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Luckiest Man in the World - Seal!

Seal has a BlackBerry Bold!

Talk about being the luckiest guy in the world. Not only is Seal married to the ultra-hot Heidi Klum, but he's also the next celebrity to be spotted sporting a BlackBerry Bold. I guess some guys do have all the luck.

[ MrPapparazi via CBS

National Battery Pull Day!


So today is August 5th 2008 and you know what that means right?! NO?! It's National Pull Your Battery Day!! What does that mean to you?? Well, it's a perfect time to show your BlackBerry how much you love it by doing a quick battery pull. This simple project will help with clearing out some gunk and speed up your berry!! So if you uninstalled something and forgot to reboot, no worries as this will clean it all up!! And remember, if you're not a fan of the yanking the battery, you can always do the RIM-preferred Alt + Right Caps + Delete soft reboot.

After you pull your battery on your BlackBerry and while you wait for it to finish turning back on head over to the August 5th, National Battery Pull Day thread and leave a comment to show your dedication to helping your berry stay clean and healthy! You know what they say... "A Battery Pull A Day, Will Keep The Doctor Away!"

BlackBerry Bold Now Available from Movistar in Chile!!

BlackBerry Bold Available in Chile!!

Looks like Chile won the race! And here I thought Rogers in Canada would be first to get the BlackBerry Bold, but after continually pushed back release dates it's Movistar in Chile who gets the glory of being the first carrier in the world to offer RIM's latest BlackBerry Smartphone.

Cost is 299,990 CLP (Chile Pesos) or ~$587USD on a 2 year contract. A tad more expensive than we will see it hit North American carriers at, but if you want to be one of the first to own a Bold you can click here for all the details. Be sure to let us know in the comments if you pick one up! 

Via Engadget. Big thanks to everybody who emailed this in... Canadian holiday and you pulled me off the beach to blog! Now that's dedication. :) 

BlackBerry Bold To Feature Stewart Copeland Sounds!

CLICK HERE to Listen to the Bold Sounds of Steward Copeland

Here's a cool story. David Flynn over at just posted on a new BlackBerry Bold discovery. It turns out RIM has commissioned Stewart Copeland, former drummer for The Police, to create a 'smartphone soundtrack' of sorts for the BlackBerry Bold.

RIM commissioned Copeland to come up with a unique ‘theme' for its just-launched smartphone. The result was a signature five-note melody which Copeland expanded into a percussive minute-long track simply named ‘Bold' that's preloaded (along with mock-up album art!) into the Bold's ‘Sample Songs' folder.

A softer version with a fade-in is used as an ‘alarm tone' to gently rouse the Bold owner from his or her slumber, while six variations - which are actually excerpts form various parts of the Bold theme - are available as ring tones.

Give a listen to the Steward Copeland Bold tunes here! So Whaddya think?!

T-Mobile Sunset Curve Now Available

T-Mobile Sunset Curve

August 4th is here, and as previously reported, that means a new color of BlackBerry 8320 is now available from T-Mobile. Here's the official word on the new Sunset Curve:

The BlackBerry Curve 8320 in Sunset is enabled for Unlimited HotSpot Calling from T-Mobile (previously called T-Mobile HotSpot @Home) offering great mobile coverage and unlimited calling over any accessible Wi-Fi network and at all T-Mobile HotSpot locations across the country. When leaving home or a T-Mobile HotSpot, calls are seamlessly transferred onto T-Mobile's wireless network, and the same is true for transferring calls from T-Mobile's network onto Wi-Fi.

The BlackBerry Curve 8320 in Sunset includes a 2 megapixel camera, music and video multimedia player, a microSD expandable memory slot that supports up to 4GB of memory and stereo Bluetooth® as well as HTML Web browsing at Wi-Fi speeds, personal and corporate email and built-in spell check.

It will be available at select T-Mobile retail stores and online at for $149.99 with a two-year service agreement.

Anybody reading going to pick one of these bad boys up? Or are you holding out for a new model BlackBerry? Let us know in the comments!

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Cool New Theme: FlowBerry For Your BlackBerry!!

Get FlowBerry Today!

Last week we teased you with the first look at a killer new theme coming out soon from the folks at bplay. A couple tweaks later and the FlowBerry theme is now officially ready for action. FlowBerry has been getting an awesome response from customers and for good reason, it ROCKS. The "flow" action is unique and the Mac-ish look is clean and crisp. The theme is available for $6.99. More details and a video demonstration after the jump!

Software Roundup - GAMES SPECIAL! - for August 1st, 2008!

BlackBerry Software Roundup

Wow, is it really August 1st!? Summer is just flying by this year. At any rate, we've got another great roundup for you this week. For a change, we thought we'd include more games this time around. Lets call this roundup the 'Games Roundup' shall we? Lets get started. In this weeks' roundup we've got the following titles:

New BlackBerry Software: MessageScheduler, Breeders Cup Horse Racing, Spider, AudioBay Podcast Player, The Bourne Conspiracy, Scrabble Blaster!

Updated BlackBerry Software: PBA Bowling, TrackIT: Vehicle Edition, UNO, Video Caller ID, Card Pack Gold, Aces Solitaire Pack, MyPoynt, Google Maps

Free BlackBerry Software: doubleTwist desktop

Review: Seidio OEM Sized Rubberized Battery Door w/ Speaker Opening for BlackBerry Curve

Seidio OEM Sized Rubberized Battery Door w/ Speaker Opening for BlackBerry Curve

Not too long ago, I posted my review of Seidio’s Rubberized Hard Case.  I just like the way this case felt in my hand and it didn’t have the bulk of some other cases out there.  Sometimes, though, I don’t want a case at all – I like the feel of my Curve just that way it is.

The problem with that, of course, is that it is prone to scratches – especially on the back side of the device.  So, what’s a guy to do? Well, Seidio has another answer for those situations – a rubberized back door – giving the user the feel of the nice sturdy rubberized finish – but not adding any extra bulk to the device.

Free "Sacred G" Wallpaper for your BlackBerry - Sacred G Wallpaper

So here's the story... yesterday I was browsing through the CrackBerry forums when I came across the thread Curve ranks 5th in top ten cell phones likely to cause cancer which linked back to an article called The Cells Toll for Thee in Men's Health Best Life magazine that listed the Top 10 Worst and Best (or is it least worst?!) cell phones based on their Specific Absorbtion Rate (SAR) numbers. The higher the SAR, the potentially worse a cell phone is for you and the CDMA 8330 Curves, with a SAR of 1.54, come in near the legal max limit of 1.6. D'oh!

Reading these articles jogged my memory - and I recalled some new wallpapers that showed up in our user-contributed wallpaper gallery a couple weeks back. I didn't think much of the wallpapers when I first saw them - just looked like some crazy colors/patterns, but the title given to the wallpapers stuck with me... "Free Cell Phone Radiation Shielding Technology". Following up with some Googling and a visit to yesterday to figure out what it was all about, I learned that the crazy looking pattern is supposedly based on the "Laws of Vibrational Energy"... or L.O.V.E. and apparently has the power to "neutralize the effects of electromagnetic fields coming out of cell phones". You can visit for more info on how it all "works."

It's definitely fringe/new age type stuff (I wonder if Steve Jobs has this as his wallpaper on his iPhone?!), but but that didn't stop it from being featured on MTV's Rob and Big show; you can check out the episode here where Rob builds his own Sacred G skateboard.

If you decide you're a believer in L.O.V.E. and want to Pimp Up your BlackBerry in sacred geometry, it turns out we've got you covered. For "max effect" against electromagnetic radiation, you'll not only want to install Sacred G as your wallpaper, but also print one out and stick it under your battery cover.  Another option: douse your BlackBerry in the Oil of the Sun, tape the Philospoher's Stone to it, and leave it overnight in the center of Stonehenge during the full moon.  Heck, you may as well do all of the above, never can be too careful.

Free Sacred G Wallpapers for your BlackBerry:

3G Coming to T-Mobile on October 1st?

3G Coming to T-Mobile October 1st?

CSI fans will know it's often the tiniest piece of evidence which ends up solving the case. Take that notion and transplant it into the cellular world and the unsolved case of when 3G is coming to T-Mobile, and well... the case may just be solved.

The image above is of a piece of paper taped to the wall outside of a TMO meeting and indicates an October 1st, 3G rollout across 27 cities nationwide. Not the biggest piece of evidence in and of itself, but considering October 1st was the previously rumored date and it seems T-Mobile subscribers should start getting excited.

As for the 27 cities, they are... New York City, Austin, NJ and Long Island, Las Vagas, Minneapolis, Miami, Dallas, Chicago, Houston, Philadelphia, Denver, Detroit, Orlando, Kansas city, Atlanta, Los Angeles, New England, Portland, Sacramento, San Diego, Seattle, Washington DC, San Francisco, Birmingham, Memphis, Tampa and Phoenix! I guess if you happen to be a T-Mobile loyalist and don't live in one of these cities, you may want to consider moving!

The only question now is, when is T-Mobile getting a 3G BlackBerry????

[ TMO News via BBCool ]

Jim Cramer Goes Bold on RIMM Stock!

Jim Cramer on Research in Motion Stock! In Wednesday's episode of Mad Money, Crazy 'Ole Jim Cramer went Bullish (or is it Boldish?!) on Research in Motion stock, issuing a buy Buy BUY!!!

It turns out the price on shares of RIMM have gone up every time the company rolls out a new device, and with an incoming wave of product releases due in the months ahead (Bold, KickStart, Thunder, Javelin) right now is the time to take advantage of RIM's relatively low price. He doesn't think the iPhone is an issue for RIM's value... he notes that carriers get better ARPU out of BlackBerry device sales, which in a saturated market is what it's all about, and furthermore thinks BlackBerry smartphones are every bit the "babe magnet" that the iPhone is. Amen Jim.

Click this link to watch the full 9 minute segment and you can draw your own conclusions. My take? While I don't offer stock advice, I will say it's nice to see that Jim does his homework... what's that video playing the background?? It's our BlackBerry KickStart Hands-On Video Review! Sweet :-)

Review: Plantronics Discovery 925 Bluetooth Headset

Plantronics Discovery 925 Bluetooth Headset

Looks Good, Sounds Better!

Waaaaay back at CTIA, Kevin shared with us some of the ultra sexy accessories that were coming out. One of these happened to be the Discovery 925 Bluetooth Headset from Plantronics….. I’ll wait for you to stop drooling….

Real iBerry Blocks Custom L 2.0 Theme Now Available!

Real iBerry Blocks Custom L 2.0 Theme

For months now, the Real iBerry Blocks Custom L  Theme by JC Designs/GadgetBean has been a best seller.

With the release of the new 4.5 theme development kit, a new and improved 2.0 version is now available which includes seven bottom icons - Browser, Task, BB Messenger, Media, Options, Manage Connections and Lock. Messages, Calendar and SMS/MMS are displayed on the Today portion of the screen. The Real iBerry Blocks Custom L 2.0 Theme sells for $7 and is available for the Curve and 8800. 

More Information & To Purchase:

BlackBerry Curve Series - OS 4.2.2, 4.3 and OS 4.5

BlackBerry 8800 Series - OS 4.2.1, OS 4.2.2 and OS 4.5

New to BlackBerry Themes? Check out our BlackBerry 101 Lecture!

BlackBerry 8220 KickStart Hands-On Video Tour

Time for our next installment in the BlackBerry 8220 KickStart Review Series!! If you missed the fun of Part I, be sure to check it out - it provides a hands-on review of the BlackBerry 8220 KickStart's hardware along with specs, features and some initial impressions. Coming in Part III (a few days away) will be a more in-depth look at the 8220's operating system along with my longer-term impressions having spent some quality time on the device. As for Part II, well... just click play on the video above. Consider it one CrackBerry addict's look at RIM's first flip phone!

Review: Shozu for BlackBerry Smartphones

ShoZu for BlackBerry

With ShoZu, your friends and communities are just a click away...

It was only a matter of time until it happened. I still remember when I received my first BlackBerry years ago (a 6210 a-thank you). A few of us were found, as with any new toy, playing with our BlackBerrys with such fervor. I may have heard a barely audible "Get a Life!" in the background from some passer-bys. Now, with all of the online social applications we can access on our Berrys, I say phooey to you. I shake my BlackBerry in your face and say "Get a life? I got one, right here!!"

Still feeling quite social after my review of SpotJots, I decided to take on another mingling marvel. I'm showin' ShoZu, to you. All you need is ShoZu, a BlackBerry with a camera and a life. Now you can transfer photos to over 30 online communities, including Facebook, YouTube, Friendster and Google Picasa.

Grab your Berry and let's go! Let's show these non-Berry users how we live!


SunSet Curve Looks Hot! Coming to TMO August 4th

SunSet Curve
SunSet Curve

Live pics of T-Mobile's new SunSet-colored Curve have been making their way around the net since getting posted at TMONews last week. We knew it was coming to T-Mobile and to Orange (fitting!), and I'm sure with time other carriers will pick up on this hot new color. The Sunset Curve should be available on T-Mobile come August 4th.

BlackBerry Bold Launched in Australia... Sort Of?!

BlackBerry Bold Down Under

This one's for our friends in the land down under. Looking at our Site Analytics I know we have at least a few readers from there! :-)

Today, July 29th, marks the BlackBerry Bold's official launch in Australia! Don't get TOO excited though. That just means you'll be able to buy it when carriers make it available. As for pricing and availability, according to APC:

Optus is first off the mark, with the Bold available from August 20 on their standard $79 plan (which includes unlimited BlackBerry data and $300 worth of calls and text) for an additional $10 per month on a 24 month contract - in other words, $89/month.

Telstra says it will have the Bold for "$0 upfront to business customers from late September". However, don't get too excited -- Telstra also pre-announced that it would offer the iPhone on plans as low as $30 a month, but forgot to mention "just as long as you never want to actually use the device." Given a large number of existing BlackBerry customers would be with Telstra, hopefully it will offer pricing that isn't in the same fairy-land league as its iPhone pricing.

Still a long wait mates, but at least ya know when it's coming! Think we'll see any line-ups?

[ Source ]

Have you tried Tellme? Take Survey for a Chance to Win an XBox 360 with Rock Band Special Edition!

Take the TellMe Survey!

Rewind back to April 23rd and we announced the launch of Microsoft's voice search for BlackBerry application, Tellme. Microsoft has been steadily working on improving the app since its release, and now they're looking for user feedback to help make it even better. Specifically, they're looking for the help of CrackBerry Nation via a Survey! Kathy at Tellme had this to say about the survey...

The survey is specifically for BlackBerry users who've tried Tellme, and we're hoping to better understand where Tellme is most useful to them, what areas we should improve, and if users' experiences differ depending on their carriers or device types.

It's short (10 minutes), and we're entering respondents in for a chance to win* an Xbox 360 with Rock Band Special Edition (the new one if they're willing to wait!). *NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Open only to legal residents of the 50 U.S. or D.C. 18+. Contest ends August 6, 200. For Official Rules see here.

Make a good BlackBerry app better and have a chance to win a new XBox? How can you argue with that?!

Creating and Editing Profiles and Notifications's BlackBerry 101 Lecture Series

One of the most common questions new users ask is "How do I change my email tone, SMS alert and ringtone?". In this lesson, we will go step by step through all aspects of setting up your alert profiles. We will edit the preset profiles, and also create new ones and even add custom ringtones and exceptions for your contacts.

People Are Excited About the BlackBerry Thunder!

Free Thunder You know there's a buzz around a device when it hasn't been officially announced by the manufacturer and companies are already promoting contests to give it away. One of our readers, Colby, logged into his MySpace account over the weekend and was suprised to see the ad in this post! --->

The link is safe enough to click, though if you actually want to register for your chance to win a BlackBerry Thunder and "Touch the Cellular Storm" in this contest it looks like you'll have to jump a few hurdles and likely put up with some spammy stuff (and they want your card #). Worth it if you win, but probably not worth the pain. So proceed at your own risk. 

While we're talking about the Thunder, some interesting forum posts have popped up in recent days. Over at HowardForums, a trusted source has said the Verizon Thunder will feature a gig of internal memory and a 3.2 megapixel camera (along with the abilty to purchase Rhapsody tracks OTA and a tentative Verizon launch date of October 8th). In the CrackBerry forums, there's some speculation that it will feature 10 gigs of onboard memory (plus microSD expansion slot) along with a 5 megapixel camera. I hope for the latter, but would be happy with the former. Could it be that both are right and there are multiple versions of BlackBerry touchscreen prototypes floating around out there?!! What kind of specs does RIM's touchscreen BlackBerry have to feature in order to leave you Thunderstruck?!