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Back in June, I wrote about a great BlackBerry PlayBook app called Conqu. Now. the great folks over at AsFusion have released both a desktop version of their app as well as a wireless sync option. The app itself is a great task management tool that allows you to organize your to-do list and get things done.

The desktop version has the following options (pretty much the same as the PlayBook app):

  • Quick Add - add multiple tasks quickly
  • Tags - select as many tags as you like to filter your to-do lists
  • Dates - Select a Due date and Scheduled date
  • Bulk Edit -select several items at once and perform an action on them
  • Delegation - delegate tasks to others. With ConquSync (paid service), the delegated tasks appear in the recipients inbox or project list. If the user completes a task, you'll get a notification that it has been completed.

The new ConquSync beta is an online backup and management tool for seamless integration with the Conqu family of applications. ConquSync has a 2 month free trial and a price tag of $53 a year. ConquSync offers:

  • 24/7 access to your data
  • Online backups
  • Integrated task sharing and delegation
  • SSL encryption for security

For more information / download Conqu
For more information / download ConquSync & desktop version

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