offers a much improved shopping experience - it's faster, looks better and is easier to browse and search!

In addition to a better user-experience, we also have even better savings. Prices have been reduced on many items throughout the store and our Fall Savings Promotion has some wicked deals you will want to check out. My favorite deal? You can get a BlackBerry Power Station for your BlackBerry Pearl 8100, 8800 Series, or Curve smartphone for only $69.95! Fall Savings!!!
 see more deals >>  Power Station
Blackberry Power Station for Curve
An all-in-one solution for your power needs!
Just $69.95

 Plantronics 655
Plantronics Discovery 665 Bluetooth Headset
The optimal road-warrior headset
Just $69.95

m900 MV900 Bluetooth Speakerphone
Hands-free speakerphone with DSP
Just $89.95

If you're looking for bulk smartphone accessory orders, I'm happy to announce is now set-up for Enterprise Sales. Give our Enterprise Sales consultant Jacque Goforth a call at 1.866.904.5772 ext. 104 and she will be happy to set your business or organization up with a Enterprise Account.

Epocrates Rx Now Available for BlackBerry

Epocrates Rx for BlackBerry Epocrates, Inc. announced today the availability of the Epocrates Rx(R) free drug and formulary reference guide for BlackBerry.

The Epocrates Rx guide enables clinicians to access drug information for checking drug dosing, interactions, pricing or insurance coverage.

The free drug reference guide can be installed OTA and doctors and other medical types can receive clinical updates in real-time. The drug database contains more than 3,300 brand and generic drugs.

According to their website, more than one in four U.S. physicians actively use Epocrates’ mobile and web-based products to improve patient safety and save time.

Epocrates Rx is available for free. For more information, check out their product page here.

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Spread the Word - We Can Take It!

Super! Server Upgrade Complete!

Yiipppeeee! It's a big week for as the site made the move to its new location in Smartphone Experts' Data Center. A big thanks to CrackBerry Tom and all the SPE folk for working hard to get this done.

Our daily traffic has been growing at a rapid rate, and our old server was simply maxxed out - during the peak hours of the day it would slow to a crawl as we simply had too many visitors and members online.

We are now set for growth - the new server setup is Pimp'n, with our capabilities increasing more than ten fold. So spread the word, we can take it!

BlackBerry Case Review: OtterBox Defender Series Case for the BlackBerry Pearl 8100

OtterBox Defender for the BlackBerry Pearl 8100

It's OK if Your BlackBerry Pearl 8100 likes it Rough

BlackBerry Users and Abusers Rejoice! Following the success of their Defender Series case for the BlackBerry 8800, OtterBox has released the Defender Case for the BlackBerry Pearl 8100 (one for the Curve will be available at the end of this month). Rugged and durable, no other case on the market offers BlackBerry protection like an OtterBox does. 

The Defender case is offered in two colors, a yellow and black combo which is featured in this review, as well as an all-black version. You can pick either up from for $49.95. Regardless of the color you choose, you willl sleep well at night knowing your beloved BlackBerry Pearl 8100 is well-protected.

Lecture 10: Getting Started with Videos on your BlackBerry's BlackBerry 101 Lecture Series

Happy Tuesday Class! Thanks to the Smartphone Round Robin I'm into my third week of No BlackBerry Use, which also means our third week of Guest Professors in the BlackBerry 101 Lecture Series.

This week's topic? Getting Started With Videos On Your BlackBerry. It's a fitting topic since one of the rules of the Round Robin is that we must view videos on the smartphone we are given. Dieter of has the BlackBerry Curve this week and since this is his first time using a BlackBerry (he's a total newbie to them) we figured he'd need all the help he can get! :-) Dieter actually just posted his initial "I'm a BlackBerry Newbie and Needs Lots of Help" questions in the CrackBerry forums, so head on over there after you read this lecture and help him out! Don't forget, just by helping you'll have the chance to win a new smartphone of choice! 

Our BlackBerry 101 guest lecturer this week is no stranger to the topic of videos for your BlackBerry, considering he is the owner/operator of Our guest lecturer is also a loyal CB member who you can always be found in the forums.

Welcome to BlackBerry 101 Bla1ze, Let's Get Crack'n!

Seidio Extended Battery for 8800

Seidio has been busy over the past few weeks. After releasing the extended battery for the 8830 now comes a version for the 8800. This slim extended 1600mAh battery will not only replace the current battery, but will also provide approximately 10-15% more power than the battery that initially ships with the 8800. With this battery, we’re gaining considerably longer device usability, without extending the shape of the BlackBerry. For all of us on the go without access to an external charging alternative, this battery is the answer.

Since this battery is compatible with the original OEM door, no extra thickness will be added on the phone.

How it looks
The new extended battery is already shipping here.

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BlackBerry Desktop Manager v4.3 Now Available for Download at

BlackBerry Desktop Manager v4.3

It looks like RIM has decided to "officially" release BlackBerry Desktop Manager 4.3 to the rest of the world. It's now available for download at It's been available from Vodafone's website for the better part of a week now, so if you didn't grab a copy yet you can do so now....

Download BlackBerry Desktop Manager v4.3 >>