Symple ID started as a Kickstarter project that wanted to make signing in to your accounts online simpler. Back in April we called for you to back the project. It met its target and now backers are receiving the goods. I backed the project and will take a closer look at how it all works. If you're interested you can also find out how you can get started with Symple ID.


What is Symple ID?

If you haven't heard of Symple ID before, it is a simple solution to logging into your accounts online using NFC. We're always told not to use the same password for every account and to make our passwords hard by mixing it up with numbers and symbols. When you have many accounts you often forget your password. Writing them down is not always a great solution either. There are a few services out there like LastPass and 1Password, even BlackBerry's own Password Keeper that will allow you to create secure passwords for the many accounts you have and all you need to remember is one password. Symple ID works similarly but instead you use your NFC-enabled device and tap to sign in.