The last time we did a browser shoot out, we can say that the BlackBerry didn't fare all that well. In fact, it was pretty brutal. However, that said; it was at the time the best BlackBerry browsing experience available and was leaps and bounds ahead of what was previously known as the BlackBerry browser.

This time around, as seen in the video above the BlackBerry Bold 9900 browser kept pace with the iPhone 4 and Samsung Nexus S we pitted it against and now, BlackBerry is enjoying the richer browsing experience it should have had all along.

The folks from RIM's acquisition of Torch Mobile have worked hard on this browser release and as mentioned, the browser is 40% faster on BlackBerry 7 vs. BlackBerry 6. Even though in our testing the BlackBerry never "won" so to speak -- it did pretty damn fine.