ColorWare BlackBerry Bold

ColorWare has just launched a new service for BlackBerry Bold owners (or soon to be owners!) that allows you to customize the look of your BlackBerry Bold without having to actually send the device in! FINALLY!! The process is simple:

  1. Visit ColorWare's BlackBerry Bold Design Studio page
  2. Create your customized Bold
    1. Back, bottom, and camera parts are available. To have your frame color customized, you will need to send in your device per usual.
  3. Once created, click the link for Parts Only.

From there, simply finish the checkout process and ColorWare will ship you out the custom painted parts along with step-by-step instructions that walk you through the installation process.

More good news - this service is availabe INTERNATIONALLY!! If you're a person who puts premium value on walking around with a customized smartphone, you will want to check out this new service from ColorWare. I call dibs on the CrackBerry Bold above! :-)