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New Uses For Old Berrys

This weekend ex-supermodel and all around nutcase badass Naomi Campbell settled a lawsuit on against her former assistant, Amanda Brack, who accused the supermodel of verbal and physical abuse during a five month period in 2005. Brack, 21, sued Campbell and accused her of assault, battery, false imprisonment and emotional distress while she was in her employ, which commenced in February 2005...

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BlackBerry Pearl 2 To Offer Stunning Features

The new BlackBerry Pearl 2, or 'Komet'  as it is being called at RIM, will have some great new features many will enjoy. Among them is the ability to use the camera horizontally, much like a regular camera. On top of that, the phone will probably be available in metallic red, blue, gold and black. There are a whack more of cool features and upgrades RIM has been working on...Here's a...

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8330 Might Not Feature GPS After All

It has been both rumored and anticipated that the new BlackBerry 8330 would feature the twin luxuries of GPS and Wi-Fi as standard. But, it seems according to some sources, that the 8330 Curve might not feature GPS after all. Whatever the outcome most companies are talking about months before anything is released so it may all change anyway. What the 8330 will be is a World Edition device...

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The BlackBerry 8700 is STILL Fashionable

Thanks Rashad for sending this into us! Mariah Carey was spotted out and about in NYC a couple of nights ago with her BlackBerry in hand. And it seems Mariah doesn't mind that the rest of HollyWood is quickly upgrading to the Curve, as she is still sporting her trusty 8700.

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Father's Day Gift Ideas

Father's Day is fast approaching! If your dad is a BlackBerry fan (or even an addict) we have a few handy suggestions you might want to check out in our store!Motorola S9 Bluetooth Headset Now your dad can get wireless access to his music and voice calls while on the go. It's compatible with bluetooth enabled stereo music phones, and even iPods. The form-fitting sleek design is an eye catcher...

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BlackBerrys Less Popular in Nashville This Morning

It seems as though Jim Balsillie, Co-CEO of Research in Motion is poised to complete the deal that would net him ownership of the National Hockey League’s Nashville Predators. The big question that remains is whether the Canadian billionaire will leave the team in Tennessee or move it closer to his home town and the home of the BlackBerry, Waterloo, Ontario. The deal to buy the team is...

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Vaja Case Overload!

Our friends at were VERY kind to send us a shipment of more cases to review. In the shipment we received cases for the pearl, 8800, 8700, iPod nano, mini and video! Stay tuned as we'll be doing reviews of these cases soon! 

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Prima Select Premium Leather Flip Style Case For BlackBerry 8800

A few days ago, Prima kindly shipped us their new flip style case for BlackBerry 8800. Overall, we liked the case. If offers a solid protection and you won’t even need to lock your keyboard. The product is made of high quality leather and comes with that smell I always enjoy. The case is supposed to perfectly fit the 8800 but it will need a few days until it settles into its final position. As...

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EDGE Network Boosted for iPhone = Boosted for BlackBerry

Sometimes, competition can be a good thing. The soon to be released iPhone has been mainly criticized for its lack of 3G network support. Based on this article by Gizmodo, BlackBerry users on the AT&T / Cingular GSM network will soon benefit from a throughput boost in the US. An operation “Fine Edge” has been taking place at AT&T in advance of the iPhone launch on June 29th. Don’t...

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A Little BlackBerry Etiquette

We have all done it. The VP of some department of other is rabbiting on about the metrics and showing Venn diagrams on a Powerpoint presentation and you find yourself reaching for your BlackBerry. C’mon, no one will notice. Just a quick peek, it’s a better use of your time right. And if you don't do something you are going to fall asleep. Well don’t do it. It might cost you some respect...

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BlackBerry Pearl 2 Details and Rumors

A few anonymous tipsters have filled us in on some info regarding the new BlackBerry Pearl 2. Having done our research and checking other websites reporting similar information, we believe the tips to be right on the money. We hope they pan out to be true because this is shaping up to be one nice looking device. Apparent Features of the Pearl 2: > Small, Slim design. 8mm thinner than...

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DoCoMo and RIM Announce Japanese Text Input Support for BlackBerry

DoCoMo and Research In Motion (RIM) announced on Friday that Japanese-language text input support for the BlackBerry 8707h , will now be available in Japan via DoCoMo. NTT DoCoMo is the world’s leading mobile communications company and serves more than 52 million customers. The addition of Japanese-language support for the BlackBerry 8707h will help satisfy customers who are interested in...

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BlackBerry Security Solutions Released

A Toronto-based information risk management firm, Informatica, has introduced a new service lineup and released a free research white paper aimed at organizations that make extensive use of Blackberry connectivity. Organizations run the risk of service and communications disruptions, security and privacy breaches is they do not pay attention to proper planning, implementation and management of...

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NEW MEMBER CONTEST - Win a Copy of Asteroid Jane!

Asteroid Jane is a cool new game for your BlackBerry, and we have THREE copies to give away to NEW MEMBERS of Click Here for FULL CONTEST DETAILS & Your Chance to WIN!

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Paris Released: Reason - CrackBerry Addiction.

Breaking Update: Paris is back in Jail! Paris Hilton was released from jail today after serving just three days of her 28-day schedule after a judge ruled she should serve the remainder of her sentence under house arrest after coming down with an “unknown ailment.”  Insiders have told that the illness was in fact a withdrawl reaction to being without her BlackBerry. The...

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Ducks Oust Sens in 5: Niedermayer Eyes up a New Curve

Last night we witnessed the Anaheim Ducks take home the Stanley Cup for the first time in their history. In fact, this is the first time the Stanley Cup has EVER made it's way to California. Congrats to the Ducks, and of course to the Senators for a great run this year. We would also like to congratulate Teemu Selanne and Randy Carlyle, 2 ex-Winnipeg Jets that got their well deserved taste of...

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Seidio BlackBerry 8800 Cases Now Available!

I'm happy to announce we now have a large selection of Seidio's BlackBerry 8800 cases available for purchase in the store. The Crack Team has always been impressed with Seidio's products, and their line-up of BlackBerry 8800 cases are no exception. Seidio BlackBerry 8800 Cases: Seidio Crystal Case Only 1.2mm thick, this sleek case offers protection against scratches yet does...

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Update: Beating the Rogers Curve - It Is HERE!!!

  I did it! I beat the Rogers Curve!  If you are not aware of the Quest I embarked on, you can get up to speed by reading Part 1 and Part 2. The UPS man just arrived with my Curve (picture above), BUT... it is not the O2 Curve I originally set out to receive. UPS managed to lose in transit the first BlackBerry Curve I ordered (it never arrived from the UK - they are investigating it - I don'...

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Dear Berry: Fighting the Addiction...

Dear Berry, I just bought an 8800, it's about 33 days old, and of course the Curve (8300) has now been released. But how on earth do I fight the addiction to buy it? I can't 'really' afford it, and do I really even need it? It's not compulsory for me to have a camera on my BlackBerry, or any mobile device, but.... It just seems with devices, like BlackBerry's and the likes, one is always...

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China's Illegal and Legal BlackBerrys Compete For Exploding Market

BlackBerrys are big business in China. The world’s largest mobile phone market is a hodgepodge of inexpensive name brands, legitimate imported devices and poor quality knock offs. In China, where mobile phones and PDAs are fashion statements, young people spend a large part of their income on devices. Many are bought on a couple of online stores, where even legitimate brand name items can be...

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