As a BlackBerry owner, that flashing LED light compels me to grab for my smartphone each and every day. We all love seeing it blink and flash, alerting us of a new notification. I'm no exception and probably glance down at my device at work more than I should the minute it goes off. This was especially true when I was on BBOS and used various apps to assign different colors to my accounts.

That's where Color LED Messages comes into play. It allows users to customize the LED color of incoming calls, SMS, email, contacts, and social accounts (i.e. Facebook and Twitter). 

Included in this app are other useful features as well, such as bedside mode, screen and password lock sounds, automatic sync messages, and daily timer profile just to name a few.

For a limited time, the developer has placed this effective utility application on sale for $0.99. With all of its different capabilities, if you've been holding off on getting it then now is the time to pick it up. Please note that in order to work properly, Color LED must remain open as active frame.

For a closer look, be sure to head on over and read our full review. You can find it in BlackBerry World for all BlackBerry 10 devices.

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