In other news, it looks like CNBC's Joe Kernen felt the heat of the CrackBerry Nation on Twitter over the weekend. In case you missed it, Kernan chimed in at the end of a CNBC interview with RIM CEO Thorsten Heins. He didn't tread too tactfully however as he had this to say to Heins:

"You're at RIM and you're in Waterloo and you don't even care. Because even though you're in Waterloo, that doesn't even occur to you that this isn't going to work ... with the BlackBerry 10".


Well, not to be embarassed by a CNBC host, Kevin took to ther Twitter airwaves to rally the troops to let Mr. Kernen know that he was pretty disrespectful to Thorsten during the interview. Apparently Kernen wasn't too keen on the overwhelming response of the CrackBerry nation on Twitter.

Kernen has this to say on air:

"I'm going back to an iPhone now because the CrackBerry people were so rude and nasty". 

Rude and nasty? I'm pretty sure that saying an unreleased product will fail is pretty rude as well. Just to be clear - we have no issue with Joe Kernen or his BlackBerry use, just the fact that he was extemely rude and tactless when closing out the interview with Thorsten Heins. We're not sure where it all came from, but we'll certainly be smiling when RIM and Thorsten Heins prove him wrong with BlackBerry 10

Shoutout to Nikedas for the video!

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