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Track Your Footprints With GPSed

Here's an interesting new app I discovered today. It's called GPSed, and basically it allows you to Map your 'GPS Tracks' from your GPS enabled Berry.

Looks like GPSed is very compatible with the BlackBerry. On their download page you can download the mobile application for everything from the 8830 to the 5810!? Really! Check it out! (And if anyone out there has a 5810 I want to know whether this works on it!!!)

I'm assuming the GPS functionality of the app will only work properly on devices with GPS (duh!). My 8800 seems to do the trick.

You can get GPSed OTA at Or visit the website for more info!

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Empower HTML Email Viewer Going WiFi

The popular software Empower HTML Email Viewer Pro is a hot seller in our store... And we have a quick update to report on it.

We've received word that the developers of Empower have notified beta testers about some bug fixes and new WiFi capabilities. Granted, I'm not sure WiFi is really needed in an app like this... All the same it is good to see developers embracing WiFi as it is surely the way things are going to go in the future.

The new version is slated for release on January 31st. We'll keep an eye on it and let you know when the update hits our store. Updates are typically free to existing owners, so if you already own it (or want to buy it between now and the 31st) the new updates will come your way for free. Should be interesting to see what they've built-in!

Discuss Empower HTML Email Viewer in the Forums >>  

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Revolutionizing Education: Blackboard Coming To The BlackBerry?

College and university students and professors from Louisiana State to Clemson will no doubt be familiar with the Blackboard software platform.

Blackboard announced Monday that it will acquire NTI Group (a large mobile messaging provider). So what this means for us here at CrackBerry? Well, it might lead to more BlackBerry centred educational applications in the future. Educational apps here we come!

Today's modern student will no doubt embrace the technology. This could be one of the first steps in integrating the BlackBerry into modern education at the best colleges and universities around the world. Think of the advantages... Test scores, assignments and reminders could be sent to you instantly on your BlackBerry. You could adjust your schedule or message your professor with questions in real-time.

This could be an eye opener but we'll see if it goes anywhere. The BlackBerry in the educational world could and should be a winner in my opinion.

View Press Release >>

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Review: Smartphone Experts TopPouch Case for the BlackBerry Pearl 8100, 8120, 8130

Protect Your Smartphone Investment! 

You took your hard earned cash and bought yourself that BlackBerry Pearl you have admired for so long.  Good for you!  When you hold the Pearl in your hand, you realize that while not fragile, so to speak, this is not a rubberized sturdy phone.  If it were to hit the ground – I would worry about it maintaining its structural integrity or the screen cracking.

All of us Smartphone users need to be as “smart” as the phones we carry.  That means we need to protect them from catastrophe.  The best way to do this is with a good quality case like the Smartphone Experts TopPouch Case offered in the store. The SPE TopPouch case fits all of the BlackBerry Pearls, including the 8100, 8120, 8130 and even the soon to be released 8110 (if you like to plan ahead!) and is also available for BlackBerry Curve and BlackBerry 8800 series Smartphones.

This is an interesting design since it is “top loading” which means you slide your Pearl completely out of the case to use it. Is this case for you? Read on for a full review.

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RIM Ready to Rock China?

The writing is on the wall, and many believe it is only a matter of time before BlackBerry hits the Chinese market. Reutuers is reporting some new and exciting information on the topic.

TCL Corp began sending its partner China Mobile BlackBery devices in the fourth quarter of 2007... And now, chinese newspapers are reporting that the devices could go on sale as early as this month!

The last we had heard, the ball was in China Mobile's court. The devices had been delivered and China Mobile simply needed to 'flip the switch' to start the sales flowing. China Mobile must simply be waiting for the right opportunity and time to go ahead and launch. Stiff competition is expected from low-cost rivals (including a popular local service dubbed the 'Red Berry' Ha!).

I don't need to tell you what a huge breakthrough this would be for RIM.

Should be interesting to see what happens here over the next few weeks and months. 

China has been a tough nut to 'Crack' - Berry. Ok, that was bad.

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Motley Fool says... Worst Stock for 2008: Research in Motion

Ouch. According to Motley Fool , RIM is in for a tough time, at least as far as their stock price is concerned, as they have named Research in Motion the Worst Stock of 2008. Motley Fool is citing Changing Consumer Tastes, Stretched Valuation and General Economic Woes as challenges that will certainly bring RIM's valuation down this year. The question posed by MF isn't whether the valuation will drop, but more so by how much? (full story and my counter argument after the jump!)

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New JiveTalk Beta Supports WiFi

It looks like the good folks at BeeJive have made a Beta of their latest version of Jive Talk available for download. JiveTalk v1.04 brings to the table long-waited support for WiFi (wooHOO!), buddy icons for MSN, Google Talk, Jabber and also fixes a few other bugs.

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Internet Messaging 'Hub' for BlackBerry Users

RIM has created an Internet Messaging portal page for BlackBerry users. It provides a one-stop 'shop' of sorts that allows you to check out the latest IM software available for the Berry... and you can download each app too.

Currently offered are: AIM, Windows Live Messenger, ICQ, Yahoo! Instant Messenger and Google Talk.

At any rate, you may want to check this out on your browser, so punch this location into your Berry:

We've read numerous occurences of these apps not working with certain carriers or device models. Join the discussion on these IM's (and add your two cents) here.

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Streaming Video on Your BlackBerry - Enter 'VideoStreams' from QuickPlay Media

Today, QuickPlay Media has released VideoStreams, the first free video streaming service for the BlackBerry! 

The service includes a solid variety of content from music videos, to extreme sports, comedy and daily horoscopes.

When you start using the app, right away you will notice the effect of the 'streaming' technology. No more waiting for content to download. Simply click to play and voila the video starts playing. Also, because it is a streaming service, you do not need any additional storage space on your Berry. The data streams from another location, saving you valuable space on your device or removable memory card.

For the moment, VideoStreams is only available on the BlackBerry Pearl 8130 to subscribers in North America that support EVDO. So if you're on Sprint, Nextel, Bell, Telus or Alltel you're in luck! 

To get started simply visit on your BlackBerry browser. You can download the application OTA and start streaming video right away!

Note: If you are not on an unlimited data plan you might want to check rates before steaming video after video... Data charges could pile up :)

View the press release here.

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FranklinCovey's PlanPlus Comes to BlackBerry

FranklinCovey announced it now includes applications for BlackBerry in its new release of PlanPlus for Microsoft Outlook v.5, the company’s planning and information management application.

PlanPlus™ for Microsoft® Outlook includes applications specifically designed for BlackBerry. Their web page says you can prioritize your tasks and keep daily notes all on your devices as well as synchronize data with the PlanPlus for Outlook desktop. Each application is included with your purchase of PlanPlus v.5 for Outlook.

The new PlanPlus applications for BlackBerry include the FranklinCovey Prioritized Task List, Master Task List and Daily Notes.

FranklinCovey with Applications for BlackBerry

PlanPlus for Outlook v.5 is compatible with Windows XP and Windows Vista, Microsoft Outlook 2000, 2002, 2003 and 2007. 

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NewsGator Go! Now Free for Your BlackBerry

Now FREE for your BlackBerry is NewsGator Go!, a wonderful mobile RSS reader.

With NewsGator Go! you can track and manage all of your RSS news feeds easy as can be on your Berry. One of the handy things about NewGator Go! is it synchronizes with your desktop and most web-based readers.

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Paul Giamatti Hits SimulScribe

I'm not sure on the statistics, but it seems to me in today's online world that Viral PR is more effective and cheaper (hopefully cheaper! though I'm sure there are some companies that pay a lot in hopes of getting picked up virally) than traditional advertising.

That said, I feel compelled to play my part in the Viral PR machine and post this story of Paul Giamatti (star of the movie SideWays)running into a Taxi cab that was carrying around a SimulScribe ad. For those who don't know, SimulScribe's leading product is SimulSays, which is a Voicemail to Text solution for your BlackBerry (I use it myself and I love it!). I actually gave SimulSays a Best of WES 2007 award last May because I liked it so much.

So if you're SimulScribe and get struck by a cab driven by a "star", what do you do? Turn it into a PR opportunity...check out this Press Release that just came in from SimulScribe (after the jump):

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Bing, Bang, Boom! RIM Launches BlackBerry Solution in Bangladesh, Ghana and Madagascar!

It's always good to see a hard working company execute its chosen strategies and achieve solid financial results. For a company like  Research in Motion , two of the strategies that are highly visible right now are growth in the burgeoning consumer market and expansion into new markets.

While the holiday season often means a slow down for many companies, that was not the case for RIM. In December RIM brought its BlackBerry solution to carriers in Oman, New Zealand, Thailand and the Philippines and not quite half way through January has already launched in Bangladesh, Ghana and Madagascar.

There's a reason RIM's Third Quarter Financial Results were stellar and why we can expect the fourth quarter to be more of the same. Good Work RIM. Next stop, total Global Domination. :-) 

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Seidio Extended Battery for 8300

Seidio just announced a new extended battery for the 8300 now available for pre-order. The 2600mAH battery is supposed to provide approximately 140% more capacity than the 1100mAH OEM battery that came with the BlackBerry 8300.

The battery extends the case by 5mm. The door is made from hard plastic with a smooth, rubberized finish, allowing scratch reduction of the door, as well as a better grip. The door has cutouts for the camera, flash, mirror, and an opening for the speaker.

You can check it out here.

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Rogers Rumors: Getting the BlackBerry Pearl 8110, 8120 and Red BlackBerry Curve 8310?!

Just got wind of some interesting details from our Rogers source (who has proven to be quite reliable in the past!)... I thought I would share them with you as who doesn't loves rumors heading into the weekend?!?!

Rumor #1 - Rogers will get the BlackBerry Pearl 8110 this month! This is the GSM version of the 8130 w/ built in GPS. You can view some of the device details on the leaked Vodafone 8110 slides from last week.

Rumor #2 - Rogers will get the BlackBerry Pearl 8120 in March! This is the WiFi enabled version of the Pearl 2 (the 8120 is currently available in Europe).

Rumor #3 - Rogers will be getting the RED BlackBerry Curve 8310! Not sure on exactly when, but sooner rather than later is the word.

Now if only there would have been a rumor about a Rogers Wireless unlimited data for $30/month plan, I would have been SOOOO happy. If and when I hear about that, I'll jump for joy! 

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Make Your BlackBerry Look and Sound like an iPhone

Since launching nearly a year ago, the iBerry theme has consistently been one of the top downloads and sellers in our Software Store. To me that means there is a large contingent of BlackBerry Users who want their phones to appear more "iPhone-like".

If you're one of the many who want their BlackBerry's to look like an iPhone, be sure to browse the huge selection of iBerry themes we have available for download (be sure to select the theme that corresponds with your device model and Operating System version!). If you're looking for more free themes, you can also browse through our Themes Forum.

Now, if you want your BlackBerry to sound like an iPhone, I have some good news. We have a couple of new ringtones in our FREE user-contributed BlackBerry Ringtone Gallery. This week saw the addition of the iPhone Ringtone and iPhone REMIX Ringtone (I actually quite like the Remix version.). Just login to and you can download these Blackberry ringtones for free (if you're not a member click the Create New Account tab). Enjoy!!!

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RANT: Not Much To Love in BlackBerry's Web Browser

I couldn't help but laugh and cringe when my BlackBerry Connection Newsletter arrived in my Inbox yesterday. Inside is an article about BlackBerry's recent web browser makeover. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my Curve and am a diehard BlackBerry fanatic, but RIM really shouldn't be touting "You're Going to Love What Your Browser Can Do Now!" to the BlackBerry/smartphone using public. When it comes to mobile web browsers, I guess you can say I have become a little bit jaded towards BlackBerry's browser having used most of the mobile web browsers in existence thanks to the Smartphone Round Robin we conducted a couple of months back.

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Earth to Britney - it's not *actually* a CrackBerry!

from the Forums...

"O MY GOD! She has a lighter in one hand and a BlackBerry in the other. Brit, I know that it's called a CrackBerry, but its not really crack and it doesn't taste like berrys!! You cannot smoke your BB!" 

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3M Projector Coming to a BlackBerry Near You?

Now this is cool. Everybody's favorite company 3M has been demonstrating a wicked piece of technology at CES in Las Vegas this week - a projector small enough to fit into a smartphone. One of our onsite correspondents sent us back some first-hand photos of this new gizmo at work (more photos after the jump).

At roughly the size of a wireless earpiece and less than a half inch thick, the Mobile Projection Engine can project a 40-inch or larger image with no-speckle and a high-fill factor at a VGA resolution of 640 x 480 pixels through its centimeter in diameter lens. The projected image above (bottom right corner) was projected at approximately two feet away under the bright lights of the trade show hall - pretty impressive!

Think about the applications of having this kind of projector built into your BlackBerry... On a flight and want to watch a movie? No need for a laptop! Just project it onto the back of the seat in front of you! Need to make a spur of the moment 'elevator pitch' to a venture capitalist to raise money for your start-up company? No need to squint at the details on your Berry when you can just project your presentation onto the wall!

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Question: Does Verizon Hate BlackBerry?

Earlier this week a member posted a thread in the Forums entitled Does Verizon Hate BlackBerry?

I think all of us tend to 'hate' our carriers from time to time (I know I was swearing to myself about Rogers a couple weeks back when I received my bill and had $400 in excess data charges...stupid iPhone use during the Smartphone Round Robin!), but it seems in the United States Verizon customers may have the most legitimate claim to their 'hate' by way of crippled features (GPS), lack of BlackBerry Software support, higher prices and typically less-cool phones (one of the downfalls of being on a CDMA network).

This week at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas Yahoo released Yahoo! Go 3 BETA, and while it has been getting a lot of positive reviews from BlackBerry users, Verizon users who try to download the application are met with an error message stating it is not supported. With consumer-friendly software being one of the RIM's inroads into the Consumer smartphone market, Verizon's continued lack of support for Yahoo! Go gives further cause to ask the question Does Verizon Hate BlackBerry? The forum thread is getting a lot of passionate responses - both against and some for Verizon. It makes a good read! Have an opinion yourself? Be sure to post it!

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