We've reviewed a few transport apps here on CrackBerry, mainly U.K. based ones but they were also train apps for several cities around the world as well as the London Underground. However, the same developer (MX Data) has now developed an app for those who commute by bus. The app is called myBuses and it gives you bus departure times as well as the ability to find a bus stop in the U.K.

When you open the app it locks on to your GPS location and presents you a map with bus stops around you. Tap into one of those stops and you can see what bus services stop there and the time of the next bus. You can further tap a bus service to see the following bus times too. There is the ability to favorite bus stops, so you can tap into them quickly.

As well as map view of bus stops, you can see them in a list view, if you wanted, though I'd think the map view is what you'll be looking at, especially in unfamiliar areas. It's nice to have options though. You can also search bus stops anywhere the U.K. The app uses a database of around 300,000 bus stops in England, Scotland and Wales, so if you ever needed to plan a journey you could plan ahead too.

  • Uses Blackberry map showing the area around the current point of interest.
  • Select a bus stop and view name, distance and direction from the current point of interest.
  • Get bus stop information for either nearby stops, search a stop or retrieve from favourites.
  • Search by postcode, locality or place.
  • Add/delete stops in favourites and view in a summary list.
  • Tell your friends through the share feature which bus you are on (using Blackberry Messenger).
  • Don't keep myBuses a secret, share the app with your friends. 

It's definitely an app you need on your BlackBerry smartphone, if you travel by bus in the U.K. What's more it is absolutely free. The myBuses app is also available for legacy BlackBerry devices too. If you haven't got this app already, get it today.

Download the myBuses app for BlackBerry 10
Download the myBuses app for BlackBerry OS