Following up on their previous statement, a member of BlackBerry Mobile Support team posted in CrackBerry's KEYone forums over the weekend informing users that additional measures are already in place and rolling out now:

"As we've all seen by now in Kevin's real world durability test, the BlackBerry KEYone has been purpose built to offer a distinctly different, highly durable smartphone experience that can live up to normal everyday use. In a further effort to ensure all our BlackBerry Mobile customers and fans have an outstanding experience, we're implementing additional measures that add even greater strength and adhesive to the BlackBerry KEYone display. These new measures are already being implemented on new KEYone's and are beginning to hit our retailer and carrier inventories – and will continue to come in stock throughout the summer. If you've already purchased the BlackBerry KEYone, you're fully covered by our manufacturer's warranty, so if any issue arises, please contact us, and we can help you with a warranty replacement if needed."

While many users have picked up a KEYone and had no display separation issues, I'm happy to see that BlackBerry Mobile has taken steps to further strengthen the display further as it rolls off the assembly and ships out to retailers around the globe. I think we can all agree that rock solid hardware build quality is one of those aspects we believe makes a BlackBerry a BlackBerry, so I'm glad to see this get nipped in the bud (I'd prefer to never see another forum thread or tweet about screen separation again!).

At this point in time, I'm not exactly sure what specific changes were made to strengthen the display adhesion and if there's a way to tell if a KEYone unit is manufactured before or after this change. I don't expect there will be any physical indications on device packaging to note the reinforced units as in reality this has been a pretty limited issue (not a Galaxy Note 7 blowing up type of thing) early in the rollout of the KEYone which will likely have a long retail shelf life. If you're one of the unlucky few who have suffered an issue with their KEYone related to the display, BlackBerry Mobile has your back. After all, that's why manufacturer warranties exist - if and when problems arise they'll stand behind their warranty. Case closed.

Want to learn more about your KEYone or need some help? Visit our KEYone Support Forum where you can access additional resources, including our BlackBerry Mobile Support Directory which will point you in the right direction in case you need to contact BlackBerry Mobile directly.