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Longtime readers of CrackBerry will know i'm a pretty huge fan of ColorWare, going back to my BlackBery Curve 8320 they gave the all white treatment too. If you desire uniqueness and have cash to burn, ColorWare is a great option.

New BlackBerry Torch owners looking to add a splash of color will be happy to know ColorWare is now giving the custom paint treatment to the Torch. It's not cheap though... $250 if you send it in, and a whopping $1050 if you buy the device new from them already painted (I'm not sure why they're charging sooo much to buy new - something seems out of whack there actually... will check into it with them directly). I think this time around I'm going to hold off ColorWare and wait for RIM to offer the Torch in white (need the white keyboard to match). Hopefully AT&T or Rogers will get on the all white bandwagon soon.

You can jump on over to the ColorWare site at the link below and have some fun painting up the Torch in your favorite scheme. Let us know in the comments what color design you think looks best!

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