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Canucks Get 8830 with TeleNav GPS

Canadians usually get the shaft when it come to BlackBerry releases usually getting a specific device weeks or even a month later. Is it too much to ask that Canadians get things at the same time as their American cousins? I mean, they are made in Canada after all. Although if you believe Michael Moore and his movie ‘Sicko’ Canadians are so busy celebrating their healthcare system in the streets...

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CrackBerry Gets Royal Assent

Happy Canada day. With the Princess Diana concert in full swing. Well, with the English National Ballet sandwiched between Nellie Furtado and Fergie its an odd swing. And you know if Diana were still alive she would be the most famous BlackBerry user in the world. But news comes today that Queen Elizabeth will soon be a CrackBerry addict too. How’s that for a segue? According to Hello!...

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Visual Voicemail - iPhone vs. SimulScribe

Our Best of WES 2007 winner SimulScribe makes a statement with this commercial. This might just be the best iPhone parody clip yet... Check out the clip, and then check out SimulSays for your BlackBerry today!

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A Secret Agent from RIM

You must have heard the excuse that many school kids tell their teachers when they fail to hand in their assignments on time: "My dog ate my homework!!!".  Well now I sympathize with them because my dog just ate my Samsung phone.  The screen got 'Cracked' and the battery severely damaged resulting in a useless hunk of trash.  As one of the last members of "The Crack Team " without a BlackBerry I...

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Research in Motion Reports First Quarter Results

RIM announced their quarterly results yesterday and oh my, everyone is excited. The stock opened up over 18% from yesterday’s close. Revenue for the first quarter of fiscal 2008 was $1.082 billion, up 16.3% from $930.4 million in the previous quarter and up 76.5% from $613.1 million in the same quarter of last year. In addition to completing their first billion dollar quarter, the total...

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RIM Stocks Surge On Record Earnings

Hold on to your hats if you are a RIM stock owner. In a move that might drive Jim Cramer mad, Research in Motion reported its first billion-dollar sales quarter and today announced plans to split its surging stock on a three-for-one basis. RIM released first-quarter results after the markets closed on Thursday and that showed revenues of $1.08 billion US, up almost 77 per cent from the same...

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Bettman Breaks Balsillie

Research in Motion’s Co-Ceo Jim Balsillie has seen his dream of owning a hockey team and bringing it north to Canada take another hit from NHL commish Gary Bettman. A year ago, Bettman got in Balsillie’s way when the BlackBerry business guru attempted to buy the Pittsburgh Penguins and move the team. Balsillie pulled out of negotiations to buy that team when it was made obvious that the...

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Bell Releases Info Kit for the BlackBerry 8830 World Edition

Today, Bell Canada released an info kit as a supplement to accompany the launch of the BlackBerry 8830 World Edition on June 26. The info kit details the 8830, touches on wireless coverage available, explains the structure and speed of the network... Plus many more details. Pick up your copy of the info kit to read for yourself! To get your BlackBerry 8830 World Edition info kit, choose...

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BlackBerrySmart Email Viewer 2.0 Released

Quite simply, BlackBerrySmart Email Viewer changes the way you read your email. Once you start using it, you won't be able to stop! Some features of version 2.0:Improve the look/feel of all emails See images embedded in your email Reduces those large, unreadable hyperlinks Use graphic smilies to express yourself Complete integration with your existing email program Add email as tasks...

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New iPhone Specs

The iPhone is scheduled to be released on Friday, June 29th. In advance of that release, the Onion has released some new specs for the device. Perhaps RIM should take notice of a few of these features, especially the lightsaber sounds. Nothing says “cool” like Star Wars sound effects. iPhone Specs from the Onion ## This Article Was Originally Published on

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Early Reports: iPhone Dissapoints For Business Use

A number of trusted sources have mentioned to us and our friends that the iPhone is somewhat dissapointing... Especially for business purposes: "It won't replace a BlackBerry. It's not good for text input. It's just not a business product." Reports have shown that the keyboard was a let down. Keyboarding with two thumbs often registers multiple key strokes, resulting in a bunch of mistakes...

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Get 500 Daily Newspapers on Your Berry

Good news for new junkies and CrackBerry addicts. PressDisplay today announced that their Mobile PressDisplay software is now available for BlackBerry. PressDisplay offers up more than 500 newspapers from 70 countries for you to peruse. Talk about getting a broad range of opinions. There is a cost of $29.95/month, but you do get to read newspapers as diverse as the New York Times, Le...

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No Spying on BlackBerrys Says RIM

Further to our story last week on French fears of Americans spying on BlackBerry messages. Research and Motion has actually come out and said concerns about people spying on BlackBerry users are unfounded. Last week, the French government reiterated a ban on government workers using BlackBerry devices to transmit sensitive data saying that foreign spies could intercept the data and what...

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Beat Traffic for Free with your BlackBerry

Traffic services are now very popular: they warn you about accidents, construction, and other delays which might impact your trip. There is no doubt these services are worth the cost if you live or often drive in congested areas. We looked at, a service that allows you to receive traffic information in a number of ways, via your BlackBerry, their website, or by receiving alerts via...

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Review of Seidio Aluminum Hardcase for 8700 Series

Seidio is a developer and manufacturer of SmartPhone and PDA accessories and today we bring to you a review of their Aluminum Case for the BlackBerry 8700.  The case is constructed from aircraft grade aluminum and a neoprene inner lining.  The matte finished aluminum is a generous 1 mm (approx) in thickness offering a very solid and rigid feel, yet very lightweight.  The black foamy neoprene...

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Amazon Dumping BlackBerrys For Fifty Bucks

I love Amazon for their books and, increasingly, everything else it seems. The latest Amazon deal is a BlackBerry Curve. Depending on different reports if you take the Curve off Amazon’s hands and sign up with an AT&T service plan you’ll either pay $49.00 or Amazon will pay you $25 when all the rebates are factored in. Not a bad deal considering we Canadians pay like $350.00 for one....

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Jessica Simpson still loves her CrackBerry

With BlackBerry sponsoring the John Mayer tour to help promote the new BlackBerry Curve, the mobile world has been waiting to see if in the wake of their break-up Jessica Simpson would leave her BlackBerry in favor of another mobile device. The answer is in, and it seems Jessica is sticking to her trusted BlackBerry 8700. These photos were taken in Hollywood on June 15th as Jessica was...

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"CrackBerry" the Musical

We all knew CrackBerry was bound to hit Broadway. Here's the pilot of "CrackBerry" the Musical.  Randi, one of the makers of this clip, sent me this email, "Your site is fantastic - just wanted to share with you a short parody music video we made, titled "CrackBerry," to the tune of "Blackbird" by the Beatles. Enjoy!" Thanks Randi, A+ effort and execution!

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French Use CrackBerrys on the Sly Despite Warnings

Apparently even dire warnings about the threat of snooping by American spies aren't enough to keep some top French government officials from nursing CrackBerry addictions on the sly. According to a story published in today’s edition of the French newspaper Le Monde, bureaucrats continue ignore a warning from the head of France's national defense agency that bars certain categories of...

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Vaja Classic Case for the BlackBerry 8800

Out of the box I could tell this case was a beauty. The Classic Case for the BlackBerry 8800 definitely classes things up. It looks sharp and professional. The one thing I noticed immediately once I put my 8800 in this case is that it made me happy. Very happy. The one major thing that had been bothering me about the 8800 was its 'creakiness' or perhaps even dare I say its lower than average...

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