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Content Ratings

While this information may not mean a whole lot to the average user right now -- it certainly does give a little bit of insight as to when we can expect in the next version of BlackBerry App World and when it will roll out to end users. Plus, it serves as a reminder for BlackBerry developers out there to get this done up as soon as possible. Over at the BlackBerry Devleopers Blog today, RIM has let Devs know that from now until December 15th you'll need to login and rate your apps according to their content.

On Wednesday November 30th, 2011 we will be performing a server upgrade that will bring content rating to the storefront. Our content rating system has been planned out based on input from our carrier, consumer, and developer partners to make sure we’ve implemented a content rating system that helps parents control what types of content their children have access to.

After the upgrade is complete, all applications and themes in the BlackBerry App World storefront will receive a default rating. The majority of apps will be rated G (General). If your app or theme is in one of the categories listed below, it’ll receive a rating of T (Teen).

In addition to these categories, apps and themes with descriptions that contain the terms “BBM™”, “Facebook®”, “Twitter®”, “chat”, “dating”, “social networking” and “message” will also receive a default rating of T (Teen).

When the new BlackBerry App World rolls out on December 15th, BlackBerry users will be able to set a rating filter on devices and once that filter is set -- content within those filter boundries are all that will be able to be viewed in BlackBerry App World. So, for instance if you set the device to "G" rating, only "G" rated apps will be able to be viewed.

Source: BlackBerry Dev Blog

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