Before BlackBerry Jam Americas kicked off, RIM held voting for their BlackBerry developer community awards through social voting. In total, there was 227 nominations and people voted over 2,000 times for developers, evangelists and contributors of the BlackBerry community. As such, when there is that much voting there has to be winners as well. As announced at BlackBerry Jam Americas, here they are:

Must-Follow BlackBerry Developer on Twitter

Jerome Carty (@jcarty) - Software Engineer developing BlackBerry® PlayBook and smartphone apps under Kisai Labs, Blaq for PlayBook Dev

Must-Read BlackBerry Developer Blog - The Philippine BlackBerry Developer Group or pinoyBBdev, formed April 2010, is the only Research In Motion (RIM)-sanctioned developer community in the Philippines. The group aims to provide information about the latest in BlackBerry development, and in BlackBerry and RIM as a whole.

Must-See BlackBerry Developer Evangelist

Demian Borba (@demianborba) - BlackBerry Developer Evangelist, Professor at UC San Diego, Adobe Community Professional.

Most Helpful BlackBerry Team Member on Twitter

Adam Stanley (@n_adam_stanley) - BlackBerry Developer Relations; Mobile Web specialist: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript

Most Helpful Contributor to the BlackBerry Developer Forums

Peter Hansen (@peter9477) - President of Engenuity Corporation, an organization that has had extensive experience developing custom software for industry.

Best Open Source Contribution

Kyle Fowler (@kfow35) - Client Developer for foursquare, fourplay app and blaq for BlackBerry Developer

Congrats to the all the winners. If you're on Twitter and looking for some new people to follow, this would be a good place to start. Make sure you say congrats as well, these folks were chosen by their peers for their efforts and contributions to the BlackBerry community.

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