Contacts Share updated with new adaptive theme, additional languages, and vCard files

Gone are the days of writing down numbers on slips of paper to share contact information. With our BlackBerry devices we can send our number and email address with just a few taps. We have already discussed Contacts Share, a native BlackBerry 10 application which allows you to quickly send contact information without attaching a file. An update is now available which incorporates several new features including an adaptive theme, the option to send .vCards, and additional language support.

The full change log for this updated version is shown below.

  • Added email function now you can share direct email from in app.
  • Select email address from you want to send.
  • Select recipient email address or input manual and send.
  • Bug fix which shows ?? while share.
  • Added Adaptive theme.
  • Added Vietnamese and Parsian language.
  • Added Invocation, now from phonebook you can share contact to this application.
  • Send .Vcf file if you want too.

Contacts Share supports all BlackBerry 10 handsets and can be purchased for $1.99.

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