ComiXology has Black Panther comics on sale for up to 67% off!

Black Panther arrived in theatres over the weekend and to no one's surprise continues to break box office records with some estimates putting Global opening weekend sales at around $387 million. Whether you saw it this weekend and are looking for more or have been following Black Panther for years, ComiXology has a deal you won't want to miss.

Right now, all Black Panther comics are on sale for up to 67% off until March 1, 2018. That means you can reach back all that way back to 1966's Fantastic Four #52 and check out the T'Challa's first appearance as the Black Panther or jump right to the latest graphic novels Black Panther: A Nation Under Our Feet.

The Black Panther back catalog is pretty large considering Black Panther has been appearing off and on for over 50 years now in comics and graphic novels. There's a pretty great guide here if you're wondering where to start! I should note, Marvel is also offering the same sale through their app if you prefer that over ComiXology and each offer 'unlimited' access as well as individual selections but comparing the two for their unlimited access is hard, so I suggest just rolling with the individual offerings unless you really want to check out everything. Just keep in mind, Marvel only offers Marvel comics while ComiXology has more publishers available.

Did you see Black Panther or are you planning to? Drop your spoiler-free comments below!

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