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RIM Introduces CDMA-Enabled BlackBerry Pearl 8130

We've known it's been coming and today RIM has made it official by formally introducing the BlackBerry Pearl 8130. The 8130 is the CDMA-version of the BlackBerry Pearl "2" and is going to be a greatly welcomed device addition to those with CDMA Carriers.

The BlackBerry Pearl 8130 features built-in GPS and support for high-speed EV-DO networks, in addition to a host of improvements over the standard BlackBerry Pearl 8100. The 8130 will feature a NEW web browser, and get this.... VIDEO RECORDING! RIM says it will be coming to CDMA carriers in North America come November. As for everybody's favorite topic of color - it's going to be available in Silver and Amethyst.

For More Details and All the Specs, Visit  and Read the Press Release After the Jump! 

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The Basics of Setting Up Your BlackBerry

Happy October 1st Class! Fall is in the air, Halloween is just around the corner, and if you have been following our BlackBerry 101 Lecture Series so far, you'll know we covered Why BlackBerry? and How to Choose the Right BlackBerry for You! which means you hopefully have your hands on a BlackBerry of your very own as you read this.

You might be sporting a new BlackBerry 8310 or T-Mobile's WiFi-enabled 8320 or maybe you've decided to hold out just a bit longer on buying a new BlackBerry so you can get your hands on the just-announced BlackBerry Pearl 8130 (which looks AWESOME and is coming to North American CDMA networks in just a few short weeks). And if you are a long-time BlackBerry user and are tuning in, thanks for keeping us company this class.

From here on out, we're going to assume you have a BlackBerry, and the lectures are going to dive into basic and advanced phone functions, applications, tips and tricks. If you think back to our Why BlackBerry? lecture, you'll remember one of my points in favor of Why to Choose BlackBerry was its easy-to-learn, user-friendly operating system. You'll be doing a lot of BlackBerry learning on your own without having to wait for our Monday lectures, but make sure you don't start skipping class even if you pick things up real fast. We'll be jumping around from topic to topic, so even if you know it all one week, there's a still a chance you'll pick up something new the next.

Last week's lecture was a long one, so today we are going to keep it short and focus on getting your BlackBerry out of its box and up and running with full BlackBerry data.

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Verizon Wireless Launches Teaser Site - BlackBerry Pearl 2 to be Announced Soon!

Verizon has launched a teaser website that shows the silhouettes of four phones under a spotlight (moving your mouse moves the spotlight). In addition to cheesy music in the background that sings "I Have Been Waiting...For You", beside the images is a countdown timer....counting down to what I'm not exactly sure. First thoughts from BGR were that Verizon would be launching the phones in four days, which includes the Samsung U470, LG VX8800, LG VX10000 and the new BlackBerry Pearl. The current thought is that in four days we will see the formal announcement  and specs of the coming devices. Apparently the Verizon BlackBerry Pearl is scheduled to launch in November, which is still more than a few weeks off.

Talk about the Verizon Teaser site in the CrackBerry Forums! >> 

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MUST HAVE BlackBerry Ringtone for fans of Arrested Development: GOB's Magic Show Theme Song!

I'm a huge, HUGE fan of the TV show Arrested Development. If you've never seen it, start at episode one and you will quickly become addicted and watch the whole series (sadly, for some dumb, DUMB reason it was cancelled after three seasons).

And if you ARE a fan of Arrested Development, you are going to love the ringtone that popped up in's user contributed ringtone gallery this week. That's right - it's George Oscar Bluth(a.k.a Gob)'s theme song which he performs all of his magic tricks..ermm...I mean ILLUSIONS to - The Final Countdown! You can preview it and download it for free! I bust into the Gob dance everytime my BlackBerry rings...I LOVE it!

Listen to and Download Gob's Ringtone
(The Final Countdown)

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Friday News Roundup: LOTS Going on This week!

Lots of BlackBerry-related headlines made their way around the web this week. The biggest new for those in North America was the launch of the T-Mobile Curve (the next biggest news being the issues many are experiencing with their new 8320s). Belgium also launched new BlackBerrys this week, and Uganda is now on the BES and offering 8800s to service corporate customers. Air Canada ok'd BlackBerry boarding passes, and AT&T experienced difficulty with their EDGE network. Confirmation came that Slingbox is coming to the BlackBerry, an ESPN BlackBerry desktop shortcut was discovered, and RIM's stock broke the $100 mark (wooHOO if you own some shares). FULL HEADLINES after the jump...

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T-Mobile Going Through A Learning Curve with the BlackBerry 8320 Curve - UMA Issues in California

** Updated ** Friday, September 28th:
The Verdict is in: T-Mobile is DEFINITELY having problems with the UMA service on the newly released BlackBerry Curve 8320. Read the Comments to this post to see what T-Mobile Curve owners are saying.

A member just sent this in, and I figured it worthy of a post. As predicted by David Boyd in his Out of the Box Review of the new BlackBerry 8320, it looks like it's going to take some time for T-Mobile to get up to speed with the capabilities of this new device:

I purchased a BB 8320 from TMO Saturday. After UMA service worked for 3 days, yesterday a friend and I both only had lowercase uma on the device all day.  After calling TMO, then RIM, then TMO again, I was told that TMO has a UMA system issue for the entire state of California, and the expected date for full service restoration is October 22, almost a full month away.  Level 2 support says that this only affects the Curve, no other TMO UMA devices.

I can't find any other reference to this online, but I think it's ridiculous that TMO is advertising this device as having UMA support on their 'exclusive' Hotspot @ Home service and  now it's broken for one of the largest states.

Figured I'd pass it along.

Is anyone else experiencing similar difficulties with their new T-Mobile Curve? 

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BlackBerry Humor - Those Old Slugs! :)

From the RIM Developer's forum - thanks Bla1ze

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Review: Case-Mate Signature Series Leather Case-Holster Combo for BlackBerry Curve

Protection & Pizzazz in One
Needing to find a way to protect your investment without losing your BlackBerry cool? The 8300/8310/8320 (it fits all Curves!) Leather case from Case-Mate’s Signature series may be what you are looking for! The form fitting case and accompanying swivel holster are made from genuine Napa leather and molded plastic. Boasting durability and high impact resistance, this entry from Case-Mate seems ready for any challenge. The case itself rings in at $34.95, while the case-holster combo comes in at only $49.95. Being one to treat my BlackBerrys almost as carefully as my baby boy, I was hesitant yet somewhat enticed to let loose and see what this case could do...

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Out of the Box Review: T-Mobile BlackBerry 8320 Curve

The highly anticipated device has arrived!

The rumors and speculation about the BlackBerry Curve 8320 for T-Mobile have been floating around the tech blog community for months and months, and now the time has come. The 8320 is here! Everything you have come to know and love with BlackBerry, with the added sweetness of WiFi!

T-Mobile officially began selling the device on September 22, 2007; two days earlier than was originally scheduled for release. Customers can choose between a dark grey that they call Titanium, or Pale Gold (same gold as the new Pearl from T-Mobile).

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AT&T Data Network Issues. Yet Another BlackBerry Outage?

Are you on AT&T? Are you receiving your emails this morning?

8am CST: Reports began coming in early this morning on the CrackBerry & BlackBerry Forums of AT&T users experiencing issues connecting to the AT&T GPRS and EDGE network. AT&T has confirmed they are having problems with their data and data routing and that BlackBerry users may be unable to send or receive messages. Not everyone is experiencing difficulties - I have spoke to a few AT&T BlackBerry-using colleagues and their Berrys are operating just fine. Hopefully you fall into this category and are not affected - but best to be aware of the situation just in case.

Here's a message just received by one our site's moderators from AT&T/Cingular:

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How to Choose the Right BlackBerry for You!

Happy Monday class! And welcome to Lecture 3 in our weekly BlackBerry 101 series. In today's lecture we're going to dive into the topic of choosing the right BlackBerry to suit your needs. If you are in the market for your first smartphone or are finally making the switch to BlackBerry from another platform, you should (hopefully!) find this lecture helpful. If you're a long-time CrackBerry on your second, third, forth, fifth, six, seventh, eighth (you get the picture) BlackBerry most of this will be old news to you, but take a read anyway… you never know, you may just find a useful tip or two. Let the class begin >>

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T-Mobile BlackBerry 8320 Now On Sale!!!

** Updated ** Monday, Sept. 24th:
The T-Mobile BlackBerry 8320 is Now Available at!

** Updated ** Tuesday, Sept. 25th:
RIM & T-Mobile Officially Announce 8320. Read Press Release >>


That's right T-Mobile users, the highly-anticipated BlackBerry 8320 is now available! Looking at the talk in the CrackBerry forums, T-Mobile users across the United States are either ordering their new 8320 from T-Mobile Customer Service or are picking it up directly from outlets (though by the sounds of it not every T-Mobile outlet is guaranteed to have it ready for sale just yet). It's not up on the T-Mobile site for new purchase just yet, but if you are an existing customer and log into your account you might just see the BlackBerry 8320 available as an upgrade.

The real decision for T-Mobile users looking to purchase the BlackBerry 8320 is which color to buy. The WiFi equipped BlackBerry 8320 is available in both Platinum and Gold. Tough Choice! Which are you going with?

Look for an in-depth review early this week. In the meantime, connect with other T-Mobile users picking up their new 8320 devices here!

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Friday News Roundup: All Good in the BlackBerry World

Wow, it's Friday already. Did this week just fly by or what? There wasn't too much in the way of earth-shattering, crazy-exciting news to report on this week, but lots did happen in the CrackBerry world including the "official" launch of the AT&T BlackBerry 8820. Read the Headlines After the Jump.

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Speaker ON, Speaker OFF: New Patent App for Adaptive Switching between Handset Mode and Speaker Mode

How's this for COOL? You know how easy it is to switch your Berry from handset mode to speaker mode (simply hit the $ sign/speaker key on the keyboard)? Well, it looks like RIM wants to make the easy even easier. Instead of having to push a button, in the future it looks like RIM is going have the BlackBerry do the work for us.

A new patent application by RIM, entitled System and methods for adaptively switching a mobile device’s mode of operation addresses adaptive switching, means you won't have to push a button anymore (though I'm sure it will still be there as an option) to turn speaker mode on and off. Simply hold the phone by your ear and talk  into it, and the phone will know to be in handset mode. Move it away from your head and keep talking, and it will know to be in speaker mode. Here's some of the details and how-to from the patent application's abstract:

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Review: Nokia BH-800 Bluetooth Headset

Fashionable Doesn’t Mean Poor Quality…
A big fan and long-time user of the Nokia BH-700 Bluetooth Headset, I was excited to get my hands on the Nokia BH-800 and put it to the test. A high-end headset (MSRP: $179.95, ShopCrackBerry: $89.95) with one of the best battery life’s around, the BH-800 weighs in at only 9g, which is light enough for Nokia to claim the use of the included ear loop to be “optional”. Looking at the specs of the BH-800, it’s clear the Finnish company has created a strong competitor to some of the other leading headsets on the market and from previous experience with Nokia Bluetooth headsets I know their claims aren’t hyped.

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Mid-Week Humor: The 2007 Ms. BlackBerry Pageant

The production effort and cast makes this clip from worth the watch. I'm pretty sure if I ran my own BlackBerry Pageant I would take a slightly different approach to honing in on the winner (and I wouldn't let a guy with an iPhone into the event - though he does get waxed), but kudos nonetheless!

[ Source

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AT&T Officially Launches the BlackBerry 8820

It's finally and "officially" here (for real this time!). AT&T and RIM today have announced the launch of the BlackBerry 8820. The long-waited 8820 features all of the BlackBerry 8800's goodness, and adds Wi-Fi capabilities. Read the Release.

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Review: Smartphone Experts SidePouch for BlackBerry Curve

Funky SidePouch Blends Form and Function
The stylish Smartphone Experts SidePouch marries form and function and provides Curve users with a useful accessory that, not only looks good, but also provides the BlackBerry with a good level of protection. Available in five snazzy colors, the leather cases are priced at an extremely reasonable $19.95 and are designed to fit the BlackBerry Curve series of phones. Smartphone Experts also has SidePouch cases available for the BlackBerry 8800 series and BlackBerry Pearl

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AT&T to Change BlackBerry Email Addresses

Have an AT&T/Cingular BlackBerry? Get ready for a change. Come October, AT&T will begin changing their addresses to I'd say it's a welcomed change! If this applies to you, your existing address will forward to your new address through March, 2008. [ via BG ]

But if you're a REAL CrackBerry addict, you shouldn't be giving this address out to people anyway.  You should be using your e-mail forwarder! It's free for registered members of

Here's how I do it:
1. Point my address to redirect to my GMail account
2. Set-Up my Gmail account to send a copy of all messages received to my BlackBerry (which is an address)
3. Add my to my Gmail so I have the option to send from my address from within Gmail.
4. Set my BIS settings to put the "Reply to" Address for sending messages from my BlackBerry to my account

Following this method, to the rest of the world it appears I have a hosted account, but in reality I'm using Gmail as my client (and who doesn't love gmail?!). This system has worked flawlessly for me since months before we actually launched (7 months and counting!). Click Here for a Tutorial on Creating & Modifying your email Address.

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AT&T Rockin' the BlackBerry Curve in Titanium and Red?

Looks like T-Mobile isn't the only one stepping up to the plate with color variations on our favorite BlackBerry devices....

Rumor has it that AT&T will not only be launching the new BlackBerry Curve 8310 (with GPS) on October 4th, but that this new Curve will be available in a new color! That's right, starting next month you'll be able to choose from the classic 'Titanium', plus a new color...RED.

The jury is out on this one. Will it be embraced? Or just a colored dud? I've mocked up a red curve here for your curious eyes...

Good? Bad? Or Ugly?


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