ColorWare BlackBerry Bold

When I sent in my Curve to get it done up by the folks at ColorWare a few weeks back I asked them when the service would be available for the Bold. At the time they mentioned they had one Bold on hand and were working on getting the service ready to make it available for the Bold's launch day on AT&T.

Well, it seems ColorWare, like many a US BlackBerry Addict, got sick of waiting and decided to open up for Bold business a bit sooner. Of course the service is only available within the US (and within North America the Bold is only available in Canada), so it will mainly be unlocked Rogers Bolds being sent it by Americans or crazy canucks who go across the border to do their shipping. Pricing is not cheap ($174 for the color scheme above), but of course is totally worth it to those who feel the neeeeed to express themselves with a customized device.

After playing with the ColorWare Design Studio for the better part of an hour I have decided the Bold definitely does not play the ColorWare game nearly as nice as the Curve. The lack of space between keys and the colored crossbar under the screen sort of "ugly up" the overall appearance depending on the colors picked. I wanted to go all white (click here to see) but to me it just doesn't look good (hint - a white keyboard for the Bold would be a wicked accessory). The best compromise I could come up with is the black front / white back look above. Tempting... but to tell you the truth, I do really like the way the Bold looks as is. Give the Design Studio a go and be sure to list your favorite color combo in the comments!