Compass for the BlackBerry PlayBook updated

Just a few weeks back we brought you a new application for the BlackBerry PlayBook called Compass, and while it is a simple application it is definitely a very useful one. Compass is a digital compass for the PlayBook that uses the devices built in magnetometer, and since its launch the developers have been working hard to update it and offer new features. Today Mappau OG, the developers behind the app, have made the latest version available for download from BlackBerry App World and it packs a punch.

Features in version 2.0.6

  • Real magnetic compass (no GPS and/or movement needed)
  • 5 different stunning Themes *NEW!
  • Swipe-Down to change Themes or manually calibrate
  • Remembers selected Theme at Application start *New!
  • Automatic recalibration after three days of not calibrating to ensure correct values *NEW!

While it is not the most feature packed application it does one thing, and does it incredibly well. It tells you what direction you are in or going without a GPS fix. You can grab Compass for the BlackBerry PlayBook in App World for only .99 cents. Combine this app with a navigation app like Magellan Compass and you're well on your way to being a worldly traveler.

Download Compass for the BlackBerry PlayBook