The core of the BlackBerry 10 OS is the new BlackBerry Hub. Gone are the days of a separate Inbox or Messages app and instead we have the BlackBerry Hub to house all of our email, Tweets, BBMs, SMS and other messages. The Hub is always available with just a quick swipe no matter where you are in the OS. While we've seen it plenty of times before, we still haven't been able to get too much hands-on time with it just yet. We're certainly dying to try it all our for ourselves as it's definitely one of the features we're most looking forward to.

RIM has posted up a quick video with RIM director Patrick Murtha that shows off a closer look at the BlackBerry Hub. He takes us through the gesture and shows how you can sort by message type giving you just the information you need. The BlackBerry Hub houses everything you need and it always there no matter where you are in the OS. It has plenty of cool features like the ability to pull down to see your upcoming calendar entries. You can swipe up from the bottom bezel to see your notifications, then simply drag over to open the Hub and view your messages. Swipe again to filter message type for more specific results.

The more we see it, the more we want it. It's as simple as that.