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US Army ends BlackBerry Monopoly

In what may be the biggest fallout from last year’s patent infringement lawsuit against RIM, the United States Army has opted to break the monopoly BlackBerry has had with army wireless e-mail communication. Until recently, US Army employees accessing sensitive e-mail messages on the Global Information Grid had to use BlackBerries. The Research in Motion devices were the only ones approved for...

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Review of Seidio cases and holster for the BlackBerry 8800

I have anxiously been waiting for Seidio to release a case/holster combination for the 8800. Well, that day has finally come. I decided that I would try out both the Seidio Jet Black Premium Skin and the Super Slim Rubberized Hard Case in combination with the Skinned Holster. I decided to start with the Skin/Holster combo and see how that worked out. The skin was relatively easy to put on....

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CrackBerry WAP Forums Go Live!

Attention all CrackBerry Forum Addicts! We have some great news for you! We're proud to announce the launch of the new WAP version of our ever-popular forums. You can check them out here: CrackBerry WAP Forums What does this mean for you? It means you can now access and chat in our forums wherever you (and your CrackBerry) are! Punch up the WAP version in your 'Berry (http://wapforums...

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Banks in the Middle East Love Their BlackBerries

Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank is taking full advantage of the power of the BlackBerry. Top executives over there have recently started using the devices with great success. Seems to me like more and more large businesses/banks/corporations are going mobile (if they haven't already)...The defining line between home and office will continue to get blurred as people become less attached to the office...

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White Pearl Now Available in UK

Today, T-Mobile UK has released the White BlackBerry Pearl for its UK customers. T-Mobile hopes the fashion-friendly version will be hit with savvy mobile consumers. The exclusive deal for the mobile operator brings a stylish makeover to the push-email friendly Pearl 8100. The white version of the Pearl has been available for a couple of months for T-Mobile subscribers in North America. The...

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Remote File Access For The BlackBerry

One of the problems related to handheld mobile devices is access to files and documents. Normally, to save certain files on your BlackBerry you have to send yourself an e-mail attachment. But help is at hand. Today, Ottawa-based WICKSoft  announced a remote file access, document viewing, and e-mail attachment solution for the BlackBerry . WICKSoft’s PocketVPN is the first mobile-enterprise...

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Review: Ascendo DataVault - Secure Password Manager for BlackBerry

If you are looking for a password manager solution for your BlackBerry, there are a variety of choices out there. A few months ago we reviewed the top-selling applications, including Ascendo’s DataVault. They have since released a major update to the version we reviewed, so we decided to take a fresh look at it. Here is what we found. Ascendo Data Vault When you first start up Ascendo’s...

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Review: Texas Holdem King 2 by Magmic Games

My eyes are a little bleary this morning and I’m on my 3rd cup of coffee. I was up late last night playing Magmic’s Texas Hold’Em King 2. Magmic is holding a free poker tournament from March 26th to May 1st. To enter you just need to point your BlackBerry browser to and download Texas Hold’Em King! Grand prize is an all expense paid trip to Orlando, Florida with guaranteed...

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Par 72 Review: Hitting the Sweet Spot

I’m not a great golfer. Actually, that’s an exaggeration. I’m a terrible golfer. But I have on occasion experienced the joy of hitting the sweet spot, that delicious smack between club and the ball that tells you it’s going to fly just where you intended. Can’t get to the golf course today? You could take your BlackBerry, respond to emails and pretend you’re still at the office. No? Well then try...

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Digby Review

While I was at WES, I spent some time talking to the good guys from 30 Second Software, makers of Digby. If you haven’t heard of it, Digby is an application that lets you order stuff from your BlackBerry. They have partnered with various companies, such as, Godiva Chocolatier, and Vermont Teddy Bear to bring a convenient streamlined ordering process managed entirely from your BlackBerry...

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SplashWallet Review for BlackBerry

The BlackBerry is a phenomenal device when it comes to managing your contacts and emails. But thanks to 3rd party software, it is capable of so much more than just the built-in functionality. SplashData’s SplashWallet is a great example. This newly released software application bundle for BlackBerry devices includes SplashPhoto, SplashID and SplashShopper. Together, these applications are...

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New BlackBerry Software Lets Parents Monitor their Kids’ Calls

If you have the joy of having children, there are times where you’ve been worried about them. The Internet has unfortunately become a place filled up with child predators. A survey from Symantec showed that 47% of children have received e-mails with links to pornographic websites. These types of threats are now moving to our cell phones and this is where Radar can help. Radar is a new...

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Warning - This Could Happen to You: Endless Reboot Error

I am always excited to find out how I can improve the functionalities of my 8700 and am constantly on the lookout for new 3rd party software. Last week, I found a couple of new applications I wanted to try. As usual, I downloaded a zip package that included a “.alx” and a “.cod” file. Next step, I launched the Blackberry Desktop Manager and uploaded the application on the device. I remember this...

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How To Add Free Ringtones to Your BlackBerry

Check out this detailed instructional video on how easy it is to add free ringtones to your BlackBerry device!  It's so easy! 

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Strange News

  This week saw the opening of the ZeGiganticElectonicaDevisenExposition in Dusseldorff Germany at the swanky new UberExibitionHalleundStadiumArenaPlatz. On hand were all the new shiny devices from the likes of RIM, Palm and Nokia as you'd expect. But an interesting side booth featured historic electronic devices from the former East Germany. Apparently, before the Berlin Wall came down,...

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LEGO My Blackberry

If you have been addicted to Crackberry as long as I have, you will remember using the classic 950 model back at the turn of the century.  Back then, Blackberries were more like glorified pagers then the hi-tech multimedia devices they are today.  I remember the first one I had.  I had it set to the "da da di di da da di <bzz> <bzz>" tone and vibrate notification when I...

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Google Voice Local Search

This isn’t exactly BlackBerry specific, but it was so cool I thought it would be interesting to talk about anyway. Google Labs has a new (experimental) service to search for local businesses over the phone. It works from any phone and it’s a free service. Just dial 1-800-GOOG-411 (1-800-466-4411) and say the city and state you want a listing from. Then just say what you are looking for. You can...

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Who is Mobilizing with BlackBerry? Free Video Case Study

Something free to get your Friday started right... in its partnership with TradePub is pleased to offer a Free Video Case Study entitled "Who is Mobilizing with BlackBerry?". This short video highlights BlackBerry customers in government and SMB using the wireless capabilities of BlackBerry for more than just email applications (and no, they are not using it to play in...

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RIM Dominating the Handheld Market

Check out this groovy little chart we found recently. It clearly shows the dominance of RIM in today's current handheld market. Are there going to be any contenders to the throne in the coming year? Apple with its iPhone? Nokia with the new N800 and E62 models? Time will tell. But so far, all signs appear to be pointing in RIM's direction. In the next year or two, we predict that RIM will...

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Could A CrackBerry Addiction Bring Down Karl Rove?

Addiction had its costs and we are about to find out how much is going to cost White House puppeteer, advisor and all around dark force Karl Rove. The Democrat-led United States Congress is currently investigating shenanigans at the Bush White House. Democrats claim a number of US attorneys were fired for political reasons and have demanded the White House turn over their e-mails regarding...

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