BB Visor Mount

We first got word of this new BlackBerry accessory back in January at CES in Las Vegas. At that time, it did not have an official name, and was simply being called a "bluetooth visor". Apparently the RIM marketing folks have been hard at work, and have now come up with the name of... Wait for it... Wait for it... Wait for it... BlackBerry Visor Mount Speakerphone VM-605. Whoa! Where's the creativity RIM, that was the best you could do???

All kidding aside with the name, this is will be nice addition to the BlackBerry lineup of accessories. It will feature hands-free calling, no installation of the device, up to 13 hours talk-time, and the best part yet, is supposed to be compatible with GPS mapping applications. No firm details on release date yet, however you can sign up on the BlackBerry website to be notified on its release, and keep your eyes posted to for when it hits the store.