Consumer Reports Needs a CrackBerry Fix

Update: It seems the blogosphere let us down slightly here. The blogs we referenced on this article had some data wrong. Turns out the Pearl Flip wasn't #5 - CR didn't even rate it. That spot goes to the Pantech Duo. Which all in all just makese these ratings even more out of whack! *

I'm posting this under the CrackBerry Humor category as I'm pretty sure what I'm reading here must be a joke. Take a look at Consumer Reports' top ten device picks for their latest round of smartphone ratings:

1. BlackJack II
2. T-Mobile Wing
3. Motorola Q9c
4. T-Mobile Shadow
5. BlackBerry Pearl Flip
6. AT&T Tilt
7. Palm Centro 685
8. Palm Treo 800
9. Palm Treo 755P
10 Apple iPhone 3G (8GB) 

Over at WMExperts Dieter is jumping for joy seeing as how 4 out of the top 5 picks run Windows Mobile. Seriously?! How is this possible? Does Microsoft secretly own them or something?! I guess I shouldn't be too mad since a BlackBerry ranked 5th which puts it ahead of Apple's iPhone, but even having the 8220 as the top-ranking BlackBerry is a bit suspect. Nothing against the Pearl Flip, but as a CrackBerry Addict who has used pretty much every BlackBerry, I would have expected the Curve 8330 or Bold to rank higher (won't mention the Storm or 8900 as they're too new).

So what do you guys and gals think? I know what I think... that CrackBerry Rambo needs to make a few houses call to teach some people a thing or two about what makes a good smartphone. I know Consumer Reports picks their ranking categories and figures out the ratings from there, but for real... when the results turn out like this it's a sure sign that the way you're ranking smartphones is broken and you need to fix it. These are just out to lunch. End Rant.  

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