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 PlayBook email

With every update to the BlackBerry PlayBook OS we get some cool new features and speed improvements, but sometimes things get a little broken in the mix. A few CrackBerry members have been vocal in the CrackBerry forums on an issue they are experiencing that results in the duplication of emails on the BlackBerry PlayBook, and subsequently those duplicates being emailed to the original recipient.  There is also a thread started on BlackBerry's support site, and here is a quote from one of the original posters:

I upgraded to the new OS for my playbook and everytime I send a message with my work e-mail I get a duplicate message sent. After I press send the message goes to a red X and a top of the message it reads "there was an interruption in sending this message please try again" Yet I get the same e-mail message I created with a check mark saying it was sent. After a little while the original message gets sent. So I am getting duplicate messages being sent. - this account is my work Exchange Server. I have other e-mail accounts on my playbook - gmail - and I do not get duplicates with those ones.

First I wanted to say thanks to the community for pointing this out to us, as well we have reached out to RIM in order to see if this is a known issue, and if there is a fix on the way. But while we give RIM some time to investigate this, I wanted to reach out to the CrackBerry Community to see if anyone else has experienced this issue. If you have, what have done to correct it? Chime in on the comments below, or head over to the forums.

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